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The further dumbing down of Star Wars: The Old Republic: Abusing Travelers, Treating customers like



  • tiefighter25tiefighter25 Winchester, MAPosts: 937Member

    Originally posted by niceguy3978

    Originally posted by Karteli
    Originally posted by huskie77
    Originally posted by Karteli
    Originally posted by Karteli
    Originally posted by huskie77
    The OP has complained in other EA, SWTOR and Hero engine threads about the "terrible" graphics engine and it's performance issues. I think it might be a compatibility issue for him/her as I have never experienced any such issue


    That was enough cause for a response.




    I fail to see how, as all of that is relative to understanding your motivation, and not ad hominem. Once again, I apologize if you felt that the above was an attack on you. I won't be responding to you any further in this thread as it seems you are arbitrarily taking issue and looking for a fight. I hope the new changes in the game actually work out to your benefit rather than cause you grief. Good luck to you!



    1) EA is charging for basic game play features, again. 

    1a) Fast teleportbetween planets will benefit all players.

    1b) Payments are required for teleport,

    1c) Subcribers lose out on perks, because players can pay some more to out-do them.

    1d ) Freemiums lose doubly.  They won't invest money because SWTOR is a Freemium / P2W system.

    1e ) EA adjusts TORSTATUS figures to reflect positivity. :-)


    I think I covered it all.  My motivation?  I play the game.  Enjoy my points.

    Quick question because I haven't played in months.  First, did I misread this, or is this part of the legacy system?  Is the legacy system only available to those who sub and only unlockable through the CS for those that don't sub?  Or is the legacy system available to everyone?  If the legacy system isn't available to everyone, then this is incredibly problematic, if it is available to everyone (thus making this available without paying) then this isn't as big of a deal.  If the absolutely only way you can do this is through the CS, then that does suck.

    Originally posted by Sevenstar61

    I really don't understand why so much complaining about this feature. Every MMO has something like this. Nobody complains about it.   On beginning of SWTOR you had only 2 means of fast traveing. Quick travel... and Fleet Pass. In Legacy you have improvements to this features... global unlocks - reducing the cooldowns. Some time later they introduced in Legacy  few other options of fast travel to: Capitol planet, Black Hole, Outcast Den on Tatooine. Now they introduced  in legacy additional option: Travel to Personal Starship. It is in the same place as other fast travel options. What's a big deal? It's great thing to have and it encourages to grind Legacy as the final improvement in reducing cooldown in global unlocks are available for legacy 50.  Unlocks are also pretty cheap and you can get them for credits as well as CC. But 40k for final unlock is a ridiculous low price. In EQ2 you could fast travel to many places, including your house. nobody complained about breaking immersion.

    In response to both of you.

    FTP players will have to buy it. Global unlock and the 2 charcter tiers. I don't think the unkick comes in gambling packs yet, so cartel shop only.

    As far as subs go, most can buy the global unlock, and tier 1 and 2 of the charcter unlocks.

    In all likelhood, most players aren't legacy level 50, so will probably buy with cartel coins the tier 3 (i hour cool-down) unlock.

    This is the first Legacy level 50 unlock.

    It's easy to see how a person could view this as nickel and diming to get perk to bypass what many seem as a design flaw of the game.

    Whether you view it as such or not, it's easy (at least for me) why many would see it as such.

  • tiefighter25tiefighter25 Winchester, MAPosts: 937Member
    Way too miuch quotation going on in my above post. Sorry.
  • daltaniousdaltanious waPosts: 2,299Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Karteli
      So EA has realized that their game / graphics engine is horrible and they now need a way to get players across zones without all the load screens (if you have money).  So now you can insta-teleport to your ship.  GREAT FIX.  I feel my immersion steaming ..  

    Khm. great game, great graphics engine, incredibly fun, ... and numbers shows that. Yes, very far behind behemoth, but still 2nd for sub numbers. Despite so many efforts of negative people to destroy game.

  • ThebigbopperThebigbopper melbournePosts: 114Member

    People can pay for faster travel, either via real life money or in game money? So what is the problem? If you don't like it just get there the old fashioned way and problem solved! If you ever played a game with portals and took them it is virtually the same thing. Most of these games have a quick travel option of some sort and this is no different.

     Just another troll thread, even WOW and GW2 have loading screens or at least had them if they dont now. How the hell did you get to battlegrounds in a game without a loading screen?

     I believe without playing Eve has not been dumbed down but most of these games have been dumbed down to some degree and SWTOR did not start it.

     Kind of odd for people being critical of a gaming company for wanting to make money, they are not charities! There is no gun pointing at you to pay for anything while you play for free...........



  • RednecksithRednecksith Madison heights, MIPosts: 1,238Member
    "Beam me up, Chewie!"
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