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EA feels they are being robbed by Dead Space 3 players



  • spizzspizz BlackForrestPosts: 1,971Member Uncommon shop in a single player game ?  And people buy actually such 


    * we have digital download so many people dont own any dvd

    * DLC for single player...often already a part of the game anyway

    * cash shop for single player charging for the last tiny part of the full content in form of enchants/upgrades


    What comes next......donations so the most beautiful female characters show their boobs ?

                              ...... a fee for petrol so your vehicle ingame can move

                                     and for windscreen wipers due to dynamic weather ?

                              ...... instead of a full game you pay for each chapter/level ?


  • JimmyYOJimmyYO Columbus, OHPosts: 519Member Uncommon
    Stopped reading at EA
  • DamonVileDamonVile Vancouver, BCPosts: 4,818Member
    Why do people buy EA games ? The faster we put them out of business the sooner that marketshare can go to companies who don't consider you a baby to take candy from.
  • Dexter2010Dexter2010 Beverly Hills, CAPosts: 244Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by DamonVile
    Why do people buy EA games ? The faster we put them out of business the sooner that marketshare can go to companies who don't consider you a baby to take candy from.

    I fully agree! People buy from EA and actually get surprised by being screwed. Simply boycott them and there'll be no problems.

  • Cod_EyeCod_Eye jarrowPosts: 1,016Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by DamonVile
    Why do people buy EA games ? The faster we put them out of business the sooner that marketshare can go to companies who don't consider you a baby to take candy from.

    Its not people that are in touch with what developers and publishers are doing, ie the likes of you and me, its joe average who don't follow or are clued up on companies like EA that continue to buy from EA, your mates dad who likes to dabble in sport games, or little johnny who gets his game bought by his mum.

  • slygamer1979slygamer1979 sarasota, FLPosts: 95Member Uncommon

    I lost faith in EA after that ME3 ending mess and when i heard about the 10 or 11 pieces of DLC content for dead space 3 that should've been in the game like every other DLC that is locked on the disc this is just screwing the customers to make extra cash for whatever reason. i still find the online pass and season pass to be stupid but the season pass is more of an option then the online pass if you wanna play with your friends and its bs because ps3 has online access free but now almost every game you buy needs an online pass and this just all goes back to screwing the hell out of the customers. 

    and you can see this is just business which it is but i still believe its SCREWING THE CUSTOMER !.

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  • FallguyArmyFallguyArmy Davenport, FLPosts: 80Member
    Of all people, EA should be the last ones crying over "robbery"...
  • PopplePopple Utica, NYPosts: 181Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by FallguyArmy
    Of all people, EA should be the last ones crying over "robbery"...

    This...image... Anyone for a $25 Little pony...LOL

    I retired retroactively..Haha

  • spizzspizz BlackForrestPosts: 1,971Member Uncommon
    Actually, in single player games people could use "trainer" or "console cheats" to achieve what they sell with their ingame shop....ridiculous.
  • GhavriggGhavrigg Halifax, NSPosts: 1,156Member Uncommon

    What do people really need to pay for? I've been playing DS3 for about 5 days off and on, beat the game, still playing through some co-op and haven't beaten all the co-op only missions yet, and my RIG is fully upgraded, and I have a ton of resources now from using Scavenger Bots and just playing the game, and I have strong enough weapons that I don't need to really buy any of their pre-made ones with the resources, I am fully stocked up med and stasis packs, ammo, etc.

    But I guess it's probably more about people trying to beat it on Impossible that would drain people to the point they need to buy stuff.

  • tom_goretom_gore TamperePosts: 1,995Member Uncommon


    I think I can finally rest assured that the blockheads at EA have totally lost the last remains of their sanity by now.

    This corporate bucket of slime needs to burn. Stop giving them your money, idiots!

  • SeelinnikoiSeelinnikoi LONDONPosts: 1,040Member Uncommon

    Funny thing is, the paid beta testers KNEW about the exploit all along and kept quiet, because they are the first ones to cash in and take advantage when the games come out.


    They have been doing this for years in all games where there is an advantage to be taken of.

