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[Column] Elder Scrolls Online: The Solo Game



  • mattmac123mattmac123 london, AOPosts: 12Member Uncommon
    Then play an offline game.......
  • mattmac123mattmac123 london, AOPosts: 12Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Doogiehowser
    After playing ES games for so many years it would be odd to not have heavy focus on solo gameplay in TESO. I want to play TESO like i play Skyrim...just me and my sword against the world ;)  

    Then play an offline game........derp

  • mattmac123mattmac123 london, AOPosts: 12Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by rnkis
    I still... just don't get... why people want a MMOrpg to be a single player RPG experience. I. Do. Not. Get. It. It's an MMO! NOT a single player RPG!

    100% this

  • mattmac123mattmac123 london, AOPosts: 12Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by rnkis
    I still... just don't get... why people want a MMOrpg to be a single player RPG experience. I. Do. Not. Get. It. It's an MMO! NOT a single player RPG!

    100% this !

  • GwynbleiddGwynbleidd TehranPosts: 9Member Uncommon
    You see that's why exploration is so important. I love WoW for many right and wrong reasons. I just can't stop loving the Death Knight, paladin, hunter and warrior class. I love them and that's why I played the game for many years. But, exploration and adventuring was none existence because there were no valuable rewards to be found. The only reward you had was going through end game content, pvp or pve. For the leveling bits, nothing, you had to quest for hours and hours to finally get to end game and sink more hours and hours to equid yourself with current tier items. No sense of exploration and adventure exists in a themepark MMO. You wont wander around the world for rewards, you go point to point for questing, you might find a chest or a rare spawn here and there, but ultimately that's all. If you see a cave, you know what to expect in there, N number of enemies, a handful of gathering nods and that's it. 
  • TithenonTithenon Everett, WAPosts: 113Member Uncommon

    I'm all for random loot, but it needs to make sense.  If I find a great hammer with a four foot handle on a Marmot I've "defeated" with 5 hit points damage, that's wrong.  Random loot is something that needs to be carefully placed, based on animal/monster size and their ability to fight; it should also be found in cabinets, chests, ruins, dead heroes bodies.  Let me find a brand-new [Shining Sword of Blinding Greatness and Fortitude] on a troll that lives in a swamp near the ocean, and I'm going to raise the BS flag as high as the pole will let me get it.


    All of that having been said, the previous Elder Scrolls games have been pretty fair about what drops from a defeated creature, and I think the Zenimax team will do fine with ESO.

  • Great news if crafted items will be as good as those from drops. It's been a while since there's been a game where crafting has a purpose (well, EvE is always the exception, I suppose.) This should really help making the game's economy. I'd like to see some form of very slow item decay as well to prevent the market from being flooded like it is in WoW and its clones.
  • Joseph_KerrJoseph_Kerr Posts: 1,075Member Uncommon
    Yay, crafting may actually have meaning in ESO, imagine that.
  • ravyn89049ravyn89049 tonopah, NVPosts: 1Member
    I think with the heavy emphasis on PVP and end game, it can hardly be called a solo play game, a solo play aspect is important, however.  Some times you really do just want to go out on your own and explore, and that should be rewarded as well.  Saying that people should only play MMO's if they want to be in a group all the time is lame, and not true. The MMO aspect is great for social, and raiding, and if you need help with that group quest. Everyone loves  just grouping with your friends and going out and doing whatever..... but sometimes it is just nice to do your own thing and just have people online you can talk too, or not, depending on your mood.  For me gaming is a release of tension, and sometimes people are at the root of that, so getting online and grinding out those mats I needed or those quests I have been avoiding forever is a good way to do that with the need to deal with no one.
  • PrincessRosellaPrincessRosella abilene, TXPosts: 4Member Uncommon

    i look at all these and say i think they should balance the game out between those who like to solo and those who like to group. those who state mmorpgs are suppose to be grouped only are imo idiots. grouping for for children who play with thier friends. not for the adult who gets off work and wants to run quests for an hour. i play wizard101 and i solo quite a bit. if i need help with something then ill ask my friends who are online for a little help. but sitting there forcing people to group for everything is a big waste of time for me. if i have to sit and wait for a group to do something then ill by wasting hours for like every quest. very slow very tedious and sitting around staring at a computer screen doing absolutely nothing but waiting. i have played multiple types of mmos and i can say this, grouping is fun but so is soloing. i love to craft stuff as long as the resource gathering isnt over the top rediculous. personally i think crafting should be split up between various types and a person cannot do all. say person can choose to be blacksmith, alchemist, or enchanter. personally i think they should make it so that only guilds can open up shops to sell items in a store type format although players can direct trade between each other. this would make imo much better social interaction vs many of these games out there now.


