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Misfit Wolf Pack [Ring of Fire] gates opened!

slythsslyths Posts: 194Member Uncommon

Good day Fellows (Ingame name= Galuga)

||-We are a new fresh guild with a new vision on how mmo's should be played,

||-We believe real life comes before any activity we ought to do in game

||-We also believe that we will get bored if we do only a limited set of activities(ex. pvp guild or pve guild etc.), In fact we will open our gates to as much activities as possibile to not burn out doing the "same ol' thang".

||-We are friendly, therefore we try to keep all drama as far as possible from our gates:

That doesn't mean we can't be serious in what we do (Ingame name= Galuga)

||-We welcome sPvPers, we plan to be competitive in ESP(Electronic Sports) when they implement it, as they did with GW. So in the meanwhile we will train ourselves.

||-We are building a WvWvW team to raid/destroy and capture every living thing we see!!!

||-We run Dungeons and Worldly Events, trying to keep all spots as *uncontested as possible*

||-We will do all things you propose us to do, as far as it's fun :D

BTW we are still few(I'll hopefully change this statement in a couple of days :P), and we need members who share our same ideals/goals to be able to accomplish our goals. Believe me!! We can make it if each and every member is active and willing!! Therefore, we are recruiting: (Ingame name= Galuga)

||-5 Officers(You'll handle the recruiting business with me, plus all the stuff i can't do when I'm offline)

||-Indefinite Number of members, considering we want to cover all aspects of the game.

All levels are welcome!!! But please try to be of a high level :P

Since free transfers are coming to an end on the 28/01/2013 I'd like to invite y'all to migrate to Ring of Fire if you want to join us ;)

(Ingame name= Galuga)


||- We shun any form of racism or nationalism(We are all children of God, Big Bang, Allah, Mother Nature etc. you name it)

||- We shun any form of drama(can't repeat this enough), if you got a problem with your guild-mate, try to solve it as soon as possible, instead of keeping it to yourself and creating foundations for drama.

||- No "yo mama's jokes"... they are childish dude...

||- Respect your fellow guild member as you would respect any person you meet in your life(and if you normally don't, try to start now :P). And we will respect you!

||- We won't ask any personal information, for they are confidential, and are to be disclosed only if one wants to.(don't be asking girls in the guild their age, its not even cool man :P)

Remember, we are all a bunch of international misfits :P

Whisper me/or send me a mail to be invited or if you simply need more info (Ingame name= Galuga)

There is Strength in numbers!!!

eWazzuGaluga Gaming


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