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Legacy Of Kain Nosgoth MMO

NogondNogond TrelleborgMember Posts: 5





Me and few others looking to recruit people for designing a mmorpg based on the Legacy of Kain series created by Eidos. Yes, we realize the game company owns all rights to this original IP and we know the risks involved are valid and plausible. This a derivative work, a "fan" game, and is NOT a copy of the series moved to another format. The original story of the Legacy of Kain simply serves as a backdrop for the game.

No programming experience is necessary to join only the will to see it through and full knowledge of the story would help. We are simply designing the game at this point, not creating it, i.e. digitalizing it into a playable game. Yes, there is a difference between these two aspects of development, though hard to see as each is interchanged quite a bit.

Now, I realize all of you will have your opinions and every right to them. However, if you wish to give advice or criticize this attempt, please let it be constructive and not dismal predictions. We are simply fans here who decided to go with an idea, a vision, that's it.

Again keep in mind we are only designing not creating the game right now. If you wish to join your more than welcome, if not, that understandable given the risks involved.



  • SkuzSkuz WorcesterMember Posts: 1,014 Uncommon

    April 1st is a way off yet.

  • TerranahTerranah Stockton, CAMember Posts: 3,574 Uncommon

    What 'risks' are involved.  It sounds like you are just brainstorming.

  • NogondNogond TrelleborgMember Posts: 5



    They could sue us if they wanted.

  • KostKost Vancouver, BCMember Posts: 1,975 Common

    I would highly recommend against attempting such a project.

    Are you familiar with the Shadowrun IP?

    Originally a pen and paper roleplaying game, it also had a few various video games produced using the IP over the years. One for the SNES, one for the Sega Genesis and eventually Microsoft published a PC version of the game that was a FPS instead of a RPG like the previous games.

    Well,  a group of independent developers tried to do the exact same thing with the Shadowrun IP that you want to do with the Legacy of Kain IP. Base an MMORPG off of it in the hope that the IP holders would eventually use those assets to produce a game for the public.

    The results?

    The developers themselves were extremely successful and the project was making progress in leaps an bounds. This went on for a few years with no problems, and the project was nearing a playable state.

    Then Microsoft (who own the rights to publish software titles using the Shadowrun IP) found out about the project and issued a cease and desist order to the developers running the project. They forced them to turn over all assets related to the IP that had been developed, and then closed the project down.

    I personally wouldn't want to waste years of my life, to have my hard work stripped away because I didn't own the rights to use the material in question. But thats just me.

  • NogondNogond TrelleborgMember Posts: 5



    I have heard about the project. All we can do is hope that they don't force us like that. But know that if you don't want to join you don't have to.

  • UmbralUmbral -Member Posts: 1,051


    Legacy of Kain is one of the best game series ever created lore and story wise.

    But I would not recommend a project like this.

    Use Legacy of Kain as inspiration for something unique, it would be better for you and everyone related to this project for legal and creative reasons.



  • NogondNogond TrelleborgMember Posts: 5



    We thought about that for a very long time, but we decided that we wanted to try this project out. If we don't succed with this we will maybe do as you said.

  • Corpse-CoreCorpse-Core Anchorage, AKMember Posts: 86


  • UmbralUmbral -Member Posts: 1,051
    Originally posted by Nogond


    We thought about that for a very long time, but we decided that we wanted to try this project out. If we don't succed with this we will maybe do as you said.


    Amy Henning is now writting for the Uncharted series so we will probably never see more Legacy of Kain games comming from Eidos.

    It is an interesting project but I think if something goes wrong you should go on and try something inspired by LoK, good luck.


  • NogondNogond TrelleborgMember Posts: 5



    Thank you

  • VoajusVoajus Clifton, NJMember Posts: 1

    Are you still working on this project?


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