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The list



  • PeculiarJohnPeculiarJohn Lakewood, COPosts: 8Member

    I have four items on my wishlist at this point:

    1) Make crafting challenging and interesting, especially since it will be a vital part of the game.  Vanguard (poor Vanguard) got it right with crafting; that might be the type of model to consider, where risk, luck, and skill all play a part in creating an item and in determining the final quality.

    2) Keep classes well-defined, distinct, and usually dependent on each other for success.  Much as it would stress me out sometimes, I always loved that my DAoC Pac/Mend healer was terrible in solo fights and needed her group to survive (just as much as they needed her to survive).  Sure, the stealther/soloist option was nice, but some of the most memorable, perfect synergy I found in RvR was from everyone carefully assessing the strengths AND weaknesses of others in their group and working carefully and deliberately off of those.  Versatility can be good for one or two classes, but some MMOs are failing, IMHO, by promoting too much versatility ("Jedi Consular?  OK; you can be a tank, DPS, or healer") or by giving an even solo survivability chance to all classes.  By whitewashing these differences, PvP becomes more... meh.

    3) No bots / shambots please.

    4) Try not to mirror-image the three realms in terms of classes or tactics.  There was a little too much similarity in playstyle between the realms in DAoC (Warrior=Hero=Armsman / Ranger=Hunter=Scout / Berserker=Mercenary=Blademaster, etc.) in many ways.  What if the three-realm fighting had been differentiated largely by culture?  In other words, Mids would need to dogpile their enemies to win, with Hibs playing hot potato and Albs doing something in between?  The winner of a fight could be influenced the distance at the beginning of the conflict (closer in favoring the dogpile style, with far away favoring the hot potato-style).  Something like this.  Makes realm choice dependent somewhat on grouping style and the types of groups that a person is more likely to succeed in.

    Anyhoo, that's my 2 c.  I have very high hopes about this project.

  • hadatihadati Seattle, WAPosts: 27Member

    1) Have the crafting resources be out in the RvR areas. This gives people a reason to venture out and fight. Each faction needs to gather wood, mine metals, skin animals for leather, quarry stone, etc. and if you go out alone, you'll get ganked. So, you have your guild come with you and help watch your back as you gather. 


    2) Getting ideas and feedback from your beta players in an organized way is crucial. I'm in the Firefall beta and the devs have the single best way of getting feedback from beta testers that I've ever seen and I've been playing games since King's Quest on a Tandy. 

    What they've done is made a section of their forum that's accessible to beta testers only called UserVoice. In this area beta testers can search through and create ideas and select what area it applies to (PvE, PvP, User Interface, crafting, etc.). Then, they get 20 votes to spend on any of the ideas that they and other beta testers have come up with. However, only up to 3 votes max can be spent on any one idea. You can also comment in reply to ideas others have come up with in-line under the original idea so you can ask clarifying questions of the person who originally had the idea and this promotes positive intelligent beta community discourse. 

    When the devs decides to say "yes", "no", or "yes but with modifications" the beta tester gets an email saying what Red 5's response to the idea was and they get their votes returned so they can vote up another idea. This response is also listed in the UserVoice area. There are literally thousands of categorized ideas that players have come up with and Red 5 knows which are the most important to their players because these are the ones players are voting for the most, so these get incorporated into the game much faster. Another benefit is that beta testers feel important and listened to because they see the devs responding to their requests and ideas and incorporating them into the game. Of course this is making the game much better too because it's soliciting ideas from a large number of people but has a built-in weeding-out function because people don't waste votes on dumb ideas. 

    I think if you do this for Camelot Unchained it would go over super well with the beta testers. 


    3) PvE - I know you are dead-set on making a PvP RvR-only type game and that's all well and good, but consider that PvE NPCs will be needed to guard realm-keep type buildings, skinnable creatures will be needed for crafters who work with leather and cloth, and NPCs could be used to help stabilize a server which has a low-population of one of the three factions. So, don't put NPCs out in PvE areas. Put them out in the PvP areas in limited but dynamically-adjusted quantity. The world won't look natural without animals. Merc NPCs could be hired (for gold) by guilds to help defend locations for limited time. 


