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Wizard101: Pack-a-Palooza Dragon Pack Contest!



  • mememehidemememehide cupertino, CAPosts: 1Member
    the original dragon
  • icewizardicewizard Stayton, ORPosts: 7Member
  • foolerroundfoolerround Odessa, FLPosts: 1Member
    my favorite pet is my nightmare best pet in game lol
  • welovewizard101welovewizard101 new york, ILPosts: 1Member
    Sea Dragon
  • pzchoboypzchoboy Mocksville, NCPosts: 1Member
    My favorite pet is my Earth Walker!
  • icewizardicewizard Stayton, ORPosts: 7Member
    ram warrior
  • erty1260erty1260 Indianapolis, INPosts: 1Member
    My favorite pet is the dragon!
  • flushmabflushmab lutz, SCPosts: 1Member
    My favorite pet is the goat monk
  • Fall3nAng3lFall3nAng3l Fort Myers, FLPosts: 1Member
    Hollow Knight
  • icewizardicewizard Stayton, ORPosts: 7Member
    ram warrior
  • bradcollins1328bradcollins1328 Noxapater, MSPosts: 1Member
    The white rat magician.
  • Ort3ga22Ort3ga22 calhoun, GAPosts: 1Member

    I Have some favorite pets they are truely a wizard's best friend, But my favorit of all pets is the : wayward minstrel, usually you don't hear a guy say this but it is adorable and is the coolest pet in all of the spiral. :D I dont need to win this i just wanted to show you people how awesome it is. It also saves me in battles mostly pagoda peace out wizard 101

  • mattayyomattayyo Olathe, KSPosts: 1Member
    Frost Cat- hello who doesn't want a balance blade!!!
  • KellendraysiaKellendraysia Grand Rapids, MIPosts: 1Member

    This is a really hard one to pick just one pet. I would have to go with the Shenlong they are an amazing design with fantastic animation. I can't wait to see what all talents this one will develop as I train him.



  • madqpzm123madqpzm123 Winnetka, CAPosts: 1Member
    Brave Hound
  • icewizardicewizard Stayton, ORPosts: 7Member
    ram warrior
  • FrotoFroto Auburn, NYPosts: 3Member
    Sea dragon
  • lifeaneudyslifeaneudys Bronx, NYPosts: 1Member
    My favorite pet is the wolfhound because it has been my companion since the day it was released.GO PEBBLES!
  • Sparksparky2Sparksparky2 Mokena, ILPosts: 3Member
    Hydra! :D
  • catshine2001catshine2001 Houston, TXPosts: 2Member
    My favorite pet would have to be the first pet I ever got which was my Vigilant Dragon named Princess Sydney.
  • krynarkrynar Alexandria, VAPosts: 1Member Uncommon
  • wizardsruleswizardsrules Seaside, CAPosts: 1Member

    Man it took a looooong time to scroll way down here, i saw a lot of good pets but my favorite woul be my blaze he is cute and has wings also gives me health when he is a teen and adult and so on..... but ya blaze beast ismy favorite pet XD ilove wizard101.

  • archie999archie999 Clifton SpringsPosts: 1Member

    My favourite pet is my 'Gargoyle' ... like life, it's necessary to take the good with the bad!

  • virgoskittyvirgoskitty 7 Ahornweg WayPosts: 2Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by MikeB has partnered with KingsIsle Entertainment to bring you the Wizard101 Pack-a-Palooza Dragon Pack Contest! Fifteen lucky winners will receive a key code granting them the following: 3 Permanent Epic Dragon Mounts (Bone Dragon, Cloud Wyvern, Skyvern) 3 Epic Dragon pets (Ghost Dragon, Vigilant Dragon, Blaze Beast) 10,000 Crowns! If that sounds like an awesome prize pack to you, you'll be glad to know that entering for your chance to receive one is actually pretty simple! All you need to do is tell us what your favorite Wizard101 pet is in the comments below and we'll select fifteen entries at random as our winners.   Entries will be accepted between now and Monday, February 11. We'll announce our winners on Tuesday, February 12.  Please only submit a single entry; duplicate entries will be disqualified.   Learn more about the Wizard101 Pack-a-Palooza.   UPDATE: If you're having issues posting into the comments, click here.   image


  • clichecrossclichecross detroit, MIPosts: 2Member

    My favorite animal is defiantely the Starfish. :)

    The Starfish always smile, and they have to coolest dance moves! (what other pet can do flips?!) :D

    I have had a Starfish since I got to Celestia, I am now close to Avalon and I love my little buddy Mr. Leo!! Wouldn't trade him for the any other pet!

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