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Wizard101: Pack-a-Palooza Dragon Pack Contest!



  • BinjomminBinjommin Roseburg, ORPosts: 1Member

    I like the Deer Knight pet the most.  Not only does it match my Nightmare outfit, but it also gives me a Feint 'item' spell card.  This is a very handy card when fighting certain bosses that won't allow traps normally.  Somehow, pet Feint always manages to stick.  Try using it on Luska Charmbeak,.. it works like a charm! :)  -Oran Stormtamer


  • ArksWifeArksWife Vernon, BCPosts: 1Member

    mine is my nightmare, Abby is her name, she casts unicorn and spritely, and casts life shields. 



  • SARAD0MINSARAD0MIN geneseo, ILPosts: 1Member
    my favorite pet of all time now is the lump of coal pet from yuletide pack because just like the snowball pet the pets card spell it gives is called krampus which is a really awesome and cool spell to have and see!
  • pinkhotrodx1pinkhotrodx1 Doran, MNPosts: 1Member
    My favorite animal is my unicorn, because I got my unicorn and named it Princess Daisy, and a couple weeks after that I was told I was getting a baby sister named Daisy.
  • kittymeow5kittymeow5 marion, INPosts: 3Member

    My favorite pet has to be my nightmare pet i got when i was only level 4 or 5. It may cast unicorn and gives me +150 health. :D

  • aezazaezaz toronto, ONPosts: 1Member

    My favourite pet is the Ghost Dragon.

    But, 2 ghost dragons would be better !!

  • JamesMoriartyJamesMoriarty Las Vegas, NVPosts: 1Member
    Firecat because it was my first pet
  • YOLOZmeepYOLOZmeep San Diego, CAPosts: 1Member
  • lilredshortslilredshorts sparta, ILPosts: 1Member
    my favorite pet is the nightmare because it, like so many other pets, becomes very powerful when leveled up. my nightmare, bandit, has helped me on so many occasions, healing me when i was near death and casting death blades to power up my spells :D
  • cwjolleycwjolley kansas city, KSPosts: 7Member

    my faorite pet is a Triton!


  • stormhawk3p6stormhawk3p6 mangafPosts: 1Member

    My favourite pet is the deer knight pet.Is cool for both pvp and combats.

  • cwjolleycwjolley kansas city, KSPosts: 7Member
    my favorite pet is a triton
  • TALON5TALON5 Ashville, OHPosts: 1Member Common
    My all time favorite pet has to be my Epic Hydra, Max.  He gives excellent stats and just looks awesome!  The only thing that could make him cooler is a heal spell like sprite or unicorn.
  • DiverGirlDiverGirl The Beautiful Pacific Ocean, CAPosts: 4Member Uncommon
    The Snowy White Winter Owl is my favorite pet.
  • Aroura33Aroura33 Albany, ORPosts: 1Member
    I love the Ghost Dragon.  My daughter is just 5, going on 6 soon, and she loves to sit in my lap and play Wizard101.  So I should say that her favorite is the Ghost Dragon. 
  • hamstergalhamstergal boston, MAPosts: 1Member
    My favorite pet would be the snowball!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i think its so cute  and i love the way it just rolls while it follows you. The spell is cool its like blizzard but better! being a life i dont have the blizzard card so i can just use my snowball pet!!!! its adorable!! When i am just standing there his big eyes just appear and poof there gone!!!  i love all the pets but this one is my favorite!!!! hopefully it wont melt on me!
  • bandit192837645bandit192837645 florence, AZPosts: 1Member
    my favorite pet is my pet ice hound 
  • kimmypiekimmypie poet hueneme, CAPosts: 2Member
    sea dragon
  • Frosty632Frosty632 Wesley Chapel, FLPosts: 1Member
    My favorite is "Snake in a Basket", he gives Pips, Health, a Gargantuan Card, and gives a 9% Balance Defense...
  • fusionninjafusionninja courtice, ONPosts: 1Member

    TAILSTORM PANTERA ALL THE WAY snowball second but mine disepered >.<.


  • popcorn786popcorn786 sanking wang, HIPosts: 1Member
    My Favorite pet is the Deer Knight
  • warhound768warhound768 kingsland, TXPosts: 1Member
    i like the raven pet because i have the mount of it and it is my favorite
  • kimmypiekimmypie poet hueneme, CAPosts: 2Member
    sea dragon
  • perplexed5perplexed5 National City, CAPosts: 1Member
    My Favorite Pet In Wizard101 Has to be the THERIZINOSAURUS.
  • Jesse0698Jesse0698 rockwall, TXPosts: 1Member

    my favorite pet is the Oblivion chimera =D


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