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BrodeyBishopBrodeyBishop Saint Cloud, FLPosts: 2Member

A next generation MMO needs a next generation guild. Seeing that Trion was named to develope the game for the NA, EU, and Australia I went ahead and purchased a web spot and a vent server, both to be upgraded as needed.

I have been gaming since before WoW and have seen the strengths and glaring weaknesses of a few guilds in several games.

Since I havn't seen a guild yet that had everything I was looking for, I decided to outline one; and I want a lot. I hope you do too :).

LIke anything worth having, It takes work; and if you want smething done right do it yourself. So what are you waiting for come help me build it from the ground up.



  • KumaponKumapon Posts: 895Member Uncommon

    Very cool website you got going there, and I liked the background music. Good luck on making a successful guild !

  • BrodeyBishopBrodeyBishop Saint Cloud, FLPosts: 2Member
    Originally posted by Kumapon
    Very cool website you got going there, and I liked the background music. Good luck on making a successful guild !

    Thank-you for the feedback. :).  I anticipate a pause, which its a good thing to evaluate a decision, followed by a ...hmmm thats actually a very good idea...lets jump in.

    Plenty of time, and I know there are plenty of great peeps out there that have there own group of friends, who don't want to let go of their identity, but also want to accomplish more and be part of something bigger.

    II am kinda waiting for the avalanche to start, and then stress we don't want to be just better, but best :).


  • AilingforaleAilingforale Bellevue, WAPosts: 87Member
    This actually does sound interesting, I will honestly concider this... and drag my friend in with me.
  • SaintWalker44SaintWalker44 Odym, CAPosts: 80Member Uncommon

    Good luck to you and your guild!


    Hopefully MMORPG puts up a guild recruiting area for posting soon....................

    All Will Be Well.....

  • robgyorgyrobgyorgy wheeling, ILPosts: 105Member

    Well this sounds very interesting to me, however this game is far from ready and we dont know when its due just yet.

    i have had bad luck with new games lately i can never get into them.

    i owuld be interested in the guild you are making but first i wanna see how the game is gonna turn out during open betas before i decide anything.

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