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Are the Marauders and the Krogg to be our new races?

temprancetemprance Boynton Beach, FLPosts: 4Member

They have some lovely "intervews" they are posting on the races on the Wildstar website--I love the humour.  In the most recent interview with the Draken we are also introduced to the Draken's favorite adversaries amoung which arethe Exiles, the creatures of Wildstar, and two new types of "prey," the Marauders and the Krogg:

Q: Any other choice prey we should know about?

A: Marauders make good sport! Agile. Well-armed. Bloodthirsty. The Krogg of the Darkspur Cartel are also worthy foes. They are criminal scum, but they fight like wild beasts. Much like the Draken!

Could this be an indication of the as yet unannounced player races?


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