    4) Include a way to add enemy nemesis players to a hotlist such that if I'm playing and this guy logs on who always kills me I get a notification in game that he just came on. This will motivate me to want to go RvR to find him and slay him and his filthy guild. 


    5) Bounty Hunters - Allow guilds and rich solo players to create a bounty that's posted at the gates to the RvR area and in all the major towns. Something like, "3 gold per kill of SirMarkJacobs". If a guild or player accepts this, the next time they kill this player 3 gold will be automatically deducted from their guild coffers and mailed to the successful bounty hunter. However, if they get killed by the wily and crafty SirMarkJacobs then 3 gold is sent from their account to the guild that put up the bounty. 


    6) Tiers of gear - Make some gear purchasable with currency you can only get from killing people in RvR and is only good for up to blue level (rare) quality. Grey, White, Green, Blue, Purple (epic) and orange (legendary) are available from PC crafters of your realm. There are levels in your capital city (higher up the tower is better and better) but you are locked out from the upper levels until you reach the next realm rank. So, if you're brand new to the game you can only access the apprentice level NPC blacksmith on the ground level floor and can only purchase blue level gear from him as you get currency from RvRing. But then you hit Realm Rank 2 and get a new title and are allowed to go up to the second floor and talk to the Journeyman level NPC blacksmith and buy up to blue level quality items from him. Each floor would have an NPC vendor who sells up to blue quality gear. In this way solo players wouldn't have to feel compelled to join a guild just to get gear. Also, guilds wouldn't be completely hamstrung if their crafters didn't play as much as some of the more hardcore PvPers. They'd have a way to get up to blue quality gear even if their crafters weren't crafting at that level yet. Also, crafters gear would always be in demand since their blue, purple and orange quality gear would always be better quality than the NPCs can make and there'd be sink for the points you'd accumulate out in PvP. 


    7) You skill up as you use a particular skill over and over. I loved in Ultima Online how, as you used a particular skill, you leveled it up slowly over time. Going from 0 to 1 was easy, but when you were going from 250 to 251 it was much, much, much slower. I'd like to see the same principal applied in CU. If it's the first time you've cast "Fireball" then it'll go slower, hit for less damge, have a smaller AoE, have a lower DoT, and have greater cooldown than if its your 5 millionth time casting the spell. Just like in real life, as you do something more and more often your automaticity increases but at a certain point you simply can't do it any faster. 


    8) Realm Ranks - This is really what drove players to continue playing DAoC for 12 years, believe it or not. Yes people developed realm pride, made long term friends, loved RvRing, yadda yadda, but what made DAoC last so unbelievably long was that you could keep playing for years and never hit Realm Rank 10. In WoW, they just put you on a loot treadmill and by the time you have good gear a new item level gear comes out and you've got substandard gear again. I hate that crap and you and most players probably do too. DAoC, on the other hand, had hard and fast RR levels and you felt progress towards that elusive, epic RR10 every time you log in and head out of Druim Ligen. Please, please have this be in Camelot Unchained. Have it be where reaching RR10 (or the CU equivalent) takes literally 10 years of regular nightly play (2-3 hours). This ultimately is what will keep people subbing for 10 years. Make it take a super long time to reach. 


    9) Prestige classes - I'd really like it if I ever do hit RR10 in CU to be faced with a choice to either stay a Warden, let's say, or pick one of two prestige classes but I have to cash in all my accumulated Realm Ranks and start over basically at RR0. Here's my reasoning - there were in DAoC, players who hit RR10. By giving them a prestige class to work for, this gives them an additional 3-5 years of play-through and gives them huge bragging rights in the game by being one of the few who is rolling with a prestige class without unbalancing the game because they have to cash in all of their RR to get the prestige class unlocked. 


