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Starting new guild!

FlunkschFlunksch SvendborgPosts: 4Member

Hi there.

I'm Flunk


I want to start a guild up in TESO(Aldemeri Dominion). I've been a leader for my own guild in GW2 - though it died because GW2 died for me after a few months. Also been part of the leadership in a SWTOR guild, that eventually also died.(mainly because the guild master was an A****** :)

I do not yet have a guild name, website nor anything but that will come eventually.

What i'm looking for is like minded people, that wants to be a part of the 'core' in a guild, that has the time to invest in the guild - (but also have a real life, well... atleast I do) 

I prefer if you're above 18, for the simple reason that well, in some cases you could be 'under' you're mum and if she wants you to log off at a desired time each day, it simply can't work - since we have to invest a lot of time in this, especially at the start(not like we go to bed 00.00 everyday).

I belive, that in a guild everyone is equal - Guildmaster as member.

I also want loyal and honest people, I don't want people that jump from guild to guild(I do know you can be in more than 1 guild in this game - but you know the types, that jump from guild to guild - I hope)
and honest in the way that you can take and give constructive critism. 

Oh I also expect you to be from Europe - I myself, am a dane(Denmark) GMT+1.

I don't expect this, but it would be a + of you're good at making homepages, videoes, or any related.

I am myself good at making videos with Sony Vegas.


Something I like in a guild is:

Ranks - not to show how much power you have, but show how much effort you putted into the guild.

Guildmember interview - I usually did this, once a week, it was both funny and awesome. You would get to know you guild members even further!

A small Guild - I'd say a core between 25-40 is what I would like. A family - or friends, what you prefer.

I also don't like a guild that is too big, above 50 people is to much for me. I like that I can get a bit more personal(if the members wants it! - its up the individual player) So I can call em their first name and stuff.

PVP/PVE/RP - speaking of myself, I am most into PvE and that's what I've been doing the last couple of years in a various of MMO's. Honestly I'm a bad PVP'er. I did a bit better in GW2 in any other MMORPG though. But I would prefer a PVE guild with PVP at the spare times.

Rules - I used to make the rules/expectations clear - but I also believe in the good of people, and we're all different, and we have to remember that there is 2 sides of a story - though don't get like personal and swear at each other. 
I believe we dont have to have a like 10 set of rules but just some sentence of what we expect of people - if its not kept, well. They could be consequences.


I guess that was(for now) it.

I hope to hear from you. 

Excuse my bad english. English is not my main language(my grammar is the worst :)), if I missed anything or you simply have some questions, go ahead and contact me on this forum.

If you would like to be a part of this, also contact me here and we'll figure everything out.

Best Regards,




  • TheJodaTheJoda Nerak, awaiting a good MMOPosts: 536Member Uncommon

    ...........if I join do I get Pie??????




    ....Being Banned from MMORPG's forums since 2010, for Trolling the Trolls!!!

  • insaner666insaner666 Sao PauloPosts: 18Member
    I need to play the game, before doing any decisions.
  • FlunkschFlunksch SvendborgPosts: 4Member
    Originally posted by TheJoda

    ...........if I join do I get Pie??????   


  • TheJodaTheJoda Nerak, awaiting a good MMOPosts: 536Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Flunk115
    Originally posted by TheJoda
    ...........if I join do I get Pie??????      



    .....I out then, at least king tormax gave dwarfen toe pie!!!

    ....Being Banned from MMORPG's forums since 2010, for Trolling the Trolls!!!

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