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[poll] Which top feature to get yourself interested in the game again



  • KarteliKarteli Providence, PAPosts: 2,646Member
    Originally posted by Shadanwolf
    I bought the game for what I hoped would be world class faction conflict in Illum.When I stopped playing or caring it was still screwed up. Realm vs realm conflict is why I play mmog's.With the failure (IMO) of GW 2 WvW.....i'm not playing any game atm.   What would get me back into this game ? World class realm vs realm conflict.

    Here, here!


    World open PVP would get me back into the game agin too.


    But... the modified alpha Hero engine won't handle it.  After 16 on screen players (and even less on some machines), the frame rate drops dramatically.  Compared to the same machines that handle other games 40 vs 40 or 100 vs 100 just fine.  SWTOR caps at 8 vs 8 ?? WTF


    Maybe a first step for EA would be have 18 players do PVP without frame loss.  Then maybe they could patch the game for 20 players.


    It's sort of funny all the grand promises by EA about the revamped Illum.  2 months ago it was coming out in January 2013.  Now it's coming out March 2013.  Just a trend though, come February 2013, will the new Illum date release be May 2013? :-)


    If EA ever fixed the game engine to be more comparable with their competition, then their wouldn't need to ever worry about subscriptions or going F2P.  .. Oh snap they already went F2P, guess the engine won't be fixed :P

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  • FromHellFromHell NY, NYPosts: 1,311Member

    with the faction grind, they somehow managed that I lost the last bit of hope that this game may have a better, less WoWlike future.

    Star Citizen and Elite will get my attention in terms of space sim, so... guess it's time to free up some HD space

    Secrets of Dragon?s Spine Trailer.. ! :D

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  • echolynfanecholynfan Lancaster, PAPosts: 681Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by kb056
    I have no interest. Shut ToR down and give me back my Pre-CU SWG.

    Or even the NGE - SWTOR needs to be scrapped and re-done by another company.

    Currently playing SWTOR and it's MUCH better than it was at launch.

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