    10) Please have a large variety of gatherable materials in the game to support the many crafting skills. In WoW the gathering professions are herbalism, mining, skinning. These are a good start but there is simply not enough variety. To make a more diverse and thoughtful economy of necessary trademen, there need to be more gathering skills and more overall professions. IMO in CU there should be a gathering skill for chopping wood (fir, oak, ironwood, etc.) for making the handles of maces, upgrading keep doors, etc. There should be a gathering skill for quarrying stone. The stone would be used to build player housing, for use in siege weapons, for weapon sharpening stones, and for finding gemstones. There could be a gatherer who harvests fire, water, and wind elementals that spawn out in the RvR areas which are necessary for enchanters to put procs into weapons and enchantments into armor. 


    11) Crafting - Let it be skill-based. What I mean by that is, have a mini-game for every tradeskill such that the crafter's skill within the minigame is what determines the quality of each piece that goes into, say, a mace. And each of these pieces assemble to determine the overall quality of the aforementioned mace. The only game I've ever seen that has this has been Fable (see this video ). Now, I'm not hung up on it being exactly like this implementation with a little thing going back and forth like the red light on the front of Kit in Knight Rider, but I'm just trying to exemplify that is far more interactive than clicking a button that says "make the sword" and having a random number generator determine that it's DPS. What would make this even more interesting is if you took this interactive mini-game system and also adapted what Firefall does for crafting. 

    In FF, you use a thumper to thump for crytite, ferrite, quartzite, etc. and you get a variety of isotopes of these, each of which have different attributes (density, reactivity, conductivity, malleability, and resistance). Then, when you go to make a particular piece of equipment, the nanoprint (schematic) tells you what percentages of each attribute affect the output results (like DPS, reload speed, clip size) but it's up to you the crafter to then select from the isotopes you have gathered which mineral best matches what the nanoprint is asking for. 

    I think this system would be perfect for CU! You just make it where there are various attributes in the iron for making steel (ferrous density, impurities, etc.) Various attributes which affect gems for enchanting (opacity, number of facets, brilliance, etc.)

    Dovie'andi se tovya sagain.

  • skyexileskyexile MelbournePosts: 692Member Common

    Originally posted by hadati 3) PvE - I know you are dead-set on making a PvP RvR-only type game and that's all well and good, but consider that PvE NPCs will be needed to guard realm-keep type buildings, skinnable creatures will be needed for crafters who work with leather and cloth, and NPCs could be used to help stabilize a server which has a low-population of one of the three factions. So, don't put NPCs out in PvE areas. Put them out in the PvP areas in limited but dynamically-adjusted quantity. The world won't look natural without animals. Merc NPCs could be hired (for gold) by guilds to help defend locations for limited time.  

    i agree that skinning would be required to make some things with leather, perhaps wool, but cotton is grown. What i dont understand is why there has to be NPC guards? Why cant there just be a gate or 3 that you need to breakdown to get into the keep, from there could be so many options to then claim the keep:

    > Hold the main upper levels, domination style for upto 15min before the keep reverts to your control while your flag raises or something.
    > Channel uninterrupted for upto 10minites, to claim the keep, more players could reduce this down to 1 min minimum.
    > when you breach the upper level a nearby keep of yours could spawn an orb of control that you need to then run to the keep your attempting to claim or from the keep your taking which you then need to run to one of your keeps, OMG CTF IN WVW!

    All these possible things plus the keep hard defenses like doors and walls give the defenders that bit of extra time to defend a location and it makes for some more interesting battles..."okay we just wiped out the enemy and are heldup in the keep, we need to now defend against their counterattack for 15min to claim the keep." it would make for some fun and close fights from both empires. or even perhaps the 3rd if they want to jump in on the action.

