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[Review] The War Z: A Painfully Executed Parody of a Survival Game



  • IcewhiteIcewhite Elmhurst, ILPosts: 6,403Member
    Originally posted by TsaboHavoc
    this game looks really bad, but i would like to add that is easy to trash indie games in reviews, the questions is.. who is the jornalist with the stones to review a bad mainstream game with this eye ?

    So you're asking "who's willing to give up a paycheck in exchange attaboys from forumites?"

    I would assume nobody. Call it a hunch.

    Self-pity imprisons us in the walls of our own self-absorption. The whole world shrinks down to the size of our problem, and the more we dwell on it, the smaller we are and the larger the problem seems to grow.

  • BurntvetBurntvet Posts: 3,443Member Rare
    Originally posted by pupurun

    i totally agree on a low review..But it's too low compared to other many low reviews on equally bad games...Doen'st seem legit imo...Perhaps WarZ wasnt advertised through MMORPG and this causde some kind of prejudice? Just my question here..might be wrong...But i personally won't be suprised if i soon see a full scale advertising storm from DayZ on this website...After the STEAM incident i totally agree that this game developer should be ''punished'' .I would even agree for a NOT TO REVIEW clause by any gaming website...But giving such a low point review shows an intention to ''kill'' more than a objective review...And i repeat....Most of the bad-games on this website have an average of 6-7.And i talk about really bad games..You can't go from 6-7 to 1....Unless MMORPG will finally start and giving TRUE reviews...In that case then i agree on the 1,7...Now lets see some ''eights and nines" go at 6 and 7....


    I agree. Especially on the point of a bad rating only being given to a non-advertiser.
  • orbitxoorbitxo fort lauderdale, FLPosts: 1,882Member Rare

    Ill admit to this:

    was a big fan of this game (and Day Z) when it was released-heck i even still have my sub, but once i started playing TSW- i was like HOLY cow!!!!!-this is where its at!!!!

    this is what  these zombies mmos are trying to emulate (with fps) of course... but havent looked back since !!!-LOL


    War Z has alot togo in development to achieve anything as close to TSW -Kingsmouth Zone.

  • TsaboHavocTsaboHavoc PinheiralPosts: 435Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Icewhite
    Originally posted by TsaboHavoc
    this game looks really bad, but i would like to add that is easy to trash indie games in reviews, the questions is.. who is the jornalist with the stones to review a bad mainstream game with this eye ?

    So you're asking "who's willing to give up a paycheck in exchange attaboys from forumites?"

    I would assume nobody. Call it a hunch.

    u always says what i want to hear

  • SlickShoesSlickShoes EdinburghPosts: 1,019Member Uncommon

    I think the review suits the game perfectly.

    Have any of the recent triple A games been as bad as WarZ? NO, not even close that's why other bad games don't get such low scores. Most games don't release to just take advantage of their users in any way possible, the devs don't call people faggots in public and most games will employ someone in PR.

  • NovuhzNovuhz CoimbraPosts: 30Member Uncommon

    These reviews are so biased omg I don't even know where to start. Way too many Day Z fanboys around it seems.

    Anyways let's see how wrong you are:

    Getting shot in the head is something you’ll do a lot in The War Z. The servers are still plagued with hackers and players tend to shoot first and ask questions later as well.

    Hackers? I've been playing since beta launch and I've only found 2 hackers. Let me guess you are the sniper guy and cries that gets killed 300m away from soneone with M4 or w/e that has a nice scope on it and then you think it's a hacker? lol

    Guess you died too much because you don't have what it takes to survive.

    Random crashes, long load times, lots of clipping in the outdoors environments and hackers that have modded the game to their whims are just some of the issues The War Z presents you with. The simple act of clicking from the leaderboards to clan menus takes longer than it should.

    What random crashes? long load times really? takes a few seconds to load the game. Unless you want instant load like Diablo 3 then you have the game load the files while playing making you get fps spikes.

    Clan menu loading was bugged now it's been fixed for a few weeks now.

    Audio I agree, there's alot of audio bugs.

    Social 2/10

    Guess you haven't tried to join a clan or those social private servers.

    Unfortunately melee weapons are practically useless in game and their hit rates against the undead seem random or mediocre at best. In fact, there does not appear to be any actual stats for weaponry or protective gear at all.

    So clueless about the game I don't even know what to say... it's not random and protective/weapon do have stats they have been tested before aswell get some clue about what you are reviewing.

