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What kind of races would you want to see in CU?



  • EbonheartEbonheart Austin, TXPosts: 138Member
    Originally posted by Stiler

    Why did you not like the minotaurs? Where they not implemented well or something? Did you find them not to "fit in" lore wise or something?

    Just wondering, because I have always loved those style of creatures (Minotaur/centaur/greek things) and I'd really like to see them back in, since I never played TOA and experienced them. 

    If it's because of poor animatin or skills, that's something they could tweak and fix up for CU.

    Primarily because they were out of place in the whole scheme of things.

    They also had a giant head (+ giant horns) and looked ridiculous in armor, like a dog in human clothes.

    In my opinion, they're just one of those races/species/beings that I think fit better as an NPC and tend to make things "silly" when they get introduced as a player character choice (unless the game is about minotaurs).

  • EbonheartEbonheart Austin, TXPosts: 138Member
    Originally posted by Moridin82
    Originally posted by Stiler

    Wouldn't the idea of Werewolves, or at least a shapeshifting type of class fit in with Midgard though? I mean that was part of Norse mythology and such, and wolves themselves (and bears) as spirits and things were part of that.

    The Berserker class could transform into a bear in daoc so yeah!

    On Hibernia-side the Champion or Hero class could transform as well, except they transformed into a humanoid stag.

    Whichever one used a spear... It's been a while.

  • time007time007 Houston, TXPosts: 488Member Uncommon

    ugh, I'm afraid, they might do the lame standard 4 races, lke an earlier poster mentioned.  (human, dwarf, elf, large class).  I actually dont mind if they do that, as long as they don't do the cop out of "humans are average at everything, elves are good at magic, dwarves have high hp, and trolls or w/e are strong.


    Firstly, I'd like for all 3 realms to have completely difference races.  This is very important.  So i dont want to be able to see human vikings in one realm, and human mages in another realm.  Make them different. 

    Secondly, I'd like all races across all 3 realms to have different starting stats and racial bonuses.  So nords should have different stats from humans.  (kind of like how DAOC did it)


    If you do all that, I don't mind if you use the standard human, magic race, stocky race, large race type crap.   


    Honestly, this list could go on for a while.  I mean, you've got your faeries, lurks, trolls, ogres, leprechauns (jk), orcs, dwarves, dark dwarves, humans, vikings, celts, amazons (which i hope they dont have), lizardmen (also hope they dont have), ratmen (go ahead and copy the skaven, i dont mind), etc etc, the list goes on and on.  Just make the stats and bonuses different for all 15-20 races across the 3 realms.  Do that and you can't go wrong.


    *Oh wait one more things, no cows or minotaurs please.  ugh


    So anyways, in closing, just make the race different like daoc!!!!! hehehe

  • FARGIN_WARFARGIN_WAR New York, NYPosts: 166Member
    I'd honestly be happy if they just stuck to humans only this time round.


    If you don’t do stupid things while you’re young, you’ll have nothing to smile about when you’re old.

  • DMKanoDMKano Gamercentral, AKPosts: 8,494Member Uncommon

    I'd like to see a lot of non humanoid nonsensical races, like the furniture race. I'd always wanted to play a red leather sofa assassin.

    Or maybe a bookshelf healer?

  • General_Dru-ZodGeneral_Dru-Zod Unknown, CAPosts: 136Member
    Originally posted by Ebonheart

    There are three races for each faction that are almost required for any Arthurian game like DAoC (and now CU).


    Arthur-side --- Bretons, Saracens, and Highlanders.

    Tree-side --- Celts, Elves, and Lurikeen.

    Nord-side --- Norsemen, Dwarves, and Kobolds.


    I wouldn't mind seeing Half-Ogres, Firbolgs, and Trolls either. Every factions needs a serious "strong-arm" race. The Inconnu, Sylvan, and Valkyn were pretty unique, especially the Valkyn with their no-sit animations and hunchback skip. I wouldn't mind seeing them introduced again, somehow.


    The only race I absolutely do not want to see are Minotaurs. I'd pay another monthly fee not to have them.


    I hated the minotaurs.


  • time007time007 Houston, TXPosts: 488Member Uncommon
    One class i really wanna see is pandas.  Man that would be cool.  They would come from a land called Pandalonia.  Wouldnt that be cool?  Or maybe they could come from Pandalot.  (has anyone made this joke yet?)

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