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Absolute Retribution Linkshell/Company open recruiting

Snowdon_CloudripperSnowdon_Cloudripper Chickasha, OKPosts: 584Member

This is the link to our LS/Company

About me and the direction of the LS and Company

I have played Final Fantasy XI for 7 years and ran 2 EG LS in that time , I have also played XIV V1 for 8 months and had a really great LS Ghosts Of Vanadiel , and Element Six . I am starting a NEW LS/Company for Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn


I want only fresh NEW players or Players who are starting over from Level 1. As i will be doing also. I am only looking for about 25~30 players who are more HARD CORE , then casual .


If your intrested in us check out the link read the rules i have in place ( Common sense rules) any questions just ask away

I would also like players to be from the NA region mostly ( USA, Canada )

Players from both PC and PS3 are welcome , We have a Voice server set up for Voice chat witch i would encourage the use of  but be mindfull of the other players around you . Be respectful

Thanks for the time and hope you join us Guild Website and Recruitment link


  • ZalgabranthZalgabranth Terrace, BCPosts: 14Member Uncommon

    Quite unsure of how to handle that site to be honest.


    If I want to apply, how would I do so? 

    Interesting looking site too by the way. 

  • Snowdon_CloudripperSnowdon_Cloudripper Chickasha, OKPosts: 584Member
    all you have to do is make a enjin account follow the link above and join website . there should be a link to join . after you join i get a e mail at witch time i allow membership Guild Website and Recruitment link

  • Snowdon_CloudripperSnowdon_Cloudripper Chickasha, OKPosts: 584Member
    More info will be added to website as we get it , info like crafting guides , wiki, all will be hotbar linked . I could add crafting guides and the wiki from V1 but i like to have all the info confirmed before i post links with bad info. Guild Website and Recruitment link

  • Snowdon_CloudripperSnowdon_Cloudripper Chickasha, OKPosts: 584Member
    Our Roster is starting to take shape we are at 12 members so far . Again i dont want a HUGE LS/FC i like a small tight fitgroup who can get to know everyone . Guild Website and Recruitment link

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