    Since you have to forage for guns, more often than not you’ll find yourself mowed down before you even get a chance to really start playing. And the best part? You lose all your stuff when you die.

    See this is so biased, you are basically saying you don't like the genre of this game, don't ever review just because you don't like how a game is played. It's also a pure lie you can get geared pretty easly while being careful, let me guess you are the guy running in the middle of the road then cries he died? If you didn't lose gear it would lose the purpose of the survival aspect of the game.

    If you’re going to give your money to a zombie-survival game, grab ArmA II and a copy of the DayZ mod, or wait for the full retail version of DayZ to arrive on digital store shelves and check that out. Do not buy into The War Z.

    NOT biased at all towards the other game...

    Game deserves around 5 or 6 but not 1 lol for the price it costs 15 bucks?


  • PanntasticPanntastic Director of Community Management at Kabam Marble Falls, TXPosts: 1Member Uncommon

    I rarely post on game site forums, but felt strongly enough about some of the accusations here that I had to poke my head up out of the foxhole and say something. 

    I always say that MMORPG and I grew up together. Craig was just starting the site when I began my career at CCP as the community manager for EVE. I have enjoyed a long, wonderful professional relationship with the site and staff. All of that said, I feel I am quite qualified to say I have first-hand knowledge about how you CANNOT buy favorable reviews or coverage. There's friendship and there's business. While I consider some of the staff to be friends, I don't mix the two and neither do they. I could always trust them to give fair, candid coverage. It wasn't always sunshine and roses, and they didn't sugarcoat anything, which made me respect them all the more. 

    I'm not saying that there aren't plenty of sites and publications that can be bought.  It always made me feel dirty working those devil's deals, and it's one of the primary reasons I got away from doing PR to focus squarely on community again. I was always proud of MMORPG for not compromising their morals and professionalism no matter how much money was on the table. And believe me, there are companies who will pay out the nose to get favorable coverage they don't deserve. 

    Valerie "Pann" Massey
    Director of Community Management at Kabam

  • GrayGhost79GrayGhost79 Webster, MAPosts: 4,775Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Grakulen
    I think he scored it a little high on value. Even at free you are getting ripped off.

    We really need a like function here, just for this one post oO!

  • XcomVicXcomVic San Diego, CAPosts: 50Member
    I played pre alpha and then alpha and finally "beta". This game is crap. This review is Spot On! 100% agree with it all. Not fun at all.
  • XcomVicXcomVic San Diego, CAPosts: 50Member
    This game sucks. Perfect review.
  • UzikUzik Jamaica, NYPosts: 281Member Uncommon

    Horribly biased review.

    War Z is a POS, but only marginally worse than Day Z.  Most of the problems War Z has are also found in Day Z.

    And at least War Z doesn't have the horribly laggy hit detection and completely harmless zombies of Day Z.  Shot a guy in the head?  Well enjoy waiting 2 seconds to actually see the bullet impact.  Being chased by 100 zombies?  Just zig zag and jump over an obstacle.

    Let's face it.  Both War Z and Day Z are complete crap, but people have some sort of special attachment to Day Z that makes them think it is superior "just because".

    We can hope that the Day Z standalone is good, but as of now NEITHER of these are worth playing.

    (Uzik ibnYaraq in game. Always willing to help.)

  • NakedFuryNakedFury Cabo RojoPosts: 410Member Uncommon

    The game has long load times.

    -Load server lists takes minutes, want to filter out password servers? extra few minutes again.

    - Want to open a tab like inventory or clan or something else? extra minutes loading.



    - The game has the worst audio of all times.

    - Random and extremely weird sounds trying to pass as ambient spooky sounds make me cry every time they come.



    - It is bugged. hitting animations are shit for zombies. One moment they are suffering the hit and can still hit you.

    - hitting sounds suck so bad too.



    you are trying too hard man. joining a clan is the same everywhere and as a reviewer he should not join a private server to look for the games social aspects.



    The game is full of no clipper, espers, aim botters, and more. Just because you dont see them doesnt mean they dont exist. Go watch some artemisknives streaming at twitch so you can see all the cheaters.


    And there are random crashes too.


    This is a very fair and real review of the state of the game. Pre Alpha indeed. Even Firefall when it was in Alpha was better. Hell even minecraft alpha was better.



  • erictlewiserictlewis Cottondale, ALPosts: 3,021Member Uncommon

    I think the op Review was dead on.  So I got to give him kodos for that.  To be honest I felt the score was a little hight but still it hit the spot dead on. 

    All I can say is wow, good job. 