  • PrincessRosellaPrincessRosella abilene, TXPosts: 4Member Uncommon
    lets imagine you are a dark elf spell-sword. what is a spell sword you say? its a warrior who uses magic to aid themselves in combat. (on a note if this class isnt available in eso its not es game) this class has been around since the dawn of es. this is a class that would by all rights should be able to solo most content if trained right. reason why. one they are a warrior and warriors are known for being able to survive fights and tend to be some of the best for solo play (wow, asdastory, hero online to name a few games). key note they use magic as an aid so they would have self heal spells (at minimum heal others if they wish to build for team support) i would not be against them having damage spells such as fire ball or something although i do not envision that as being something a spell sword would learn. more it would be healing as mentioned, magic that temporarily enchants thier weapon or increases thier abilities for a time. this time honored class should have the means of soloing a fight but yes it would take longer and imo i like fights that take time. i stopped playing asda story when i started meating people doing 30k+ hits. sry have never heard of to highly skilled opponents beating each other in any type of combat scenario in a few seconds. highly skilled opponents are called epic fights because they take time. and that what increasing lvl suppose to mean. the visual indication of a characters skill and experience. i would rather see a heal/damage cap making it so that fights between say to lvl 50 characters takes significantly longer then a fight between to lvl 10s.
  • OceanhawkOceanhawk Milford, OHPosts: 27Member Uncommon
    I miss Everquest more and more. Still teh best online experience I have ever had. None of the newer games can hold a candle to what that game did in it's early years. It was challenging and pretty much required group play. It fostered a real community and the reputation you built in teh game followed you, if you were an ass people shunned you. Games now let you change your name so you can be an ass and have no lasting repercussions. 
  • LoganKonlanLoganKonlan Palm Springs, CAPosts: 28Member

    I don't really understand why players MUST always group,  incessently CHAT about $hit no one cares to hear, or pretend to know everything.  These people....I don't want to play with.  It typically takes time to FIND decent human beings.  You know, the non-node-ninjas, the ones who don't aggro every mob in sight, and actually care whether I want to blaze through 10 quests in 5 minutes. 

     I can't tell you how many times I read in chat, "Help me kill X, please, I need help!"

    "Have you tried?"


    "Then how do you know you need help?"

    I take my time to discover the game, my character and my abilities.  Usually I will find a guild filled with 99% decent people and I will endgame.  Up until then I want to play with maybe ONE other person.  Not the first 4 asshats that stumble along.  Why should I NEED to group to enjoy all of the content I paid to play?

    As most people have stated, in my grouping experience, no one waits for me to read what the quest-giver has said (a.k.a. reading is fundamental), what the hell the objective is or why I'm doing a task, or to even appreciate a vista.  They're so rushed to kill the next 10 vicious coyotes and don't care why.  If I want to play the game, I want to SAVOR every moment and it might take me months to reach level cap.  

    I have every intention of taking my time with ESO and there's a good chance that you will reach cap long before I do, see all the endgame there is to see, and move on to another mmo.

    That's why I solo 70% of the time.  The best thing about an mmorpg for those who want to race to endgame is that there's an  endless supply of players who want to do just that...whether or not I solo is of NO consequence to you or them.

    If I have to explain it, you wouldn't understand.

  • GruzzleGruzzle Fort Irwin, CAPosts: 2Member

    I never understood the need for gear equality. If the gear that raiders get is better than anything else in game, so what? They put forth more effort and time investment to get to the point that they acquired it. I just solo quest and craft for me. The gear I get doing those things more than allows for me to see all the content I desire. Theirs is better? So what, they earned it. I fail to see why I NEED to be equal. We're doing different things.

  • IllyssiaIllyssia LondonPosts: 1,524Member
    Originally posted by ZeGerman
    Did anyone else take a look at that screen shot of the three guys and notice how poor the graphics engine is?  Im not saying the art style is poor im talking about the incredibly low polygon rate in the leaves grass buszhes and trees.  I get that most MMO's dont put alot of that detail in but do you really want that detail if this is how it will look? Hopefuly this is not really a screen shot and its just art that ESO threw together.


    Zenimax seem to have used the Hero engine and there own proprietary engine for ESO so I would be surprised if the game had next generation standards of graphics. I would have thought they would be going for comparability in graphics with Guild Wars 2, and try for good high fantasy art landscapes to carry the game's look.

  • BrynnBrynn Albuquerque, NMPosts: 345Member
    Grouping used to be meaningful, ongoing, and fun. Now, players get together ad hoc for a quest, and leave afterwards. There's no continuity, no friend making. I hate pick up groups and idiots. So, I solo.
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