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Great IP, Terrible MMO?

Shoko_LiedShoko_Lied -, WAPosts: 2,170Member Uncommon

I love the Elder Scrolls games. However, after following this a bit I have my doubts. The cinematic trailer could be renamed "WoW 2" and it would fly. That's how cliche of a generic looking trailer it is. Then there's the gameplay trailer, and while the graphics were pretty, I saw little room for innovation past what other mmo's have offered.

I'm getting a feeling that the hype for this game is similar to the hype for SWTOR. Many were in love with it through development because of the IP, and after it released the hype fell apart as people realized that although 'fun', it was still your cookie cutter mmo.

Perhaps the best feature I see this game having is the combat system, that is inspired by the single player games it comes from. Although imo, I never thought the Elder Scrolls combat mechanics were all that great to begin with. They were still acceptable however. By far my favorite part of the games were the exploration.

Now i'll admit, there's too little information to go by to make a truly informed decision about this. However, i've noticed many of the same trends for this mmo's information releases and the hype it garners that I have seen with other mmo's that were sure to 'succeed'. Now a lot of those mmo's are on a cheap free to play model.

Anyways, I think many of us have been tricked by an IP before. When the IP is so amazing, it's easier to forget that it's not immune to failure. I'll remain cautiously skeptical until further information is released that could convince me otherwise. Other than that, I've seen none worth getting hyped for yet. Actually, my disappointment for what I've seen is why I am here. Before any of you say it I will say, 'I want this to be my cup of tea, I really do'.

Lastly, I hate to say it. But while subjective to myself. I've been right about how most mmo's would be received after release for the last few years. I'm not a prophet, I just follow trends very closely.


  • MyTabbycatMyTabbycat SP, MOPosts: 316Member Uncommon
    Actually, it seems a lot of people are quite reserved about ESO. The reason why, of course, is because they've recently been burned by SWToR and, to a lesser extent, GW2. So people aren't all that willing to be positive or optimistic about ESO. While there is hype out there, it seems to be swept under the rug by the naysayers.
  • aesperusaesperus Hamshire, NVPosts: 5,135Member Uncommon

    As per usual, the 'hype' exists on an individual basis. Whether or not a game lives up to that hype, has more to do with ones own ability to manage their own expectations.

    For me, personally, I'm reserved about the game. There's some general ideas the game is promising that I like, but there are far too many details I just don't know to be able to tell for sure. Hell, beta hasn't even started yet, it's a bit too early to be making these kinds of threads.

  • VhalnVhaln Chicago, ILPosts: 3,159Member
    Hype is always unreasonable.  They show us cool looking snippets, of course they want us to be impressed, but we can't see the greater context that makes or breaks a game, until it comes out.

    When I want a single-player story, I'll play a single-player game. When I play an MMO, I want a massively multiplayer world.

  • BurntvetBurntvet Posts: 3,441Member Rare
    Personally, I do not expect much from a company that says "That's too hard...".
  • HetzauHetzau shallotte, NCPosts: 4Member

    I do agree with you that people need to reserve themselves to games still in development. What makes me laugh and cringe at the same time though is the reference to WoW. You reference to wow makes me think you lack depth or haven't tracked the development as well as you think.


    The cinematic, if anything, screams the opposite of WoW. No orcs, no eccletic mounts, no lava. The trailer could not even be passed off as an expansion to wow. Now if you were a little more cultured in the MMO world you would have said "it could be renamed DAoC 2 and pass". It just sad to see fan boys compare everything to WoW. Just because it has a good "business model" does not make it a game. If anything WoW these days is a patch-work doll of the best content from rival games. Every new expansion comes with content it rips from other games. 

  • delete5230delete5230 Posts: 3,654Member Rare

    The Mega server floored me.  This idea just takes every ounce of energy for me to research deeper.  I guess you could say I play mmos for community.  Many people can't put there finger on as to why mmos don't keep their attention for very long, thirty days, sixty days then they move on.  I can, I like to log in daily and play with the same people, good and bad.

    For me and I would say many, a rolling dice server would cause many to give up after they figure out all its features.  Game play videos ?....I have not seen any however I would guess that the game is nice looking.  but then again so arnt many single player games.

