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Wizard101: Pack-a-Palooza Dragon Pack Contest!



  • njk168njk168 SydneyMember Posts: 1 Uncommon
    My favourite pet has to be a sea dragon (though I don't have it). Sea dragons give you amazing abilities (very useful in combat) and also they can heal you which is a large advantage for you. I also love my brave hound! I love it when I play pvp and when I take damage it heals me and frustrates people....
  • CryingFearsCryingFears Amarillo, TXMember Posts: 1

    My favorite pet is definitely the Heck Hound. Just for the sentimental value of it. When I first joined Wizard101, I saved up all my gold for it. It was 750 gold, and I wasn't a member, so it was difficult to earn all the money. This was also when the bazaar sold pets. I fought the Kraken over and over again for gear to sell and gold to get, and after days and days, I was finally able to afford it. I kept it equipped for a very long time. It's honestly my fondest memory of this game. I will never forget it. Love you, Jackson the heck hound.

  • spuddleyspuddley Ottawa, ONMember Posts: 1
    My favorite is my heck hound fluffy or my penumbra dragon. Good luck to everyone. 
  • Dragonblood1221Dragonblood1221 Ishpeming, MIMember Posts: 1

    My favorite Pet on Wizard101 would have to be my Dragon, Sir Muffin.

    This pet has been there since the beginning, and I'm glad I never gave up on it! :) It's currently at Adult (Not my highest, that would be my Hydra) but no matter what, it will always be my favorite little dragon! :)

    Brandon Dragonblood, Level 53 Thaumaturge 

  • person66666person66666 Augusta, MEMember Posts: 1
    I love all my pets, but i would have to say my favorite is the Thunder Colossus. It is really cool and gives me a really good card that helps whoever i give the shield to. Wizard101 is really a great game. I would recomend to ages 10-63. The pets are so cool, so are the mounts and the cities such as Grizzleheim and Kroktopia. Pets are my favorite though. The come in many designs, shapes and sizes. They can help you defeat minions, bosses, normal enemies that you see everytime you are on wizard101. Pets are awesome and i know i was so excited when i got my first pet. If you think pets aren't cool, you are crazy! I love my pets.
  • chocolatefarrettschocolatefarretts Richmond, VAMember Posts: 1

    spiritual dragon

  • atley1121atley1121 frontenac, KSMember Posts: 9

    My favorite wizard 101 pet is the blaze beast and the skeleton dragon pet i have the blaze beast named Lord nightshade but i do not have the skeleton dragon i just know what it looks like, so if i win i might not be exited but happy because it is just a game so i just want to have fun XD  so i just want to congragulate the 15 people who win so good luck if you  want to win

  • SaffronTrollpantsSaffronTrollpants Grottoes, VAMember Posts: 1

    My favorite pet, by far, is the Wildwood Cyclops. He looks just like the Life Cyclops and the Emerald Cyclops, but he gives a Satyr card. Mine has Fairy Friend, Unicorn, and Spell-Defying right now. I hope to get him to Epic soon. ^-^


    ~Pants out. ;P

  • robertsonkylrobertsonkyl mountain home, ARMember Posts: 2
    my favorite pet is the nightmare magma colosus!! :D
  • skyhigh190skyhigh190 elkgrove, CAMember Posts: 2

    I think my favorite pet is the winter owl

  • kaly829kaly829 Ewa Beach, HIMember Posts: 2
    my favorite pet is my Lavender Foo Dog named Miss Zoey
  • xmarkdakinesxxmarkdakinesx waialua, HIMember Posts: 1
  • armin123321armin123321 Utica, NYMember Posts: 2
    My favortie pet is the nutcracker.


  • smash2325smash2325 East Brunswick, NJMember Posts: 1


  • doglover123doglover123 ashville, NCMember Posts: 1
    Deer Kight
  • AbusumoAbusumo Chicago, ILMember Posts: 1


    Well, I actually love all Wizard101 pets, but if I had to choose just one,I would pick Brave Hound! My most wonderful and loyal companion "Prince Rocky" is so awesome and smart. He always heals me when Ineed it. I have never lost a battle with his care. He is the COOLEST and most AWESOME pet i have come across, and will ever come across!

    This is why I choose my "Prince Rocky" the Brave Hound as my favorite Wizard101 pet!


    Long Live Wizard101!

  • robertsonkylrobertsonkyl mountain home, ARMember Posts: 2
    my favorite pet would have to be my magma colosus!! :D                                                    
  • joyinzeljoyinzel NEW HOLLAND, PAMember Posts: 1
    EFREET !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3
  • sparky24574sparky24574 Burnsville, MNMember Posts: 3

    My Adorable Sea Dragon, Sparky.

  • Nikkimizuki109Nikkimizuki109 Carmel, INMember Posts: 1

    My favorite pet would have to be the myth beasts,  from the Hoard of the Hydra Pack . ^.^

    Not only are they adorable, but they come in different varieties because of their type of magic, they also come with their own abilities which is why they are so unique. :)


    image imageimageimageimageimageimage


  • Polo990Polo990 Cullman, ALMember Posts: 1
    The fierce hound because it learns spritely at teen no matter what :)
  • shivaswordshivasword Elmhurst, NYMember Posts: 1
    I love my KRAKEN.  It knows  spritely. storm shot, storm giver, health gift and may cast storm blade.
  • nqmuhammadnqmuhammad Chicago, ILMember Posts: 1
    Originally posted by mich1994
    I like my storm beetle called king scooter ^^

    Dragon is my favorite.

  • irvin2001irvin2001 ridegland, SCMember Posts: 2


  • Flowers123123Flowers123123 Brisbane, TXMember Posts: 1
    My favourite pet is my fierce hound, because she heals me so many times :)
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