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Wizard101: Pack-a-Palooza Dragon Pack Contest!



  • wizard101fanwinwizard101fanwin newyork, NYPosts: 1Member
    My favorite pet is death oni! My two favorite schools
  • fireflame732fireflame732 Toms River, NJPosts: 1Member

    Hello I'm a HUGE fan of your games both Wizard101 and your newest one Pirate101. Please make a LOT of new games so the fun never ends! My favorite pet would definently be the Babydactl. The storm spells it gives are AWESOME! I am a fire wizard and i think storm and fire are the best! Thank you so much for reading this :)

    - Eric FireFlame                           - Level 22 Fire Wizard

  • Paleon101Paleon101 Perrysburg, OHPosts: 1Member
    My favorite pet is my Icebat. Once I get him levelled up all the way he will be a great asset to my ice wizard.
  • babe03girlbabe03girl Knoxville, TNPosts: 1Member Uncommon
    My favorite pet would be the gnomes
  • booth1booth1 Canton, OHPosts: 1Member

    My favorite pet has to be the Deer Knight.  I wanted one the first time it was used against me.  The animation in Wizard101 is some of the ebst I have seen in a lot of games.  when the Knight walks out of the woods and they wither, you know he is evil.  The multi hit is big plus since you have to deal with multiply enemies early on until the end of the game.

    The Deer Knight has that look that says: "Don't mess with me"

  • ra1ven74ra1ven74 Montgomery, ILPosts: 1Member
    My favorite pet is the efreet-cool looking, great animation!
  • XGamer101XGamer101 new york, NYPosts: 2Member
    My favorite pet is the  Defender Pig
  • Ahsoka786Ahsoka786 Lexington, MAPosts: 1Member
    My favorite pet has to be the carnation pixie, it was the first pet I hatched with years ago, and if the person I hatced with hadn't been so kind, I never would have gotten my pet to have spell proof and spritely. Best of luck to everyone. 
  • emopikachu995emopikachu995 La CrossePosts: 1Member
    Black Cat is my favorite pet. 
  • Sierra1210Sierra1210 Ozark, MOPosts: 1Member

    Nightmare (not hybrid but Halloween Special)

    Always there to help me in a duel.

    Restores health,gives fient, and gives meteor strike.

    Couldn't imagine playing without it !

    I have 3 characters so far and all have the Nightmare Pet .

  • trokontrokon hayward, CAPosts: 2Member
    Originally posted by MikeB has partnered with KingsIsle Entertainment to bring you the Wizard101 Pack-a-Palooza Dragon Pack Contest! Fifteen lucky winners will receive a key code granting them the following: 3 Permanent Epic Dragon Mounts (Bone Dragon, Cloud Wyvern, Skyvern) 3 Epic Dragon pets (Ghost Dragon, Vigilant Dragon, Blaze Beast) 10,000 Crowns! If that sounds like an awesome prize pack to you, you'll be glad to know that entering for your chance to receive one is actually pretty simple! All you need to do is tell us what your favorite Wizard101 pet is in the comments below and we'll select fifteen entries at random as our winners.   Entries will be accepted between now and Monday, February 11. We'll announce our winners on Tuesday, February 12.  Please only submit a single entry; duplicate entries will be disqualified.   Learn more about the Wizard101 Pack-a-Palooza.   image

    my favorite pet is my thunder beetle because it does damage and it gives you a nice blade


  • fireblade619fireblade619 alexandria, VAPosts: 1Member
    My favorite pet is the Penumbra Drake
  • shadow0001shadow0001 charlievillePosts: 1Member
    My Nutcracker pet is the best and my favorite! :D
  • onesixbarzonesixbarz Omaha, NEPosts: 3Member

    well i have two favorite pets my runner up being Storm Colossus: one of the most awesome pets for a storm wizard. My Epic Storm Colossus, aka "Zeus" casts unicorn, sprite, and balance blade; and he is not shy with casting either of the spells! He also gave me 6% more attack damage with pain giver! Awesome pet!

