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So long Mechwarrior

cagancagan new jersey, NJPosts: 341Member Uncommon

I am just happy that i didnt buy the founder pack for this game. This is nothing more than counterstrike FPS with mechs.  There is no dept, no strategy, just get a big assault mech and dish out damage while zerging with your buddies.

I like to play a light/med scout mech, today in a capture base mission I SOLO captured the base, while the other people were fighting with their assault mechs in the middle. I was jus so proud of myself cause I won the game for my team with a LIGHT mech by capturing the base.

Then the team points come up: Assault mechs get 400-500 points for dishing out a lot of damage and I got 21...


Not kidding only 21 pointd for winning the game, my punishment for not playing an assault mech, or one of those mosquito light mechs that make circles and keep spamming lasers using lag to my advantage...

I am also sick of playing the same 4-5 scenarios over and over again, the game was fun for 2 hours and the other 4 hours I wasted on it was frustration. But you can just visit the cash shop to buy a nice big mech with great weapons that gets 30% more xp...

I will not uninstall for another couple weeks cause devs are talking about planet invasions etc, if that feature is not coming then all i can say is this is a BAD version of world of tanks...


  • ThorqemadaThorqemada BerlinPosts: 1,282Member Uncommon

    Nobody like to lose to a Base cap - Base capping is the last way out when you are about to lose in a firefight and the enemy has only slow Mechs left.
    As a Scout you can make shitloads of XP for spotting, tagging, often Scouts do as well shitloads of damage bcs as Scout you can sneak into the weak backsides of the enemy.

    I am sorry but you simply did not play the game to your favour.

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  • tawesstawess LkpgPosts: 3,643Member Rare

    Ok let me try and sort a few things out.


    First and foremost this game is not fully released yet. It is still in development and new features are added on a regular basis. To this it should be noted that it at this point only have two game modes Assault and Conquest the former is a combined deathmatch and base cap and the second is a combined point and deathmatch.

    In assault there is generally no base capping at this point as it is a lot easier to just try and destroy the enemy and doing so nets you a lot more cash and exp.

    Secondly the mechs you buy for real money does not give a XP bonus, they give a a 30% bonus to the cash you get at the end of the round. Also the exp is only used to unlock a progression tree that at best can be described as complimentary. You can do very well without it and it is more akin of something to do beyond killing people.


    Also while you  could call it a regular FPS with mech skin (a title more befitting of hawken) the way that the mechs moves makes it more akin to for an example games like WoT or entry level flight sims. You can not turn your mech on a dime, nor start or stop the bigger mechs instantly. But as with every game it will not suite everybody and if this is how you feel about the game i am glad too that you did not invest any large sums of mony in to the game. After all that would have been a waste and seeing as it is F2P you can come back if you vhange your mind at some point.


    But if you liked the old mechwarrior games and are willing to keep a open mind (some things are being re-balanced and others are different from the previous games) i would say this is the game for you. But note that it is still in development and not a full release yet.


    Edit: Also let me point out that none of the Mechs that can be bought with real money have any equipment that can not be bought fairly cheaply in-game for virtual money. It is mostly a quicker way to get a mech that you can buy for C-Bills(in game gold)  or a select few come with a special paintjob and a slightly different weaponloadout. But the weapons them self are still the same. there are no "golden weapons" or "golden ammo"

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  • cagancagan new jersey, NJPosts: 341Member Uncommon


    I agree the greed that took over the WOT with the golden ammo is not in this game "yet". Anything in the game you can buy with in game cash, which is really great and just like the developers promised.  Its just that the game is based on killing things, doing more damage etc. Objectives mean almost nothing, in the old MW games if you cap or defend the objective you win, it doesnt matter how much damage you dealed. I tagged and spotted things with my light mech, the xp is insignificant compared to hitting the enemy 10-15 times with your assault mech. Thats why if you check out the games its always lots of assaults and maybe 1-2 light med mech with ECM (thats the only way you survive 20 incoming LRM from an assault...

    I know its in beta, lots of balance issues. BUt I hope this game ends up smthg more than a lobby game like WOT
  • H0urg1assH0urg1ass Austin, TXPosts: 1,931Member Epic

    MWO is not going to be more than a lobby game, and it doesn't really have to.

    World of Tanks is the highest grossing game in the world right now, or mayyybe they're second to WoW, but I doubt it.  They have over 20 million players across the globe, and generate double-digit-millions worth of income per MONTH.  So yeah, this lobby model is going to see a lot of copycats in the near future.  In fact, I'm surprised that more games haven't jumped on this bandwagon by now.

    I purchased a founder pack and check in on the Beta every once in a while.  The most important aspect for me isn't whether it's a lobby game or not, but whether the gameplay stays true to the Mechwarrior universe, and so far it has been extremely well done.

    But then again, I've bee playing WoT since the day it came out, so I enjoy the lobby based game where I can squeeze in two matches before I take my kids to their cheerleading practice and not have any more commitment than that.

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