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BarrikorBarrikor Phoenix, AZPosts: 320Member Uncommon

I don't know if any of you have been following what's happening in LA right now, but there's a giant police manhunt going on for a rouge ex-cop.

So far:

- Ex-cop kills 2 civilians
- Cops guard Ex-cop's target, almost shoot ex-cop, 1 cop wounded
- 1 cop killed, 1 cop wounded
- Cops find ex-cop's abandon truck
- Cops shoot 2 women because they were in a truck, parked cars hit too
- Cops shoot a garage door
- Cops shoot another truck, but no one hurt, other cars hit in process
- LA Mayor says this (cop-on-cop violence) is another reason for gun control
- Sheriff says that he's afraid that citizens will "take the law into their own hands" if they see the ex-cop

Is it just me, or is there something terribly wrong with the situation and response there? Having an ex-cop murdering people doesn't make a police department look good, but the actions of the police shooting up cars without looking at what the driver looks like is a disgrace... Then for the Mayor to tie it to gun control...

This could easily be a funny joke, "what happens when cops are allowed to smoke weed", or "cops shoot women but at least they're straight shooters", or "Don't fire a guy who's holding a gun"... but the sad truth is that this is real, and happening to real people, with real people getting hurt while the police are incompetent and the political leeches use it for their own advantage =(


  • BrenelaelBrenelael MainePosts: 3,797Member Uncommon

    My first thought when I heard about this whole mess was, "Why the hell was this dude a cop in the first place?" Then I saw what the LAPD's response was like and my feelings were that they are almost as bad as the rogue cop. However after thinking about it for a while these guys are cops in probably the worst place to be a cop. They have adopted a "shoot first" attitude because in LA if you don't shoot first your not going to be a cop long... You'll be dead. I still don't necessarily agree with it but I do understand why they have itchy trigger fingers.




  • PrecusorPrecusor PalmaPosts: 3,573Member Uncommon
    LA probably has to be the worst place to work as a cop.
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 0 Uncommon
    The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • PyndaPynda Posts: 776Member Uncommon

    Not to mention it looks like this guys complaint is probably true. He reported a fellow officer for doing unjustified violence, and then was framed up and fired because of it.

    But that said, he's obviously a congenital moron (he could have sued and possibly made millions?) and a psychopath. And he will wind up dead in a gutter or spend the rest of his life in a cage as he should.

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