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PvPers: Which MMO are you currently playing?



  • ShakyMoShakyMo BradfordPosts: 7,207Member Common
    Ps2 is a mmo, hell its MORE of a mmo than say swtor.

    It isn't a mmorpg though.

    I think its the best choice for the op, seen as he's a daoc / cu fan and evidently missed out on planetside 1, which was the only game to truly capture that Genie in a bottle called "immense fun rvr play", except for daoc itself of course.
  • bcbullybcbully Westland, MIPosts: 8,952Member Rare
    Originally posted by goofy3k
    None. There are no real pvp mmo's left, in fact there are no real mmo's left. I say that matter of factly because it is a fact, the dribble that currently exists as mmo's are nothing but watered down soulless multiplayer games made to sell you virtual items or milk you dry with rediculously priced subs. Back in the day it was worth paying these subs for the deep immersive virtual worlds you got to explore, now you may as well play a singleplayer or co op rpg. What happened to the music industry has now happened to mmos, it was inevitable.

    AoW to mmos is What NWA was to music. Well not quite, Hip-hop today doesn't have a AoW equivalent right now. It needs one bad.

  • woeyewoeye MunichPosts: 119Member

    MMORPGs? None. I do not have the time to grind for gear several hours a day just to be "competitive". I have better things to do. Therefore I play mostly shooters for PvP: BF3 and PS2. I can jump in and have instant action and some fun. And I can focus on my aiming-skill.

    "Working" on something is ok for me. As long as I can dictate the speed of progression (like in EvE). In most MMORPG PvP games this isn't possible, though. Either you invest tones of times during the first weeks of a new season or GTFO. 


  • General_Dru-ZodGeneral_Dru-Zod Unknown, CAPosts: 136Member

    With darkfall: UW not to my liking (at the moment)

    Age of Wushu is probably one of the better games for PvP on the market right now


  • FreeakedFreeaked ChathamPosts: 52Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by General_Dru-Zod
    With darkfall: UW not to my liking (at the moment) Age of Wushu is probably one of the better games for PvP on the market right now

    Demigodz for life! Down with Goonz!

  • nariusseldonnariusseldon santa clara, CAPosts: 26,698Member Rare
    Originally posted by ShakyMo
    Planetside 2

    The only other current mmos I would consider are eve and the aow / aa / TESO betas.

    Anotehr vote for PS2.

    LOL and WOT are also pretty popular although they are not MMOs.

  • ScotScot UKPosts: 6,332Member Rare

    Thats the whole point MMO's have real issues with PvP. If you come at the game from a Shooter angle then add MMO gameplay you get better PvP, thats what PS did.

    If you start with MMORPG gameplay then add on PvP you run into serious problems. Problems which can be solved but in the past the solution has often been to give up certain MMO design principles. Making people the same level for PvP is an example of a solution to those problems, but it brings its own issues like favouring instanced over zoned PvP. Other problems are where the player is when PvP starts, once again instance join ups were seen as a solution. But this results in a very differant style of play.

    If you fancy some PvP with a MMORPG twist PS2 is well worth a look.

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  • GreyhooffGreyhooff New York, NYPosts: 654Member


    Best PVP out there, both in tourneys and in open world v world

    The funny part is that s/tPVP and wvw play completely differently, yet are both very satisfying PVP

    Also play LoL for pvp, trying out DOTA


  • Got_Game_TVGot_Game_TV Mayfield Heights, OHPosts: 262Member Uncommon
  • KrematoryKrematory Posts: 571Member Uncommon
    Playing EVE, where I find both small and big scale pvp every day an where loses matter.

    "EVE is likely the best MMORPG that you've never really understood or played" - Kyleran

  • AdamantineAdamantine NowherePosts: 3,928Member Uncommon

    Ooops ... overlooked the "PvPers" part of the title. Sorry.


    Anyway, that was the original posting:



    What: Vanguard: Saga of Heroes

    Why: Its fun

    Do you have fun: Yes

    MMOs with good PvP: Vanguard is basically pure PvE now; I dont know any PvP MMO that would appeal to me




    Originally posted by Freeaked
    Age of Wushu, Open world pvp, guild wars, school wars and Kung-Fu. Nuff said.


    Honestly, that sounds like you're easily pleased.

    (Also nuff said)


  • emikochanemikochan StaffordPosts: 286Member Uncommon
    I don't pvp much but when I do it's in GW2 (spvp) and league of legends.


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