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Horrible Customer Service and no willing to play this game any more



  • Scott102215Scott102215 Sunman, INPosts: 4Member
    I could not agree more. I had no idea about the poor customer service until I experiences it myself. I saw several posts about hacked account, which is interesting since I received an email from support that their accounts could not be hacked. Which is what happened to my son's account in my opinion. He was getting harrassed from a gamer and when he reported it they banned him claiming he gave out information. That being said they can ban whomever they want, it is their organization. I enjoyed the game but their customer service will cost them revenue, It already cost them any future revenue from me. I am not sure exactly what is going on over there but whatever I don't want to be a part of it. Cool game..poor customer service, enough to drive customers away.
  • swiftxd97swiftxd97 londonPosts: 4Member

    I don't think that it is actually Wizard 101's fault about the hacking because unless this  hack to your son happened last year when security and service was at thier worse cause of all the hacking that was going on then its not really thier fault of even kingsisles fault cause you should also bare in mind that alot of adults play this and this game give them a chance to relax and release thier inner child and their childhood competitiveness which them being adult now takes that competitiveness on a whole new level which means they get annoyed easily and they tend to forget that they may be speaking to children Furthermore i have tried to hack the game in a number of ways and it seems impossible to the regular gamer which  has brought me to the conclusion that theses hackers who hack for crowns membership and hack other peoples accounts (Like your son ate proffesional hackers and no what they are doing and they have a tendancy to show off and also they no how to hack in and out of they dateabase without getting caught so then when your son reports them it looks like he is trying to get someone as they check thier dateabase and the nessasary checks but it may not show what the hacker is saying to your son as they are speaking to your son via hacking which may not be picked up by thier scans and dateabase.


    (I am truly sorry for what has happened to your child and hope that this hackers stupidity has not turned you away from wizard 101 permenantly)

  • ideainsanity12ideainsanity12 Land O'' Lakes, FLPosts: 6Member

    I blame both the parent and child. Let's start with parent:




    Parent: I don't know how in the name that a parent doesn't understand that wasting money on crowns doesn't count as a bug or error. It'd be a bug if you didn't get what you wanted from spending a virtual currency on a virtual item. Plus why didn't the parent use a Master Account to monitor purchases. And who lets a child astray on gamble chests without telling them that it's wrong to gamble and should avoid Second Chance chests. I'm proud they didn't add Wishing Wells to Wizard101 because of gamble. It's not the company's fault that they lost money because they let a child gamble over an item. Use a gamble chest at your own risk! It's not Kingisle's fault. They know gamble is wrong and the family should be learning not to gamble on virtual items. It teaches them not to go to casinos to gamble, not to use lotto tickets often or scratch tickets. The family didn't learn enough about this lesson and child safety thus losing thousands of dollars by a virtual item.



    Child: They should learn to not spend most of virtual currency on items and just zones needed to be set for awhile. They should also ask parent's permission before spending any virtual currency that costs real money on a virtual item. It lets the parent easily monitor what the child is really doing with Crowns.



    My advice:

    Spend 5000 crowns for child (10 dollars) > Have child buy all of Wizard City and Oasis, Altar of Kings, Royal Hall (915 for all 3 of them) (4665 crowns consumed) > Buy Family Membership ( save almost 30% from reg. membership for 1 child ea.) > When membership expires, you still can have some fun by alting and play some of the game > Still have 335 crowns for Arena > Golden.



    That's all.

    ~Been Gaming since I was born~

  • Regular_m4nRegular_m4n Sterling Heights, MIPosts: 4Member
    Im sorry to hear about that. I am a crown buyer for this game and yes I have bought many card packs. I have to say its fun to see what you get but I also get alot of the same stuff. I also get alot of cool stuff. No offense but the customer service is right. Your son bought that stuff fair and square.Its just part of the game. I do think the customer service could have been nicer about it.Sorry to say but your son chose to buy the card packs. Sorry.
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