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LF a game like Knight Online's PVP.

om3gadeathom3gadeath Pico Rivera, CAPosts: 10Member
not sure if many people played the game, as it is generally a bad game, but the PVP is probably the best I've ever expierenced, basically an HD knight online with better questing is what i'm looking for, I don't think it exist, anything close to that.


  • skiiro00skiiro00 stromstadPosts: 8Member
    second that.. also been looking for something simillar to KO. not only the pvp part though but the game itself in general. A game where the journey to the "top" was awesomely long:)
  • om3gadeathom3gadeath Pico Rivera, CAPosts: 10Member
    yea man, i remember getting flaming armbands on edana usko, good times.
  • skiiro00skiiro00 stromstadPosts: 8Member
    hell to the yes, and cant really beat the feeling one got when succesfully got the gear upgraded to the + wanted either...after braking ALOT of gear on the way there:D
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