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one major plus for elder scroll online.



  • Caliburn101Caliburn101 LondonPosts: 636Member
    Originally posted by Aerowyn
    Originally posted by Maelwydd
    Originally posted by Golelorn
    This is not a sandbox MMO...

    It's also pushing the definition of a TES game...

    same way WoW pushed the definition of a warcraft game.. just taking the existing game format isn't always the best way to make a MMO.. granted TES games has a much better foundation for an MMO than say the warcraft series...

    Nothing wrong with adding to a 'game envelope'.

    Massive problem with ripping out a core element to accomodate an addition...

  • Caliburn101Caliburn101 LondonPosts: 636Member
    Originally posted by timtrack
    Stop the immature and uninformed bashing on Hero Engine. It has done nothing to deserve all the bad press. There is actually nothing wrong with Hero Engine. it's a tool. If you can't use the tool the result becomes bad, not the tool. Hammering a nail with a saw doesn't make the saw a bad tool.

    The crowd you are referring to cannot separate root cause and consequent effect.

    If one MMO using the Hero engine is crap - then the Hero engine must be crap, the devs must be crap, the game director must be an idiot and anyone saying otherwise must need lobotomising.

    This is the usual way of things here timtrack.

    Likewise if a game has PvP, it must be 'pure' and unsullied by PvE - and everyone who doesn't agree is a 'Carebear' who should go and play 'Hello Kitty'.

    Sandbox must also be 'pure' and unsullied by 'themepark' elements...

    ... etc, etc...

    Only rare voices call for hybrid concepts or make non-polarised arguments.

    In this case therefore, it IS the 'tools' who are bad...

  • FateFatalityFateFatality SomeplacePosts: 93Member Uncommon

    Well if we look at gameplay footage


    there is signs of hero engine in the graphical layout and presentation. The game needs a graphical overall needs Bloom great AA and displacement mapping  with higher res textures and better lighting ,lens flare and great shadows Fog shadows high densinty effects ambient occlusion and prob some form of motion blur. but asking all this froms teso... is too much reasons are well they only care about getting masses and not visuals


    honestly they may be much work to do visualy but i has my doubts this game could be good if visuals are there i know graphics are not everything but ... elder scrolls games specialy skyrim are very nice visualy nothing from stoping them getting better visuals then skyrim it self... got rember skryim is blury and not  very well polished could imagine if they pushed the boundrys visualy? they could... infact make it look better then skyrim like a moded version utlizitng DX11. its not hard just make it scable? don't cater to DX9 only start with DX10 and have DX11 Counterpart there both very similar and most cases dx11 is easy upgrade from 10, and why cater to dx9 ?? its bacome a more obselete now XP and most people have DX 10+ GPU even intregated stuff from AMD and Intel support Dx11 and 10 so... most people now are on vista+ and i been told vista supports DX11 now so...


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