    Also another thing i dont get is all the people saying that you need to have PVE mobs for an economy because thats where all EVE's drops and items come from, okay iv never played I asked some people i take seriously if its worth my time, they told me to watch some videos, right click a little while watching them... Last time i checked though im pretty sure when i go down to store to a shop to buy a couch or a door, some powertool or more likely some attachment for my computer they didn't obtain this item by going out and poping a cap in somebody and prying it from their hands...though im not an American...could be how you guys do things...Most things infact wouldn't need to come from killing PVE mobs, they would come from gathering and from there made into possibly thousands of different things, if they dont want to have mobs, then theres cheap tricks around like that like getting untanned leather from vendors...sounds too easy to get leather you say? ...well, you must now venture out into the realm to a veil energy pocket to enchant it before its worth a shit.

    TRF - GM - GW2, PS2, WAR, AION, Rift, WoW, WOT....etc...
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  • redcappredcapp brook, NYPosts: 722Member

    I'm bored so I'll contribute again :p


    1) Friars


    2) The music from DAoC brings back such great memories.  Recapture that here. 


    3) Friars



  • heocatheocat Mount Rainier, WAPosts: 174Member Uncommon

    1. no hide and peak AOE. Always hated that crap. Stand back ok but no small peak holes were you need to be at certain angle just to highlight.

    2. All player crafting except basics. since no real PVE have to do something or coins per rvr time.

    3.housing/crafting stations.

    4.Siege razzing walls they come down(but either timer or EVE style reboot)

    5.Hybreds penalty era EQ before the $OE takeover. If you want over  that grey line then pay for it.

    Good Luck I am pullin for you.


  • EnwoodEnwood Morgantown, WVPosts: 9Member Common
    Originally posted by Voiidiin

    2. Faction based PvP not FFA. (failed on Andred and Mordred) Lot of other FFA MMOs avail, i think we need a fresh 3 faction representation.

    Faction based PvP is awesome, but there is no reason to not have a FFA server or 2. I am not sure how you could say  "failed on Andred and Mordred" because there was plenty of people that would go back and play a pre TOA dred server tonight if they opened one up for them to play.

    1.  DF is a must though. That place was so much fun.

    2. Atleast 1 FFA server to go along with the many RvR servers

    3. No ?/! above NPCs heads.

    4. Castle wall climbing.

    5. No TOA

  • aylwynnaylwynn idontsayPosts: 94Member

    A huge RvR area where you are able to avoid zergs if you feel so and some hotspots like milegates.

    Oh, uhm ... Don't forget longduration CC and buffs.

  • Ice-QueenIce-Queen USA, GAPosts: 2,451Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by redcapp
    I'm bored so I'll contribute again :p   1) Friars   2) The music from DAoC brings back such great memories.  Recapture that here.    3) Friars    

    I loved the Friar, mainly because one whack with the stick from a Friar and stealthers went running. LoL.


    What happens when you log off your characters????.....
    Dark Age of Camelot

  • OgreRaperOgreRaper Detroit, MIPosts: 376Member

    1. Racial Abilities: These add a lot of flavor and variety to races. One or two per race is fine, anything more than that and the abilities tend to get watered down.

    2. Non-mirrored classes: This is a must. DAOC is a good example of a great class system.

    3. Progression / Customization : The realm ability system of DAOC was nice, but I think you can make something even deeper and with more interesting choices.

    4. No buff-bots! : One of my biggest complaints when I played DAOC was the buff-bot problem.

    5. Character Control : I will point to WoW for this. Super smooth and precise control of my toon. Seriously, just make it exactly like WoW in that regard.... and then completely opposite of WoW in almost every other way.  image

  • mightyjoxermightyjoxer San Jose, CAPosts: 34Member

    My list

    1. A place to explore. Huge RvR lake.  (Towers, Keeps, Docks, Lumbernills etc) A place to lay your hat should also require a place to work.

    2. Be able to choose what an ability looks like. If a elementalist summons a elemental should be able to choose if it looks like fire, rock, air, wood. If I have a melee attack I wanna choose the animation that goes with it (give each ability a few animations not just one and player can choose) I know this is a new Idea ,but would be amazing way to personalize your character.