  • mmoguy43mmoguy43 In cyberspaaaaaacePosts: 2,764Member Uncommon
    Poor EA... they have to hire lawyers to back them up because all of the gaming world couldn't give a sh*t about them.
  • asmkm22asmkm22 Anchorage, AKPosts: 1,788Member
    I wish people would just stop buying EA games, so we can get back to a time when dev studios actually mattered, and weren't simply tools.

    You make me like charity

  • SouldrainerSouldrainer Elmer, NJPosts: 1,857Member
    Originally posted by MadnessRealm

    This image is pretty much spot on :

    I like this image.  Notice how the game on the left has 3 entirely unique pieces of content, the one in the middle is selling a $40 rehash as an "expansion", and the one on the far right is simply charging full price for an incomplete product and charging more on top for each piece to complete the puzzle. 

    The industry always finds ways to make more money, but this modern practice of selling an incomplete product has got to go!

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  • GreyhooffGreyhooff New York, NYPosts: 654Member

    I was going to buy Dead Space 3

    I read about this cash shop player exploitation and along with the ridiculous and insulting cash shop stunts in SWTOR, I decided:


    Not buying Dead Space 3. Not buying Crysis 3 either.

    It's fine, there's plenty of good games out there.

    I don't need EA products, I will survive just fine.

    Also I read the review of Dead Space 3, looks like the talentless uncreative EA suits destroyed everything good about that franchise anyway and turned it into COD in space.


  • birdycephonbirdycephon Salt Lake City, UTPosts: 1,314Member
    I love it how all these people thnk they own the game when they buy the disc. What they dont realize is the only thing they own is the plastic, and a licence to play EA's game. It just cracks me up.
  • HomituHomitu Hometown, HIPosts: 2,030Member Uncommon

    Cheats have always been a part of games.  Now because they offer built-in "cheats" that they make you pay for, they don't like it when players discover old fashioned glitches?   Poor babies. 

    Intentionally offering ways to pay real money for faster progression also directly undermines the game's intended progression path.  It essentially removes one of the game's core components, all the in the name of making more money.  A very slippery slope. 

  • KrelianKrelian GöteborgPosts: 384Member Uncommon

    Dear EA, go f*ck yourself :)

    PS; notice how I used the '' :) '' to show my friendly and non-malevolent intentions when I said that.

  • poliboypoliboy oakland park, FLPosts: 39Member

    I am Glad EA is getting screw. We as consumer have to pay a retail value and they want us to spend more money on in game items?.

    They alreardy Milk us with the DLC content, usually by 356 days you have paid over $50.00 in DLC's if you want to continue the story line.

    We the consumer are to blame for this. we have accepted this system and on top of that we are going to let them add another Cash milking system, this is like playing a Free to Play game with Pay to win Items.

    If we let them continue doing this Cash models we will end up paying over $120 per game a year or way more.


    Think about it.


    1- Retail Value = $39.99 $59.99 for PC.

    2- DLCs = $50.00 in a year round or more.

    3- New weapons and items within the 1st 6 months = $40.00 <--- example.

    That's $120-$150 for One title.




    Sorry for Bad english.


  • SouldrainerSouldrainer Elmer, NJPosts: 1,857Member


    According to EA, this was intentional, but according to EA's lawyer, they are being robbed?  What in the actual fuck?!  Like, these statements completely conflict with each other!

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  • slygamer1979slygamer1979 sarasota, FLPosts: 95Member Uncommon

    I haven't played any recent EA games however i did buy and play Mass Effect 3 and well that's why i haven't bought any more EA games :-P you guys remembem ME3 right ? you know the one that had 3 bad endings and then had like 3-4 more added to it and they all still sucked and the day 1 DLC that was locked on the disc that you paid for ? oh and how about the online pass which no game should really need since ps3 is free online. 

    oh and how about what they did to Dragon Age 2 ? remember that gem ? 


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  • rogue187rogue187 waterford, MIPosts: 151Member
    who cares what a billion dollar faceless corporation feels....
  • PyrateLVPyrateLV Las Vegas, NVPosts: 1,096Member Common

    EA feels robbed.

    EA....feels robbed

    EA feels..... ROBBED

    Oh the irony

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  • rogue187rogue187 waterford, MIPosts: 151Member
    doin pretty well for being robbed aren't they?... i think WE were robbed
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