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WildStar: MMOFTW Live - Ep 10 - Gaffney Talks Crafting

SBFordSBFord Associate Editor - News ManagerThe CitadelPosts: 22,963MMORPG.COM Staff Epic

MMOFTW Live this week plays host to Jeremy Gaffney, Executive Produce of Wildstar. The Gaffer talks the week that was in MMOs, gives his opinions on the genre's future and troubles, and spends a copious amount of time delving into some serious details about his upcoming game from Carbine Studios: Wildstar.

Check it out on our MMOFTW Live page.



  • DashiDMVDashiDMV Not Saying, QCPosts: 362Member
    I remember when he came on a Wildstar thread and said he was going to be on reguarly giving updates and what not. He got asked about NCSoft and never returned.
  • Xstatic912Xstatic912 New York, NYPosts: 365Member
    @ DashiDMV

    Roflol.. Why do people hate ncsoft so much?
  • DashiDMVDashiDMV Not Saying, QCPosts: 362Member
    Pretty much because they killed City of Heroes and won't sell it off to someone else to run. That's the long and short of it coupled with people still upset about the other games they closed.
  • nothng2losenothng2lose yadkinville, NCPosts: 1Member

    @DashiDMV ;

    Actually they tried selling it off, no one will buy it. that is what it pretty much what it boils down to,

    and no one in the world will support anything that is losing them money no one really played/payed enough to keep the game going. everytime i was on the game 100 people would just be logged on sitting still doing nothing, but i do hope this game is diffrent than most of ncsofts games Aion was terrible IMO along with pretty much all there games i have guild wars 2 but never play. but this game so far what i have seen looks more promisng 

  • NameWasTakenNameWasTaken Where Osama isPosts: 132Member
    Originally posted by DashiDMV
    He got asked about NCSoft and never returned.

    That should tell you something.

    NCSoft is now spoken in the same company as Activision, EA and Cancer.

  • Beatnik59Beatnik59 Chicago, ILPosts: 2,377Member Uncommon

    I've never had a game on this site that made me be afraid of buying it for two different reasons.  I'm afraid that I might hate the game so much, that I'll regret ever playing it.  But that's actually the lesser of the two fears.

    The greater fear is that I'll like the game so much, that I'll play the heck out of it.  And then, the game will close in a year, making me regret ever playing it.

    It's one thing to be afraid that the game isn't too good.  It's another thing to be afraid when the game is good, and it'll get taken away.

    "Its sad when people use religion to feel superior, its even worse to see people using a video game to do it."

    "...when it comes to pimping EVE I have little restraints."
    --Hellmar, CEO of CCP.

    "It's like they took a gun, put it to their nugget sack and pulled the trigger over and over again, each time telling us how great it was that they were shooting themselves in the balls."
    --Exar_Kun on SWG's NGE

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