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Today's maintenance....

MdpatsMdpats Peekskill, NYPosts: 176Member Uncommon
Anyone know what was done?  I can't find any information on it other than a game update with a few improvements.  No details though on the main site.


  • DirkinDirkin Manassas, VAPosts: 78Member
    Vanguard's 6th Anniversary
    · Vanguard launched on January 30, 2007. The development team wants to wish all our players a Happy Anniversary! Thanks to all of you for making the world of Telon such a fun and memorable place to play over the past six years and for celebrating with us.
    · The Historian of Telon will no longer require any assistance until next year again.

    Love is in the Air
    · Those looking for romance may find it in New Targonor, Ahgram, and Tanvu.

    · The Recruit Seydmor and The Ageless One now have appropriate factions assigned to them.
    · Mercenary Frost now has a correct model.
    · The buff from Haversack of Telon's History will no longer end after 72 minutes.
    · The Founder title should now be claimable by all characters on an eligible account.
    · The bindstone in Northern Stonepine Ridge has re-acquired its base. Players with house plots near the base's previous location should be able to complete construction on two story houses again.
    · Guild and friend lists should now be working properly again.
    · Alagan the Dragonslayer has been spotted hunting dragons near Stirhaad.

    · The Level 55 Double Locked Chests no longer drop the lowest quality Hand of Justice.

    · Help the Runaway is now properly listed as a group quest.
    · Arcana Evidence turn-in for Kwo Halfmoon should now work properly.
    · The Fiend Box item for the Diplomacy quest "Memory Plant" should now function properly.
    · Ending the Atrocities will now properly grant rewards.
    · Numerous grammatical bugs have been fixed.

    · A lot of Items that had stats incorrectly calculated have been recalculated.
    o These items would have +18 in a primary stat no matter the item level or equipment slot. Now these items have stats based on the item level and equipment slot.
    · Fluur's Hammer of Fire now should have a correct model when equipped.
    · The Rune of Tribal Supremacy now has correct stats.
    · Socketed Ulvari Vigilance no longer references rune slots instead of primal.
    · Qalian version of the Masterwork Pariah's Power Bladed Staff of Health now has an appearance.
    · Swabby's Crossbow should now work for attacks requiring a crossbow.
    · Valus' Hands of Justice are now non-Unique and are now Bind on Equip.
    · Gem of Arcane Resistance and its socketed version now have stats.
    · Thestran Granite Housing Bricks now stack to 200.
    · Finch Weapons have all been recalculated due to issues with low level weapons being much too powerful.
    · Masterwork Pariah's Spirited Greataxe of Venom now has an appearance.
    · Gauntlets of Nobility now have stats.
    · Sunrain Necklace is now correctly an Earring.
    · Skullsmasher now has an appearance.

    · Masterwork Zealot's Renewed Hammer of Striking now has an appearance no matter what continent you are from.

    · Fixed issues with tooltip of Poison Shot IV.

    · Endowment of Fervor IV now correctly gives 40 Constitution instead of 10.

    · Fixed an issue with the Shadowblade Tooltip.

    Dread Knight
    · Incantation of Hate now has greater damage output.

    · Fixed the tooltip for Spear of the Ancestor III

    · Fixed the tooltip of the Destruction proc incorrectly saying +150% instead of +50% spell damage
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