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Anybody seen any word on when we will be able to download the Beta client?

WKMitchellWKMitchell Campbell River, BCPosts: 70Member
As per the title.  I looked around when I registered my code but there was nothing listed at the time.  (As far as I know I am not breaking NDA.  I certainly hope I am not if I missed something)


  • musufasa1986musufasa1986 Blaine, TNPosts: 14Member

    No word yet from people I know.


    I am not in myself though.  =(

  • WKMitchellWKMitchell Campbell River, BCPosts: 70Member
    Thanks for replying.  I have been checking the Beta forums twice a day.  Wasnt sure though if I was having a geezer moment though and just completely looking past the obvious.
  • SheerzSheerz SundsvallPosts: 15Member
    Tehre's a thread in the Beta forums about getting started, there's a link to the client installer there.. if that's what you mean.


  • bronxknyghtbronxknyght Bronx, NYPosts: 10Member Uncommon
    the Beta client is available for download.
  • WKMitchellWKMitchell Campbell River, BCPosts: 70Member
    Thanks again there was the thread yesterday but no link.
  • ToxiaToxia Posts: 1,307Member Uncommon
    I assume the beta forums are hidden away to beta testers only? Is there anyway to download the client without going to those forums? Have slow internet, and wont get in until phase 2 or whichever phase is the one for players who bought but didnt keep paying to be legacy.  Just wanting to be sure i get the game dl'ed in time for my access.

    The Deep Web is sca-ry.

  • ToxiaToxia Posts: 1,307Member Uncommon
    Found em, nvm.

    The Deep Web is sca-ry.

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