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"RR" realm rank, what i liked and what i hope for in CO

ExkramentalExkramental aarhusPosts: 1Member

Hey, DAOC was by far the only pvp game i could get home from work, make some coffee, and RvR solo/group with my hunter, 

i loved the feel, of the grind in post level 50,  i loved that it took a great amount pf time to get more RR, and the feat that came with it, and that you hade to fight to become better, another thing i love in it was the unbalance, "still hated Dragon fang", but there was this sort of respeck for higher RR players, 


i remember one time, i killed a RR 9 inf, that was hated by midgard, when i finaly killed him,  i got all sorts of tells from other players, like grats" and well done, THAT is what i hope will become the spirit of CO,  


i hope stealh will still be in the game, i hope we will get a system like RR not the ame but the same grind, 

so what i hope for is,  

-a rewarding rvr/pvp feat system that i have to fight for to get better at, 

-same kind of stealth system, but op to date ofc, 

-arrow types for cloth/leather/chain/player armor, 

-the hunter class :P (but god i loved it)

-a smaller pvp zone then NF, and with Emain, gates style rvr, 


  • OgreRaperOgreRaper Detroit, MIPosts: 376Member
    As long as the progression system allows for choices and is basically never ending, like DAOC's RR/RA system, then I'll be happy.
  • time007time007 Posts: 802Member Uncommon

    Agree with the above. 


    -they should actually use the bonuses for particular weaps vs particular types of armor as stated, not just for arrows but for all weaps.

    -yeah, they definitly need a stealthed ranged class

    -yes to keeping stealth like daoc too


    Though not sure about the smaller pvp/rvr zone.  that was one of the awesome things about DAOC and one of the sucky things about warhammer.  Don't fence me in with zone walls, arenas or bgs.  Heck even GW'2 feels enclosed.  You cant run more than 1 minute in a direction without hitting a zone wall on the left or right side.  I mean, do you really want that?  I think games have trended more to the "lets make the pvp area smaller to increase the action".  This is all part of the "lets make things faster, more convenient, and for surely this will help the genre" mentality.  But again, I think the market this game is catering to is the part of the market that dont like the way mmos are being made.  another example is, ok lets speed up the leveling so people can hit the cap faster and end game faster.  This doesnt work out either, people ding 50 after 1 week, drop the game and move on.  So smaller & faster isn't always better for MMORPG's.  For MMOFPS yes, but not for MMORPGS.


    I really dont like fighting someone and then 2 seconds later having someone randomly run up on us cuz the zone is so small.  one of the main things i liked about daoc was its wide open spaces.  i guess its just a line drawn for some players,  like some players say they want freedom when making their character, well i want the feel of freedom of open spaces/no boundaries when im in rvr/pvp.


    -definitely agree with the rewarding rvr system.  Please note item grind, which they have already said they won't do!  great.

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  • meddyckmeddyck USAPosts: 1,195Member Uncommon
    Yeah I'm on the same page with the rest of you. Character progression (and lots of classes to play for variety) was what made DAOC so addicting that I paid $14.95 a month to play it for almost 9 years. The lack of any such system quickly bored me to tears of GW 2's WvW. Even WAR's RR system was both too fast to reach max and didn't provide powerful enough abilities to motivate long playing (at least at release and the first few months afterwards when I played it). There needs to be something similar to DAOC's realm ranks and abilities in CU to make it a game I will play for a long time.

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    DAOC [retired]: R11 Cleric R11 Druid R11 Minstrel R9 Eldritch R6 Sorc R6 Scout R5 Healer

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