    3. Closed Faction with unique classes per faction.

    4. Fortifications with multiple entrances. Climbing up walls, swimming in sewers, gate knockdown, wall knockdowns

    5. Npcs that are customizable. You could choose archers, footman, knights, mages etc and you could control where they patrol

  • akleyakley plymouth, MAPosts: 17Member

    1. Camelot Herald

    2. Armor dyes

    3. FFA Server

    4. Cross faction talk (gotta be able to talk trash after a kill)

    5. NO mounts

  • N3ptuneN3ptune New York, NYPosts: 31Member Uncommon

    The main reason i loved DAoC was the Huge number of class race combos ,, non mirrored classes and just allow us playing to feel unique and important in our own way.

    My number one hope for CU is many different classes, couple types of rogues, couple types of tanks. depending on realm kind of deal.

    I loved DAoC rvr and the vastness to it.

    Maybe making some sort of Zerg grouping organizer, and help natural leaders start a raid easier.

    Large keeps, smaller keeps, towers , the works.

    Classes for solo players and not just rogue types. or maybe just a different spec set for each class if choosing to go solo route or grp route.


    Whatever is to come, i am super hyped, being a huge fan of DAOC and will always dub it  my fav mmorpg ever.

  • skyexileskyexile MelbournePosts: 692Member Common

    Oh yea i forgot, top of my list, OFFICIAL FORUMS.

    shitted me to no end not having official forums, also not the over moderated type, i want my enemy to know what i really think of them.

    TRF - GM - GW2, PS2, WAR, AION, Rift, WoW, WOT....etc...
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  • CluckingChickenCluckingChicken Calgary, ABPosts: 54Member
    Originally posted by skyexile
    Oh yea i forgot, top of my list, OFFICIAL FORUMS. shitted me to no end not having official forums, also not the over moderated type, i want my enemy to know what i really think of them.


    Mark has already mentioned there will be a forum that kickstarter backers will have access to, so that sounds like the start of an official forum to me.

  • MarkJacobsMarkJacobs CEO City State Entertainment Fairfax, VAPosts: 595Member Rare
    Please keep it going guys, doing great, Other than a small detour, lots of good feedback here, really appreciate it.

    Mark Jacobs
    CEO, City State Entertainment

  • stormtidestormtide Granville, OHPosts: 7Member

    1) Non-mirrored classes for each faction is a must, it really sets the factions appart.  DAOC had it perfect in this aspect and helped build realm pride beacuse it set you apeart from the other factions.  No one asked to get rid of the trinity.  Classes should rely on eachother, a group of 6 minstrels, a friar and a wizard should fail hard.. Very hard vs a well balanced group.

    1a) Each race for each faction should have different base stats.  A massive troll should have more hit points and strength than a kobold (tiny cave dweller).  But the kobold should have more base dex and quickness than the troll.  This would set a troll and kobold warrior apart.  The troll might hit harder but the kobold will block attacks more often with his high dex.

    1b) Not every race should have access to every class.  A Firbolg  (half-giant) nightshade (sneaky stabby class) does not make sence.


    2) No mounts, give a class or two a group speed buff.


    3) Longer duration CC; however add in counter measures for this through class abilities or realm abilites ect.


    4) Hard caps on stats and the ability to template your armor / gear through crafting.  I would suggest not allowing the ability to cap every stat, this would force you to pick stats you want to cap to really customize your character.  An example would be maybe your warrior is more of a tank that would cap his constitution (hit points) vs a warrior that would choose to cap his strength for more damage.


    5) High learning curve.  I remember the first time I saw a lvl 50 infiltrator in DAOC... You knew this guy was legit because he had to solo his way to the top haha.  Being at cap lvl in DAOC meant something, now it seems the "hardcore" mmo'ers of today hit cap in less than a week after a games release. 

    5a) Death penelty of some significance that makes you really learn to play your character.  I loved the analogy of a six year old soccer match haha.

    5b) Plus with the high amount of time it would take to get to cap lvl, you would build strong relationships with the people who were around your lvl becaue you were with them all the time.  This also helped build a strong sence of realm pride.


