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Wizard101: Pack-a-Palooza Dragon Pack Contest!



  • andrewdeathhandandrewdeathhand Phoenix, AZMember Posts: 1
    The Spiritual Dragon because it's the only pet i have <3
  • kyle9898873224091kyle9898873224091 modesto, CAMember Posts: 1

    My favorite pet is my sea dragon because it gives me health and resist. :)


  • sal67548sal67548 Rochester, MNMember Posts: 1
    My favorite pet is my Nightmare Midnight because I really love the design and I like that she has the unicorn spell :)
  • coleldbttrcoleldbttr COOKEVILLE, TNMember Posts: 1
     My favorite is my speckter/ghost! 
  • JakeDaSnakeJakeDaSnake AucklandMember Posts: 1
    Fav pet easily blaze beast, vigilant dragon and ghost dragons as they are the ones I hope to WIN!!!!!!
  • Im_DeruIm_Deru welligtonMember Posts: 1
    MY Fav Pet Is The Gnome
  • SoulfulMoonSoulfulMoon Elmira, NYMember Posts: 1
    My favorite pet in the Ninja Pig
  • ladysilverfrogladysilverfrog Elmira, NYMember Posts: 1
    would have to be my forest lord.
  • saintinelsaintinel Reno, NVMember Posts: 1
    Sea Dragon
  • orbitcloudsorbitclouds Portland, ARMember Posts: 1
    My favorite pet is my Gargoyle!!!
  • rickydarkshadowrickydarkshadow elk, WAMember Posts: 3
    brave hound
  • EsmeeFrostHeartEsmeeFrostHeart Ranger, WVMember Posts: 1
    My favorite pet is the Buddy Dragon.   You can change the colors of the Buddy, he has spritely, and he is a quick racer for the pet races. <3
  • rickydarkshadowrickydarkshadow elk, WAMember Posts: 3
    Brave hound
  • rickydarkshadowrickydarkshadow elk, WAMember Posts: 3
    Brave hound
  • xpowderxxpowderx Radcliff, KYMember Posts: 2,051 Uncommon
    Mss Piggy, my first pet as a flying pig :-D
  • JasmineMistswordJasmineMistsword Fort Myers, FLMember Posts: 2
    Jellyfish :D he is cute and is always there for me when i need. him.
  • growlerdrgrowlerdr bear, DEMember Posts: 1
    My favorite pet is the deer pet. awesome spell for the lowly death wizard!
  • chrisangel18chrisangel18 union city, NJMember Posts: 1
    Originally posted by MikeB has partnered with KingsIsle Entertainment to bring you the Wizard101 Pack-a-Palooza Dragon Pack Contest! Fifteen lucky winners will receive a key code granting them the following: 3 Permanent Epic Dragon Mounts (Bone Dragon, Cloud Wyvern, Skyvern) 3 Epic Dragon pets (Ghost Dragon, Vigilant Dragon, Blaze Beast) 10,000 Crowns! If that sounds like an awesome prize pack to you, you'll be glad to know that entering for your chance to receive one is actually pretty simple! All you need to do is tell us what your favorite Wizard101 pet is in the comments below and we'll select fifteen entries at random as our winners.   Entries will be accepted between now and Monday, February 11. We'll announce our winners on Tuesday, February 12.  Please only submit a single entry; duplicate entries will be disqualified.   Learn more about the Wizard101 Pack-a-Palooza.   UPDATE: If you're having issues posting into the comments, click here.   image




  • cowdy09cowdy09 Freetown, INMember Posts: 2
    My favorite pet is the Nightwalker.
  • tat_i_anatat_i_ana 625 Oneawa StreetMember Posts: 2
    my  favorite pet is my cloudbeast CLEO
  • ShadowAngel3710ShadowAngel3710 Brooklyn, NYMember Posts: 1
    Buddy Dragon for sure cause you can dye it to match any outfit
  • grimtexgrimtex davenport, IAMember Posts: 1
    I like my Hotzilla ;)
  • aniliaaaniliaa PhibsboroMember Posts: 2
    imageI would like a storm hound as my pet.
  • ginsburgj17ginsburgj17 maitland, FLMember Posts: 1
    Gotta be the Sea Dragon. Back before the spritely talent even existed there was this amazing pet with  all of its bonuses reasonable for anyone.  my trusted bruno is one of these and he gives great bonuses so you ownt have to hatch like crazy. its one of the finest pets ever made. also it looks like its a crazy walrus without teeth but i find it funny.
  • gayhotygayhoty sydneyMember Posts: 1
    My pet has to be snake in a basket i love it :P
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