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A very interesting survey someone on the ESO subreddit made



  • Originally posted by grstevens

    Why am I even posting?

    Probably a good idea to figure that one out before posting ;)

  • azarhalazarhal Somewhere, BCPosts: 1,077Member Uncommon

    Interesting results. Although, I doesn't match other similar polling I've seen, which mean the voter sample was biased toward certian elements.

    For the factions, the score doesn't match what can be seen on Tamriel Foundry fansite (the biggest one around I think). Were the Dominion is more popular than the Covenant. Also, I would have though that the Khajiit would have been more popular than that.

    The funniest bit is this though:

    • Solo content: 4.13
    • End-game PvE raiding: 3.86
  • IselinIselin Vancouver, BCPosts: 8,749Member Epic

    Most interesting part to me...

    9) Rate the game features below based on how important they are to you, including both the inclusion of them and the quality of their implementation:

    • 1 ...
    • 2 ...
    • 3 ...
    • ...
    • 15 ...
    • Organized PvP or battlegrounds: 3.74
    • Public PvE dungeons: 3.72
    • Crafting: 3.67
    • Open-world PvP in leveling zones: 3.57
    • Personal achievement system: 3.20
    • First-person camera view: 3.12
    • Player housing: 3.04

    Nice to see those at the very bottom of the list...and in the right order, imho.

    • I hate scenario PVP.
    • Absolute open world is a highly over-rated concept... I'd rather not be 15th in line to kill the mob we need to kill.
    • Crafting is a necessary evil I wish wasn't necessary at all.
    • Ganking PVErs is griefing ...get over it: Big difference between a soldier in a battlefield or one in your bedroom while you sleep.... one is war, the other one is called murder.
    • Look at what you started Warhammer Online! I don't want a permanent reminder  that I killed >100 mobs 7 Tuesdays in a row: this ain't baseball.
    • FPCV is for FPS...go play those.
    • Interior decorating just isn't my thing...not that there's anything wrong with that 
  • FearumFearum Cinnaminson, NJPosts: 1,165Member Uncommon
    AD/HighElf/Healer-Support here, looks like I will be in high demand.
  • JupstoJupsto englandPosts: 2,075Member Uncommon

    I am expecting an Elder Scrolls-style game set in an MMO environment: 38%

    Then I am expecting alot of people to be disapointed.

    My blog: image

  • chromekatanachromekatana douglassvile, GAPosts: 36Member
    Originally posted by Fearum
    AD/HighElf/Healer-Support here, looks like I will be in high demand.

    If you only look at this survey, any AD aligned player will be in demand.



    Originally posted by Scalpless
    Originally posted by chromekatana
    I can't believe there is no love for the High Elfs.  I can thank Skyrim for that. That game almost made me hate them and they're my favorite class!

    Altmer are ugly. Yellow skin, huge jaws, weird eyes... Unlike Dunmer, they don't look weird or exotic. Just ugly. They've also always had a superiority complex that made them unlikeable. Breton are nicer and made better mages in most games, too.


    I have to say, I didn't enjoy their looks in Skyrim as much as I did in the previous games. Their personality is a ugly trait too. But I always thought if you were going to go for magic, then Atmer was the way to go considering the + Magicka bonus. 


    I'm also an idiot for saying the Altmer is my favorite class.(instead of race)

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