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Wizard101: Pack-a-Palooza Dragon Pack Contest!



  • zoa99zoa99 Tacoma, WAMember Posts: 1

    my favorite pet is my death scarab named duke tiger


  • mel27mel27 Horizon City, TXMember Posts: 1
    My favorite pet is the Reaver. She has been with me for years :-)
  • pie1999pie1999 Duluth, GAMember Posts: 3
    My favorite pet is my Earthwalker. I've had him for many years on my life wizard. :D
  • Panther2103Panther2103 Edmonds, WAMember Posts: 2,960 Uncommon
    This is the event that gets 131 pages of replies? Holy crap out of every event I have ever seen this has to be the most popular by far.
  • funkybubbah35funkybubbah35 Rio Grande City, TXMember Posts: 1
    my favorite pet is my talented piggle midnight
  • sk8ter114sk8ter114 CanberraMember Posts: 1

    My favourite pet is the firecat


  • slap242slap242 greenwood, ARMember Posts: 1
    my favorite pet in wizard 101 is my glacier dragon it looks awesome 
  • batman4264batman4264 Defuniak Springs, FLMember Posts: 1
    My favorite pet would be my sea dragon.
  • cowcow12cowcow12 holland, MIMember Posts: 1
    Kingsisle,I absolutely LOVE the beast pets.The design in them is incredible.Icould never do that!They are one the the cutest and very cool combination  of a pet.Since i've seen them, I've wanted one. I love this game and try to find a way to get with my other friends to hlp quest.This game rocks! Good work! Keep your hard wor up!
  • NavirogNavirog Coffeyville, KSMember Posts: 1
    My favorite pet is the Frontier Dragon. They're in my school and my Frontier Dragon is absolutely fantastic, or at least i think it is.
  • Slash1-1Slash1-1 Fredericksburg, VAMember Posts: 1
  • pie1999pie1999 Duluth, GAMember Posts: 3
  • betrayerbetrayer SydneyMember Posts: 2
  • prizmata1prizmata1 pahrump, NVMember Posts: 1
    My favorite pet is the Nutcracker. Everytime i see him run it makes me laugh because its like watching my grandson run lol.
  • skyscreamB3ASTskyscreamB3AST austin, TXMember Posts: 1
    My tempest hound is my absolute favorite it matches my clothes an everything
  • Jennc2940Jennc2940 tyler, TXMember Posts: 1
    I love my Ianthine Spectre!
  • klages2klages2 san diego, CAMember Posts: 1
    I love my pet sea dragon he is the best his name is simon and i love him and i wouldnt do anything to hurt him
  • TabithaStormcasterTabithaStormcaster Winnipeg, MBMember Posts: 1
    I enjoy collecting pets in Wizard101 and have many of them through countless battles, purchasing and hatching. However, my most faithful pet and favorite among them all is my scarecrow, Max. Out of all my pets he takes care of me in Wizard101 the most loyally. He is always healing when I need him to and casting death traps randomly just when I need his help. I know he is only my assigned school pet, but he has levelled up along with me and grown into a great pet and an amazing battle partner. :)
  • pie1999pie1999 Duluth, GAMember Posts: 3
  • bonnie81bonnie81 Atkinson, NEMember Posts: 1 Common
    My first pet remains my favorite, the Phoenix
  • possypossy BrisbaneMember Posts: 2

    my favourite pet is the leopard

  • UyhnUyhn Pleseant Hill, CAMember Posts: 1
    Storm Hound
  • rusty45rusty45 Victoria, BCMember Posts: 1
  • xion345xion345 cummings, GAMember Posts: 1
    i would have to say that my favorite pet would be the jade oni all because its cute and it gives you one heck of a good card the jade oni is personally my favorite pet in wizard101 I  love the game
  • EchoWolfieEchoWolfie Lancaster, CAMember Posts: 1
    Hmm... I have a few favorite pets. But, I do happen to love my Silverback Wildclaw, Bear. I love that little thing. Took a lot of farming to get it and a lot of hatching to get the traits just right. Love the Wildclaws, they are so cute. He's a good spriter. hah
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