    6) Ream Abilities added another layer of depth to your characters customization.  This would add the option for players to reduce CC times if they choose, or maybe they would want to add extra crit chance ect, more customization is always good.


    7) No cross faction chat.  To add to that, it was really cool to see an ememy "Highlander Dragonknight".  Highlander being his race and Dragonknight being his realm rank signifying his badassness.. Or lack there of if you were a low realm rank.


    8) Different armor and weapon strengths / weaknesses.  Plate armor would be weak vs crushing damage but stong vs slash or thrust damge.  Or chainmail armor would be strong vs slash damage but weak vs thrust damage.  I loved this aspect of DAOC it made you choose what weapon type you wanted to spec in.  Do I spec my infiltrator (rogue light armor wearing class) to use slash damage to be strong vs the other factions rogue classes, or do I spec him in thrust damage to be strong vs enemy tank classes but weaker vs enemy faction rogue classes.

    8a) Each faction should not have the exact same armor / weapon types.  


    9)  One faction per server.


    10)  Zero instanced PvP,  just good old fashion RvR nothing further is needed here.   I could go on forever with personal stories of epic keep fights.  I just loved that feeling of being out numbered (GASP! I know a non instanced area where not everything is equal and fair!!!!) inside a keep with the enemy outside pounding  the gates and that inevitable feeling of impeding doom creeps up.  Just before the enemy makes their final push, reinforcements make it to your aid just in time!  And shortly there after, the third faction comes out of no where and wipes the remaining members of your faction up and takes the keep for themselves.

    10a) That feeling of not being safe anywhere.. And I mean anywhere...


    11) Interruptible casting for casters AND archer classes. No more run and gun, if I want to play an FPS I will play BF3 or PS2.  I still contend that early DAOC had the best archer classes.  You really felt like a sniper coming out of steath and poping a poor unsuspecting caster with a huge crit shot and one shotting him if his bubble was down.

    11a) This opens the doors for more tactics on the battlefield.  If your casters and healers are being attacked, it was up to your tanks to peel the enemy off of them or you would not be getting heals.  Because its hard to imagine a cleric attempting to summon the healing power of the almighty whilst being smacked in the face by a rather large two handed hammer.


    12) Kill spam.  This was fantastic when you saw "that guy" who everyone feared name pop up in the combat window and you knew he was out and about.

  • krietos1krietos1 Newberg, ORPosts: 2Member

    1. No instanced queue based pvp, people will take the path of least resistance when it comes to progressing their characters even if it is less enjoyable.

    2. Combat that is slower and more tactical, relies more on proper battlefield positioning and awareness than twitch movement.

    3. Group speed buffs and no mounts.

    4. Something to keep me occupied when I am online at times when my friends are not and am waiting to find a group.

    5. Stealthing archers pretty please? I miss my scout.

    6. Limited or no knockback/pull abilities, the vast ammount of aoe knockback/pull abilities in warhammer was a bit much for my taste.

  • VeighnergVeighnerg San Antonio, TXPosts: 40Member
    Not sure if it has been said yet but the only thing I really do NOT want to see is a class which has the ability to be a primary buffbot. People shouldn't have to have 2 accounts to be viable in PvP. Buffs should be spread pretty evenly throughout the class to encourage team play with some overlap between them.

    TSW - Daemon Server
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  • Storm_FirebladeStorm_Fireblade FlensburgPosts: 156Member
    Originally posted by Veighnerg
    Not sure if it has been said yet but the only thing I really do NOT want to see is a class which has the ability to be a primary buffbot. People shouldn't have to have 2 accounts to be viable in PvP. Buffs should be spread pretty evenly throughout the class to encourage team play with some overlap between them.

    This! Im all in regarding roles like healer, tank, support etc but no class should be a buffbot only. It has never been anything than annoying seeing all those people with there /sticky-buffbots running around. Sure, the class-system should force us to play together, form groups and support each other. But it should never encourage someone to buy a second account simply to get his own buffbot, because of a class that is build around passive buffs with long duration.

