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A noob in Velika ...

rawfoxrawfox HamburgPosts: 749Member Uncommon

I made 15 Levels on 2 characters, a Priest and a Warrior and i never touched Tera before.


First, it looks like a fluffy puffy teeniedream, it took my old Heavy Metal heart quit some time, to make room for immersion.

Its looks all so shiny, blurry, unreal, in terms of really good artwork.

Grafixwise it can still compete with actual titles.


There is still a lot of things in Tera to moan about.

A very critical eye will find enuff things to complain about, but you get a lot of things to enjoy as well, for free.

First i was a little concerned about the fact, that every combat action roots your character in place for the time it needs to "cast" it.

That was as well as different, like the whole charcter controlls, i heared Tera plays very good with a gamepad.

Sadly mine is broken, but it plays very fluid with a mouse too ofcause :p

It turned out to be a mature combat system, were you have your moves inside of your specials.

For sure it is action combat and it has a good learning curve, Tchuk Tchuk Tchak  BAMM is fun.


The gameplay, well its a theatre, a guided bring this there and kill x of y adventure and once i understood that im on a starter island, i knew i would leave it with level 10.

The chat and interface colors look pretty WoW'ish and the whole art style isnt far away of that too. At all, Tera feels very phantasy "like them all" what i would say. Colors, horses and swords.


There is a story i saw. I havnt read it nor did i payed attention to the kiddy elves voices, telling me some lore of someones second hand phantasies, man im so not in phantasy lol. The quests will guide you thru a excellent guide system with a cool minimap and a customizable UI always straight to the next levels and items that you need on the way off the island.

Its a grinders paradise and one can really use some of the dropped items so there is was some nice "oh cool" moments :)


There is a mainquest line, that leads you directly off the island to the first maincity Velika and they really impressed me with that.

Once arrived, the guided themepark continues but ofcause one can go offstream and do crafting for example.


That said, i got the me first craftingquest.

25x Egshell Powerder needs 25x some Mastertool for cheap 72 Silver each.

That wasnt doable with lvl 14, i had just a bit over one Gold and it seemed stupid expensive, but thats the good thing to be a noob in a game, there is things to learn and improve.


I totally dislike phantasy, have i said so already ?

No idea what keeps me playing, maybe it was this lvl59 Rangerlike anywhat, that sat on the bridge pillar and oneshotted all the noobs that have been passing, me for example :)

Could also be the lost duel against that Berserker that berserk'd me to pieces before i knew how that other skill worked, fun fun

It felt good anyhow :)




  • RecoreRecore Posts: 7,044Member Epic

    Its a very good game and I am enjoying it the more and more I play it.

  • PivotelitePivotelite Hamilton, ONPosts: 2,145Member Uncommon

    I hate the blur just like you and the high fantasy theme is completely gone at level 60, it gets very dark and evil later on because all the 60 zones are dead zones completely sucked of all life by the argons, the only creatures around are dark argonomorphed versions of mobs seen in the rest of the game.


    To remove the awful blur which takes away from the detail of the artwork change lighting enrichment in the video options to 1 instead of 2.


    You can thank me later.


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