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Looking for an MMO relying heavily on teamwork and partying up

manwkomanwko Greenwood, INPosts: 3Member Uncommon

I love working as a team, especially in MMOs. I don't care about being number one, I care about having fun and helping other players. MapleStory is my primary game right now (a private server though), but I don't feel it's centered enough around teamwork. For instance, on MS it's a huge grindfest and KSing fest ALLLL the time. People don't party a priest unless it leeches. That's not teamwork to me.

I love a great community. Low amounts of hackers, botters, etc. make it better. A social community that depends on running dungeons together. (Or open world)

The kind of games I am looking for can include, and I'd like it if they'd include several of the following:

  1. Anime Style/Chibi/Cute/Manga graphics
  2. All types of weapons (guns, magic, archers, thieves, etc. sci-fi weps are always cooler to me than a regular sword)
  3. Bloody combat/Gory details
  4. Action-type combat
  5. Very flashy and cool skills
  6. High-res graphics
  7. High dependency on other players
The kind of games I am not looking for, and will not play under any circumstance:
  1. Games known to have a REALLY, REALLY shitty publisher (ex. Nexon)
  2. Games that are SUPREMELY pay2win (ex. most Nexon, NCSoft games)
  3. Games that can easily and always be soloed without parties
  4. Point-N-Click Combat (ex. PWI, TSW, FW, Aion, etc.)
  5. P.S. I will play a point n click game if it doesn't really feel like one.
  6. TERA (TOO WoW/Rift feel for me. I cannot stand the combat)
Games I've tried and hated:
  1. Dragon Nest
  2. Vindictus
  3. RaiderZ
  4. TERA
  5. LaTale
Just so you know these are the games I am currently playing:
  1. Continent of the Ninth (C9) (LOVE the combat; can't stand the low playerbase and crappy parting system)
  2. ElSword (Stamina pisses me off, and it feels really grindy imo)
  3. MapleStory (KSing is a constant)
  4. Grand Chase (Graphics turn me off a bit, feels a bit grindy, lacking inspiration to play).
These are some games I am considering but do not want to download because I feel it'll be a waste of time:
  1. Age of Conan (it looks pretty good, but meh)
  2. Dungeons and Dragons online (not Neverwinter)
  3. Age of Wushu
  4. SMITE
  5. LoL


  • OrtwigOrtwig Cambridge, MAPosts: 1,163Member Uncommon

    AoC population has been rising recently since it went to Steam and they changed the f2p model.  Roll on the Set server.  

    Lots of people on LoL as well....

  • isalcedoisalcedo GuacaraPosts: 6Member
    LOL is not a MMORPG, and AOC looks nice, but is a Huge Game, i mean, for me and my 1mg Internet Connection, Dowload >25G is a pain in the...
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