    Camelot Unchained Fanpage

  • BobarianBobarian ft myers, FLPosts: 24Member

    The biggest MUST...Do Not Sell City State Entertainment to EA or anyone else.

  • audizmannaudizmann AalborgPosts: 24Member

    1. Realm abilities. A huge motivational factor and one of the best aspects of DAoC. Progress should be slow, and there should be a rich variety of abilities to choose from.


    2. This one probably doesn't need to be mentioned, but I hope that the (RvR) world will feel like three adjacent countries where players are (gradually) more protective of the inner areas, as opposed to a world with various different zones to RvR in, that have a feeling of being neutral ground. (That wasn't a very good explanation, but I hope it made sense). What I especially hope to see is a world with many unique landmarks (and please do not crowd these locations with aggressive mobs). Landmarks should be fun scenarios for fights, which could encourage players to defend/invade these landmarks for no particular reason other than realm pride.


    3. Unique classes in each realm. Also one of the best aspects of DAoC. Preferably there should be no mirror-classes.


    4. What I would like NOT to see is an excessive amount of buffs, rebuffing, and micromanagent (of potions or similar). If a powerful buff is generally available to players it quickly becomes the norm, regardless of how difficult or annoying the buff is to use. Please consider that because of the competitive nature of a game like this, players will suffer whatever it takes to gain a small advantage or simply be on par.

  • akleyakley plymouth, MAPosts: 17Member

    - Zone kill announcements

    -  /stick   /sprint

    - minimal CC

    - Realm Ranks

    - "This weeks victors" webpage

  • JalanterielJalanteriel KuchingPosts: 4Member Uncommon

    Big fan of DaoC. Plenty of good suggestions (most of which was in DaoC), here's my five. Though I've excluded ost of the current good DaoC suggestions:


    - Common crafting area. In the old DaoC days all the crafters had to go to only ONE spot to do their crafting. This became a fantastic hub for all crafters to go to and would be buyers to go in search of items. Sadly this changed over time with SI and then housing which killed that community of sorts. You might be able to expand this to dueling areas/training halls. Funnel people to the same places. That way the area wil always be filled with people who are able to interact with each other. If trainers, craft materials and crafting tools are readily available everywhere, then players would be spread all over the realm which would mean much less interaction. Make sure this doesn't change with future expansions too!

    - Penalty for sitting down - Not sure if this will be in CU, but in the old daoc days, you had to sit down to regain mana/endurance faster. If you were hit while sitting down, you received more damaged and rightly so. This should have never been taken out in DaoC. I found it silly how people would sit in the middle of a PvP area and not get hit for more for being a sitting duck. It was sad it was taken out because of whiners.

    - Solo viability - This has been mentioned a few times, but there should be a way for players to PvP without worrying about zergs. Mile gates was one aspect in DaoC Perhaps have an area/zone with penalties for numbers, eg. An area with large squares, if 4 players from the same factions are standing it in, they receive 50% more damage. If there is only one player at a square, they gain extra defence/offence. Rooms which lock when only 2 players of different factions are in and only opens when one dies. Bottlenecks in certain areas that does damage to people who pass through it based on the number of same faction players etc.

    - Crafting Customisation - Not enough information on crafting, but would like it be more involved. I.E. having to gather your own materials rather than buying straight from NPC. However, this would most likely mean killing mobs for certain drops, would that mean PvE? Again not enough info. Crafters should be able to customise their crafts. I.E naming items, have crafter's name on it, choosing skins for certain models. E.G. different skins for the same sword. It would have the same stats but just looks different.

    - Cosmetic changes - Not a big one, but would be good to have items you wear for stats and items you wear for looks (Similar to what they have in Lord of the Rings Online)

    - Weather affecting combat - This is just something that sounds cool Imagine if its raining, fire based attacks would do less damage, but electric attacks would have a bigger area effect/more damage but also do a bit of damage to the caster (as he/she would be wet too!) 


    Ok, well that's six rather than five...ops :P






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