  • IlayaIlaya BochumPosts: 447Member Uncommon

    Nice Review +10 for that.

    And these F**** do not give a refund :(

    60 Bucks down the river......

  • MystaisMystais Purcellville, VAPosts: 72Member

    I took a look at The War Z forums and apparently now Hammerpoint has their players paying $65.00 per month for a 30 player private server.  Either that or stay on the public servers at the mercy of rampant hackers and exploiters, as if that is Hammerpoint's own tactic - get the players to play on private servers and pay for it - a lot.  

    $65.00 per month? As this is not the mid 2000s, these are most likely virtual machines, many many many running on a single server, and not new additional hardware.    Wow, Hammerpoint has their herd of gullable players and fully intends to milk them dry until finally the players catch a wiff of sanity and gtfo.  


    Tabletop RPG gaming since Chainmail and D&D was a blue book with some cheap plastic dice and a crayon. MMORPGing since MOOS/MUDS, when forums were just bulletin boards and players actually roleplayed their characters.

  • ThaneThane berlinPosts: 2,658Member Uncommon

    so, whats this review good for? feed the trolls?


    uh and maybe you should concider buying a new pc if your load is that bad ^^

    "I'll never grow up, never grow up, never grow up! Not me!"

  • OnomasOnomas USAPosts: 1,130Member Uncommon

    "The War Z is a game that is known to many in the MMO-space, more for its notoriety than for its gameplay. We aim to change that in our latest review."


    Didnt do a very good job at changing my opinion on this game when you gave it a 1.7/10 lol.

  • dadante666dadante666 buford, GAPosts: 402Member Uncommon
    13lakei  its the son of 1 of the derv. and are trying to defend the game LOL LEAVE 13lake ALONEEEEEE  QQ.


  • OsirrusOsirrus CheshirePosts: 55Member

    Good Honest review here.

    take it from one who bought into the alpha - only to be burned.

    Also very glad to see everybody knows this is NOT DayZ Standalone.

  • StarIStarI Mount EverestPosts: 987Member Uncommon

    Can see the bias, anger or possibly even other agendas all over this review. I would completely agree on a few (low) points but giving the low scores everywhere, and knowing shittier carbon copyes of certain games  got higher scores in the past, tells me this is a very subjective review which in turn i find pretty shitty - the review that is.

    At this point the only thing why I would suggest not to give WarZ a go is cheating/hacking. But cheaters are plentiful in DayZ as well and the only thing WarZ is missing are vehicles and swimming in water. Other than that it's very very playable and in 20 hours or so that I've played I hardly noticed any bug and enjoyed it quite a lot. Compared to DayZ which I've quit solely due to being so extremely buggy that I decided it's not worth my time.

    So untill DayZ standalone gets out which hopefuly will trump both (probably not, not at beginning at least), WarZ > DayZ mod


    The writer also decides to ignore the point that this kind of games are niche and that there are people who love dangerous worlds where any stranger is a potential threat. All in all this unprofessional review reminds me why has such a low rep amongst big part of gamers.

  • Segun777Segun777 Jade Dynasty Correspondent Lemont, PAPosts: 97Member
    The review seems too low to be taken seriously.. sorry.
  • RedempRedemp Absurdly HotlandPosts: 1,050Member Uncommon

     I agree with the review, but I also agree there is clear bias towards DayZ present. They are both equally bad games, why either of them has been given the support they have is beyond me. Perfect example of the "Indie effect" : PoS product and people lap it up.


  • GhernGhern Shingle Springs, CAPosts: 134Member Uncommon

    The very few people who actually try and defend this turd are funny.

    This game is crap. It is a ripoff of other games and is charging people money for an incomplete, unfinished product.

    And please, stop comparing it to the DayZ. That, at this point in time , is a free mod. The DayZ is not charging anyone any money. When the standalone gets released then a comparison is warranted.

    I do not play the DayZ either.

    This score is completely deserved.


  • Butch808Butch808 SundsvallPosts: 343Member Uncommon

    I actully like WarZ lol, playing on my communities RP server and it's great fun lol, wouldn't touch public servers with a barge pole though, but i understand the hate for the game but a score of 1 is a bit harsh, DayZ standalone will be better and the only problem i have with warz/dayz is the meta/end game is lacking a bit.


    TBH i think State of Decay will be the one to actully get the zombie mmo right.

  • CypeqCypeq TychyPosts: 66Member
    Developer actions made this game so unapealing that I demand to be paid to even try this -_-'
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