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[ThUn] The Unnamed - EU, Experienced WvW Guild (DESOLATION)

BenkiBenki BristolPosts: 15Member


Recruitment Status: Open for all to apply

Age Requirement: 18+

Region: EU/UK

Play-style: Small-scale WvW / SPvP / PvE

Guild Leader: Benki

Officers: Papaganoosh, Aeonax, Phoru, Oton


About Us


The Unnamed is a gaming community that has been around for 5 years! We have an array of experienced gamers who are mature, experienced and hard working, but most importantly know how to have fun. We have participated in most major MMO's since Warhammer Online where we were one of the top known RvR guilds on both Karak-Hirn and Karak-Norn.


In Guild Wars 2 we are about bringing the community together and having fun. We try to participate in all events in all of the game's content. We have officers who dedicate themselves to running SPvP nights, occasionally running small-scale groups in WvW and we also like to run dungeon groups. We have also been looking into the recent guild missions and are hoping to unlock more in the future.


When you join The Unnamed in Guild Wars 2 you're not only becoming apart of the guild, but apart of the wider community. We also play games such as CS:GO, LoL and Dota 2. We have a Mumble server which is laid back and full of laughter, though we know when to put our game faces on when we have to focus!


If you're interested in joining The Unnamed you can apply at or you can whisper Benki.5629 in-game for more information.


  • BenkiBenki BristolPosts: 15Member
    Just a reminder that The Unnamed is still looking ot recruit on the Blacktide server to once again become a bigger WvW force on the server.
  • BenkiBenki BristolPosts: 15Member
    The Unnamed have now moved to Desolation and we've updated our rules as well as our recruitment post. Check it out and come apply!
  • BenkiBenki BristolPosts: 15Member
    Bumpin' and still looking fer members!
  • BenkiBenki BristolPosts: 15Member
    We're still recruiting and having good times in WvW, come join in on the action!
  • BenkiBenki BristolPosts: 15Member
    Bumping, we are now recruiting to all.
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