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This game is better than War Z...

RasereiRaserei Sesame StreetPosts: 1,033Member Uncommon


Dead Frontier has been out a long time. Same concept, but top down. You go out and explore and find better equipment. The further you go out, the stronger the enemies but better gear. This game has PvP and more in-depth PvE and actually gets scary.


I just can't stand the War Z. It feels like a cheap imitation mod that I could easily download for counter strike. /boggle


  • Sargeras77Sargeras77 Longview, WAPosts: 47Member Uncommon

    I can completely agree with the OP. Although it has been at least 18 months since I touched Dead Frontier, during college we converted our entire computer lab group into addicts. (no joke like 25 of  us playing at any given point in time) 

    And from what I've heard it has only gotten better, when I first played it was all low end 2d graphics and fairly clunky controls. I believe nowdays it is fully 3d (correct me if I'm wrong), and everything has been given some much needed polish.

    Anyways just wanted to say its good to hear the game is still alive and kicking! :)

  • xCK3xCK3 Atlanta, GAPosts: 2Member
    I will defintely be checking this game out :D

    Steam: 100_carson | Skype: carson.wilde

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