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The Aurora World: Closed Beta Coming March 7th

SBFordSBFord Associate Editor - News ManagerThe CitadelPosts: 23,011MMORPG.COM Staff Epic

The team behind The Aurora World has announced that the closed beta will officially kick off on March 7th. The Aurora World has been released in several countries around the world and is making its first debut in North America. 

The Aurora World story takes place after a cataclysmic war between the Gods in Heaven, leaving the world in chaos. Players will venture across the land to unite powers of good and vanquish evil, taking on eight different professions with their own unique specializations and mastery system, comprising an extensive PvE experience with entertaining daily quests, events and crafting, alongside a robust PvP system that includes large scale Nation Wars, clan wars, a PK system and coliseum mode. The Aurora World also offers the unique hybrid pet/mount system known as Majinns that will aid players in their journey while being immersed into a world of lush environments and detailed character models, powered by Aurora Interactive's self-developed graphics engine.

Sign up for beta testing on The Aurora World's official site.


  • BizkitNLBizkitNL NetherlandsPosts: 2,350Member Uncommon
    "Unique! Extensive! Entertaining! Robust! Immersed! Detailed! Oh, and pandas!"
  • DMKanoDMKano Gamercentral, AKPosts: 15,007Member Legendary

     WoW clone #864.

    why? /facepalm

  • EtherignisEtherignis philadelphia, PAPosts: 249Member Uncommon
    looks like crap
  • SasamiSasami HelsinkiPosts: 326Member
    Originally posted by DMKano
     WoW clone #864. why? /facepalm

    More like WoW minus Interesting IP = Lineage 2 clone from east.

    And yes it does look like crap, what year was it again?

  • CaldrinCaldrin CwmbranPosts: 4,505Member Uncommon

    I was reading OPs little quoted article and i was thinking ah that PVP system sounds ok.. then i started watching the video and then for some reason jumped right to the end and puked up..



  • mcrippinsmcrippins Dallas, TXPosts: 1,241Member Uncommon
    I think I shat myself at the end there.. and was that a pylon at 2-3s in?
  • adam_noxadam_nox hays, KSPosts: 2,065Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by mcrippins
    I think I shat myself at the end there.. and was that a pylon at 2-3s in?

    A pylon is a generic term used in a lot of games, I don't understand.

  • uller30uller30 MILWAUKEE, WIPosts: 123Member Uncommon
    I want this game bad that or it's the 8 beers iv had.
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