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Seeking game with interaction & complexity

WantToPlayWantToPlay NYC, NYPosts: 1Member

I like player interaction, politics and complexity. I like simple text-based games, but there has to be a lot of players and a long duration (perpetual is best).


I've played eRepublik before and played lots of political roles. Enjoyed administrative and policy-making functions. I was also part of an economic league that could move currency rates for medium sized countries (we would dump products into a country's market and send its price level lower, thereby appreciating its currency, which we had already accumulated en masse, profiting immensely) and so on. Great fun.


There was some complexity in the erepublik economic system, but eventually it got formulaic and I ran out of ways to wreak havoc, so I quit.


I like Risk and Diplomacy as well and am fairly good at it, especially when there's a messaging option and I can bargain and form alliances and manuever and stuff.  But Risk is only one short round so it ends too fast. Same with Diplomacy. A game that ends pretty soon and you're only facing off 6 other peeps. Fun but not fun enough.


I like Earth 2025 too, gameplay is simple but intricate enough. But each round ends every 2 months or so and not enough players in it now.


So do you guys have any recommendations? A web-based game that has plenty of strategy, largely free, lots of interaction, a complicated economic system, has long rounds and lots of players?


Very many thanks to anyone with a good recommendation!



  • ErgloadErgload GV, OHPosts: 433Member Uncommon

    If you're into serious roleplay including player-politics and rival factions, give Achaea a try. It's a text-based MUD with a high population and the mechanics are as deep as they get for the genre. There's also Lusternia which is similar but smaller population. You might also want to look at TopMUDSites. Based on what you describe, MUDs should be everything you're looking for.

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