  • FromHellFromHell NY, NYPosts: 1,311Member
    What hype? People talking about an upcoming MMO means hype?

    Secrets of Dragon?s Spine Trailer.. ! :D

    Best MMOs ever played: Ultima, EvE, SW Galaxies, Age of Conan, The Secret World

    The Return of ELITE !

  • koljanekoljane BelgradePosts: 164Member Uncommon

    I belive that producers should avoid hype about their game as much as they can. 

    In last 2 years we saw how hype is destroing the games even before they go live. 

    Too much expectations, too much criticism, developers under preasure even more and in this process some side usually get burned and game is on the bad treck almost from the start.

    As for the Elder Scroll Online, look at this now it is a circus. We already know the bone structure of the game, the philosophy, classes, combat, we have in game trailers.... general population already know too much of a game that is not even in BETA Phase and there are prisses and stones already pulling from all sides that can more ruin than make game more popular or drive off ppl from buying/playing it.

    Then, when BETA goes live we ll have all sort of players getting access to it. From a hard core fantasy player that play games from Commodore 64 times to a rich kid with an IQ of a turnip that want something new and he want`s it NOW !!!!.

    Some things need to go back to the beggining. 

    Limited but racional informations about the game and the progress, BETA Access that will have serious test to fill with all question answered so you can be considered as a BETA Tester. At the end you can implement money making BETA test one month before games go live.




  • AstraeisAstraeis AmsterdamPosts: 362Member Uncommon

    Hype is by definition unreasonable.

    Whether this will be a good or an average mmo remains to be seen.

    It takes one to know one.

  • SiveriaSiveria Saint John, New BrunswickPosts: 1,234Member Uncommon

    Well, if they keep thats said in this video, the game sounds like it might be very promising especally since it has daoc style faction vs faction pvp endgame along side the normal raids and crap, lets just hope they don't screw it up by adding seperate pvp gear and ruining the game by splitting the 2 types up like so many mmo's make the error of doing.

    Lets just say I couldn't give 2 shits about ESO and figured it'd just be another boring biliant wow clone, then i seen this vid, now i want this game bad assuming they keep doing what they seem to be doing with it. Only 2 things I hate about the game is the stupid sounding plotline (your soul is stolen and your trying to recover it.. how are they still alive without their soul? especally when you know ES lore) Though I guess its not as stupid as skyrim was. The other thing I dislike is how factions are locked to certan races, I'd much rather it be you pick your race, then choose a faction to belong to, and after that, your locked to that faction till you delete all chars (ala daoc). I honestly see no reason why it can't be the way I mentioned with choosing race, then choosing faction. But meh, I'd probally just be a human anyway but I wish they were paired up with something other than stupid looking orc's.

    Anyway here is the vid.. check it out:

    Being a pessimist is a win-win pattern of thinking. If you're a pessimist (I'll admit that I am!) you're either:

    A. Proven right (if something bad happens)


    B. Pleasantly surprised (if something good happens)

    Either way, you can't lose! Try it out sometime!

  • VyrianVyrian VughtPosts: 7Member Uncommon

    I read a lot of "I love TES, I hope they can make the MMO it deserves." that doesn't really sound like hype to me. When TESO was just announced, not even that, just negative comments.

    I was expecting a WoW2. But after seeing this I'm actually quite interested in the game, interactable objects (the way you can move/use most objects in TES) is something I didn't expect to be possible in an MMO.

    From what I've read so far, I really don't see a lot of hype. Quite the opposite.


  • fs23otmfs23otm Posts: 457Member Uncommon

    Hype is relative. 

    I am very interested in ESO. I love the TES lore. I am not "single minded" in my approach to MMO's. That means I don't care if it is sandbox or themepark, I just want to have a fun, engaging experience. So I am open for new experiences. I also do not  berate games that I have not played. 

    So like I said, looking forward to ESO.

  • sacredfoolsacredfool Posts: 829Member Uncommon
    It's a good IP, and most probably will be decent MMO. However, still "only" an MMO. My bet is it'll be quite generic - so even if it is a good game it won't get good reviews here. 

    Originally posted by nethaniah Seriously Farmville? Yeah I think it's great. In a World where half our population is dying of hunger the more fortunate half is spending their time harvesting food that doesn't exist.
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