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Poll: Which format have you spent the most money on?



  • AeliousAelious OregonPosts: 3,379Member Uncommon
    Definitely P2P but I have also spent money on SoE cards to play those games free while unlocking specifics.

    In a perfect world we would cross reference this poll with how long each person played a game between F2P and P2P. Of course people would rather pay nothing, or less than across the fence, but how much did it mean? ATM I'm paying a sub though I have the store credits to play multiple F2P games.

    I don't think P2P is going anywhere even if it's combined with a cash shop for F2P players (SoE). You're already seeing survival tactics by recent F2P conversions such as Aion. Nothing in the MMO sphere worth value is truly F2P and I think more changes will be made to F2P titles to balance the gap between free and operable.
  • Cephus404Cephus404 Redlands, CAPosts: 3,675Member Common
    I haven't spent a penny on an MMO in years, but if I were going to spend any, it would be on subscriptions.  I will not ever spend a penny in a cash shop in any MMO, period.  I don't care if it's F2P or P2P or B2P, I would never do it under any circumstances. 

    Played: UO, EQ, WoW, DDO, SWG, AO, CoH, EvE, TR, AoC, GW, GA, Aion, Allods, lots more
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