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Of Camelot Unchained and other MMO's

Card_DAoCCard_DAoC Clinton Township, MIPosts: 3Member

The timing of Camelot Unchained is impecable. MMOs that are releasing are becoming stale, and trying to be the next big thing.

Do they need to be? I don't think so. Should Camelot Unchained become a title of success within it's genre and the type of players Mark Jacobs and staff hope that it hits, it will be a fairly big statement in the world of MMO's.


You see these games with hundreds of millions of dollars spent and all this stuff getting thrown into it, and yet you don't see where that hundreds of millions of dollars went. It's incredibly refreshing to see a developer say "I'm not trying to win over the world, I want my players to love this game like no other, and I want to cater to a specific set of players that enjoy this style of game. We don't need to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to be successful"


In a recent stream that Grakulen did for DAoC, Talal mentioned that the overall cost of DAoC was less than what they spent on just the trailer for WAR. That is amazing! The amount of money spent on a hype device these days is staggering.

So we now enter MMO's of the future. Obviously trying to copy WoW's success is futile, people and developers alike now know this. But why try to be the next WoW? A game can be successful with only a few thousand to hundred thousand players. DAoC is a testament of time.

However, like all things that go too long, there needs to be an end. TV shows are often ruined by running too long, they become stupid and fans hate them after they run on for 10 seasons. Do games have the same problem? Are they developed to a point that fans begin to hate the title?

Perhaps it is a bit different for games. I for one still love DAoC very much. And while I don't think CU will be the end of DAoC, it's hard to ignore the impact it will make on the title. Mark Jacobs has done some pretty amazing stuff. Also, some pretty horrific stuff.


After watching the interview he did today, and as a skeptic of this title, I have to say I was impressed. It's hard for me to trust this person again. But what I saw today was someone focused, honest, and a real drive behind them. That person I cannot ignore. That is the person that made DAoC. THAT is the person that has success in making a new title. I didn't see that with WAR, and there were obvious reasons for it, but was still the case.


After that interview today... I'm ready to help this game lift off. Mark Jacobs, good form today sir, good form.


  • aylwynnaylwynn idontsayPosts: 94Member

    Yeah, Mark Jacobs got me. Im in to support this. Actually, I've been hoping for such stuff in The Elder Scrolls Online.

  • Storm_FirebladeStorm_Fireblade FlensburgPosts: 156Member

    Welcome to the future of MMO´s. I am pretty convinced, that we finally are experiencing the evolution towards a new age of online gaming. Personally I´ve been waiting for this for quite some time now. Actually Mark just started to go public with a design I was working on myself in the past. At least up to now there are various similarities. Unfortunately I´m not done studying, so lacking funds, experience and contacts I´ll happily support this project. After all Mark did show us that he is capable of great things and I always was a fan of his honest and revolutionary way of thinking, designing and communicating :-)

    Nichegames will be the way to go, if you ask me. I never understood, while so many players out there think that a MMO has to cater to everyone. We cannot all play together after all and even if that would be possible - why should we? People do have different preferences and its impossible to satisfy everyone at once. The industry is going to realize that more and more with every game.

    I wouldn´t be surprised if in ten years several dozens MMO´s are out there, all of them a success, focusing on certain key-features and most of them with players having a lot more fun and satisfaction, than those AAA-blockbusters nowadays could offer.

    Camelot Unchained Fanpage

  • Card_DAoCCard_DAoC Clinton Township, MIPosts: 3Member

    The idea itself isn't revolutionary. It's been done before, but in a place you might not consider.


    Once upon a time there was 1 spaghetti sauce. Different brands sure, but they only had 1 sauce. They brought in people and said "Find me the best sauce". They'd assemble focus groups and testing groups and make a sauce that appealed to the most number of people.

    But what does spaghetti sauce have to do with MMO's? It's the evolution of thinking that is key here. There was one guy who told the spaghetti sauce companies that they weren't looking for the best sauce, rather they should be looking for the best sauces.

    Now, we have a plethora of spaghetti sauce varieties all within a single brand. Their profitability went up a great deal. Not sure the same mechanic will work for MMOs for a single company owning multiple MMOs, but the overall thought process should. Cater to the group you want to cater to, not all groups at all times, it can't be done.


    We are for sure entering a new era of MMO's, one brought to us by a guy who thought a bit differently about spaghetti sauce.

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