    My absolute favorite pet is the one i currently keep equipped. His name is Marley and he is a Mega Shaolin Monkey. First ever and only current pet i leveled all the way up to mega; i just couldnt stop when every talent he learned was awesome! He first learned pain giver at teen, then he learned spell defy at adult, then at ancient he learned spell proof and at epic he learned to cast balance blade. At that point i had spent so much time on him but was disappointed that he hadnt learned any cast healing talents but with the talents he had already had i was cornered and decided i couldnt let him go to waste with all the pets that had failed me i had to get him to Mega. So i farmed Mirror Lake with him everyday until i had over 30 of the mega snacks (Pixie Stix) dropped in Mirror Lake and started the long journey to Mega. I then had to make a choice: either keep training and feeding him or hatch him with a pet that heals and hope he carried his other talents still and acquired a healing talent from the hatch partner... or ...stuff him full of Pixie Stix and hope he learns heal and my time wasnt wasted. So i chose not to let him go to waste and trained him... and trained him... and trained him... and trained him some more! Finally he got him down to the last training session fed him the Stix and BOOM! "May Cast Spritely" popped up! I was so happy! He is kinda shy about casting but with +5 resist from spell defy, +9 resist from spell proof and +6 damage all school... needless to say that I dont need to heal near as much as i used to and he is just as essential to my wizardry as my wand, athame, amulet, etc.

    Shout outs to the best little Myth Monkey there is in the spiral! My little buddy "Marley" keep protecting and amplifying my power and even though you can not level anymore for the time being, i will still feed you whatever goodies i can and take great care of you! Hope this provides some inspiration and motivation for all of you who either have an awesome pet or are struggling with the one you wish to make your lead sidekick! :)

    My name is "Joseph Boomsmith"

    Level 90 Storm/Life/Death

    Look me up in Baboab Crossroads in ZF waiting to farm Mirror Lake, helping lower level wizards all throughout the spiral or anywhere in Kraken Realm when not farming or assisting fellow wizards!





  • 16CBeastMan16CBeastMan Ashland, KYPosts: 1Member
    Well I love the Kraken pet. It is a great pet and it looks amazing as well. I had an amazing jelly fish on my other account before it got hacked and stolen. I tried communicating with KingIsle but no one responded back to me.
  • trokontrokon hayward, CAPosts: 2Member
  • picklepengu1picklepengu1 Maple Grove, MNPosts: 1Member

    My favorite pet is the Pixie Queen!

  • luna1026luna1026 clarksville, TNPosts: 1Member Uncommon
    In truth, there are alot of pets in Wizard101.  Some of which I have yet to see.  Not to mention all the hybrids from breeding.  However, if I were to pick one pet I like based on looks, it would be the fire cat.  I LOVE cats!  If I were going on the skills the pet provides, I would not pick my firecat (whose name is Lady Luna) I would go with my Yuletide Spirit because she  casts Unicorn at random.  I like the Yuletide Spirit because she heals everyone, not just me.  And I'm all about the team work in the game which is why I love helping others out.  Of course the Wayward Mistrel is lovable based on skills since he can steal a shield from the enemy at random.  Helps out a lot when I get into those boss battles and the boss puts up a -90% shield.  So, thoise are my favorite pets, thus far.
  • emma1212313emma1212313 Enid, OKPosts: 1Member

    My favorite pet is my unicorn

  • kitycat238kitycat238 Montreal, QCPosts: 2Member

    My favorite pet is the Velociraptor! :)

  • sinsin2000sinsin2000 Monroe, MIPosts: 1Member
    My favorite pet would be My SHOCK COLLOSUS! <3Tucker my shock collosus
  • trdsftrdsf Columbus, OHPosts: 2Member Uncommon
    Black cat.  Reminds me of an RL pet I once had.  :)
  • retrospace4retrospace4 New York, NYPosts: 1Member


    I have a mega ice hound on W101. Took me quite a lot of time! It's not the perfect pet, with MC Unicorn in place of the Spell-Proof I wanted, but it's still quite an excellent boy.

  • kweokweo chicago, ILPosts: 1Member Common

    My favorite pet is the SPINYFISH!  I got my first one as a boss drop and have hatched the fish with other types of pets.  The fish just keeps getting better.  Also you don't see that many fish around.  You can count the number of other wizard's fish that I've seen on your one hand and still have extra fingers.  I have a whole pond full of fish (all my wizards have their own  fish pets that play with them).

  • RisenitachiRisenitachi High Point, NCPosts: 1Member
    Well in all honesty i love em all. the fact that the minds behind the game could come up with so many different variations and types amazes me. i love watching them play in my houses as well as my mounts im not using ( another awesome thing i enjoy). but if i had to choose one pet out of them all it would come down to one it would have to be the JadeHound. I love alot of mythology and that pet looks like it could come from a oriental myth. havent had the chance to get one yet but i love to see it . It also reminds me of a hunter pet i had in World of Warcraft :D. anyway looking forward to seeing what else the minds of Kings Isle can come up with! 
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