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The Repopulation: New Creatures Detailed

SBFordSBFord Associate Editor - News ManagerThe Land of AZPosts: 16,588MMORPG.COM Staff Uncommon

A new post on The Repopulation's site gives fans a glimpse at seven new creatures added to the game's official bestiary. Each creature is shown graphically and a bit of information about it is revealed.

The Nacoot is small lizard capable of blending in with its surroundings.  The bright coloring along its spine, noticeable only when the Nacoot has been startled, warns off potential predators.  When cornered, the Nacoot whips its tail around to both strike attackers and to offer a less vital appendage to be eaten. Losing its tail is only a minor inconvenience, as it will grow back over time.

Check out the full listing at The Repopulation's site.


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  • VincerKadenVincerKaden Edison, NJPosts: 457Member
    Getting more excited for this game every day. Loving the new additions. Former Creature Handlers rejoice!


  • SaintWalker44SaintWalker44 Odym, CAPosts: 80Member
    Too bad theAI is simplistic...

    All Will Be Well.....

  • RandaynRandayn Sellersville, PAPosts: 883Member Uncommon
    I really can't wait for this one.  I just hope as Saint said that the AI isn't bad (kinda like Fallen Earth)

  • uller30uller30 MILWAUKEE, WIPosts: 114Member
    Hehe anarchy online + SWG + shadow bane = drools
  • RandaynRandayn Sellersville, PAPosts: 883Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by uller30
    Hehe anarchy online + SWG + shadow bane = drools

    my thoughts exactly!!!

  • PyrateLVPyrateLV Las Vegas, NVPosts: 1,096Member Common
    Originally posted by SaintWalker44
    Too bad theAI is simplistic...

    AI, animations, graphics, etc can be updated and improved. As long as the core gameplay foundation is solid.

    All indications are that the A&B devs are working hard to make sure that is the case

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  • KaylettaJadeKaylettaJade Holloman AFB, NMPosts: 144Member Uncommon
    There's a shot of the new UI from the beginning of the month on the Facebook page for Repop :) It's much cleaner than it was when the videos were shot.
  • CaldrinCaldrin CwmbranPosts: 4,533Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by SaintWalker44
    Too bad theAI is simplistic...

    wait there am i missing somthing.. have you played the finished game?

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