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Game is a decent PvP game, but...

NergleNergle Okemos, MIPosts: 253Member Uncommon

It's rampant with non English speaking individuals and 10 year old kids who use no strategy. The premis of the game is pretty good and the weapons/fighting use of the UI to skills are decent. But they truly need to implement a US only server and possibly a ignore buton that let's you not que up with individuals that are like 8 years old.


I had a guy on my team that I asked to run to the right and his response was "What err yer say about my country!" (face palm). Had another kid smacking on a sandwitch or gum while we were fighting which irritated me to the point I left the game. I will say the game is strongly based on paying to win as well as the gear and weapons purchased gives a huge advantage when fighting another team without (and puts you on even ground with those levels above with decent unlocked weapons).

I don't know, I see this as a novelty PvP game but nothing to really go over board and yell as the second coming. 



Easy to use and get into skills.

Fast paced UI to skills.

True to it's non online predecessor.



A baby sitting game for those not yet hitting puberty.

Linear game play.

No mission with friends type of play other than PvP.

Pay to win type dynamic.



  • DavynelordDavynelord Atlanta, GAPosts: 122Member

    A very common mistake people make about GRO is that it's pay-to-win.   Well it's not that at means you pay money to get an advantage over players who don't pay....however, GRO is made in that nobody can use any gear unless your the appropriate level.   Therefore the only difference is what leve you are, your game knowledge/experience, communicaiton ability and skill in aiming.   


    So pay-to-win would be say a level 15 player buys a level 30 gun from the shop and destroys peopel because that gun is OP....but in GRO, you have to get to level 30 to use a level 30 gun.  Even then, they aren't OP...they just seem that way because there are a lot of new players recently who haven't earned anything yet.  So they are running around with the bare minimum against higher level players who have high level gears and weapon proficiencies that give them higher crit chance.


    So if anything is wrong with the game it's the fact that matchmaking is putting 1st time noobs in matches verse long time CB players....and it's just no restrictions on level brackets....all they have is level 1 - 5 noob bracket and 5 - 30 one hour you can level out of the noob bracket and be thronw to the wolves.


    Bottom line, they need to fix matchmaking or change the system so players can pick and choose what maps, matches and opponents they want to face.   That way you can pick to play against players equal your level until you get higher level and then feel comfortable playing against level 30's.



  • muffins89muffins89 Yakima, WAPosts: 1,585Member Uncommon
    i tried this game about 3 months ago and then again about 1 month ago.  decent game,  it would be a whole better if there were other people playing.
  • JivenalJivenal Erie, PAPosts: 1Member
    Originally posted by Nergle Cons: A baby sitting game for those not yet hitting puberty.     = I agree. When I started playing GRO, I had a hard time with the underages. Then I discovered something that might reduce the chances of playing with kids; get in a fireteam. If your fireteam has decent players of nearly the same lvl, you have a slight chance of not playing with kids.


    Linear game play.   = Two new maps have recently been added. Attica Heights and Balaklava Sub Pen. Attica Heights is the first vertical map we've ever had. Balaklava was the first map with the holdout mode.


    No mission with friends type of play other than PvP.     = Clan matches were recently added, so if you have a clan, you can play against another clan. 


    Pay to win type dynamic.      = PTW players have one advantage over the rest of us; they have more versatility. But versatility is a small portion of what it takes to win (under 10%). Tactics, strategy, skill, and team play are the top things required to become a better player.  If a squad has all four of these, and their opponents are PTWs, then the squad will have the best odds one can wish for. 


    As for the kids thing, it's starting to freak me out as well. I was playing today and 5 of our squad members were kids. They took their SMGs and went sniping!!!!!! One guy killed them all in 20 seconds. It was annoying. They were like a bunch of ants running around together. At one time they decided to go overboard. Like, wtf??????? I've esolved to quit every match with more than one kid in our squad.

  • revix013revix013 dont know, KYPosts: 10Member Uncommon

    " kids in ghost recon online "


    i couldnt agree more with this . its seems like in every single game i play there are so many usless kids trying to charge the enemy and getting killed without even landing a single shot . and the worst part is every time you kill one of them the imediate response is " noob camper " . and after they die 2-3 times they decide to leave the game . most of the games i had recently i was missing at least 2 - 4 peaople on my team , or the enemy team  was missing players

    to be honest the game has great potential , it encourages teamplay over everything else , wich is very very nice , but everything is ruined by kids who get upset because they got killed in a shooter


  • AredylAredyl Union Gap, WAPosts: 22Member

    Just to update:


    The game can still be heavy with kids running around screaming at everyone while they do nothing to contribute to the group.

    Its even worse of a P2W trap than a couple of months ago.  

    Tier 5 armor is insane now, especially filled out with max inserts.  With a tier 5 assault weapon, it takes me a minimum of 8 body shots or 5 head shots to kill one.

    Tier 9 weapons are extremely lethal.  Against a modestly-geared assault (Tier 3 armor, solid inserts), I've been 1 shot by just about every single Tier 9 weapon (excluding head shots).  1 crit and you're dead, even in the hand.  3 regular hits to the chest = dead.  4-5 in the foot = dead.  1-2 headshots = dead.  If you're a recon in starting gear, forget it.  You'd be lucky to take more than 1 bullet anywhere.

    To top that off, each Tier 9 weapon or Tier 5 armor is extremely expensive for RP.  Expect to grind for 3-4 hours a day, 7 days a week for the next month for each piece.  Add in that they have been introducing new weapons/armor quite frequently and you just can't keep up.

    Add in a broken Athena system (that constantly pits clan groups against randoms, 5-star generals against Majors, etc) and you feel like target practice.  There just isn't enough players in the system anymore to match like players - active population is under 10k easily now.

    And yes, you'll still find that you need to babysit kids on a regular basis.  Of course, some of the adults are worse, especially newer players that just don't understand that the game is horribly imbalanced.  (Had a few old guys cussing up a storm over their voice chat, complaining that EVERYBODY is hacking 'cause they die in 1-2 shots).


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