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Wizard101: Pack-a-Palooza Dragon Pack Contest!



  • DrummerboyCODrummerboyCO Colorado Spgs, COMember Posts: 1

    Spirit of Nature


  • ValisterXValisterX New Baltimore, MIMember Posts: 1
    My favorite pet is the Ianthine Spectre!
  • Wizard101FeenWizard101Feen Lake Havasu City, AZMember Posts: 1
    My favorite pet has to be my epice sea turtle! Mine has epic stats! GO TURTLES!
  • Dove509Dove509 Spokane, WAMember Posts: 1

    Every Pet is wonderful and I have used almost all of them. But i always seem to go back to my Spirit of Nature, I have three of them and each one seems to take very good care of my toons. I don't see mny of them around so that too makes me feel special in some little way. Pets are a wondeful thing :-)

    Thank You for sharing Your Awesome Site with all of Us at Wizard 101..  Mariah/Kayla/Anna ((Aka Dove))

  • briannamariahlopezbriannamariahlopez new york, NYMember Posts: 2

    also is nice of wizard101 to get peoples the packs and like me said wolves rock! also wizad101 rocks XD :D :D :D :D :D :D :D


  • dctrinkdctrink Monroe, NYMember Posts: 1
    This is for my son who was playing almost all day since he got out of school early, he is going for Fragmented Dragon.  
  • xanass1xanass1 Seabrook, TXMember Posts: 1
    I love the Doom Scurrier Aka Black Widow pet. Spiders have always been my thing. She's a spooky pet, but at the same time you can tell she's a Lady. Really love her colors and card.
  • pete224pete224 tualitin, ORMember Posts: 1
    mine would be the samoorai
  • wizzyfan11wizzyfan11 Rocky Hill, CTMember Posts: 1
    my favorite pet isthe buddy dragon
  • sunhersunher Los Angeles, CAMember Posts: 1

    I'm a storm wizard, and my favorite pet it's the FOG UNICORN, because it really helps me boost my  storm spells with the darkwind card. My second school is life and my pet helps me with the life boost, and she also has spritely so it's really helpful   :D


  • bradman92bradman92 Wichita, KSMember Posts: 1
    Ghost Dragon, Vigilant Dragon, Blaze Beast
  • snowspray018snowspray018 Khalifa city AMember Posts: 1

    My favourite pet is the Ice elf.


  • pokemon3864pokemon3864 fall church, VAMember Posts: 1
    my favorite pet is the nutcracker i know fairy ice blade spell proof lively and snowman card when in 1st generation :D
  • willowbluewillowblue laval, QCMember Posts: 1 Uncommon
  • crusherccrusherc Katy, TXMember Posts: 1
    Sporty Dragon - because he looks like a banana that's on fire and that's just hot.
  • animal-lover555animal-lover555 Chicago, ILMember Posts: 1
    I love the new velocirapter pet
  • josh2000josh2000 BacoorMember Posts: 1

    I love unicorn pet, when i started to playing this game the first pet i bought was the unicorn. Because i do believed Unicorn known as a mythical animal that make our dreams come true, just like on the game unicorn heals all, that pet is very powerful and majestic...


  • allstar1223allstar1223 Boynton Beach, FLMember Posts: 1
    Jade Oni
  • necroshade509necroshade509 Virginia Beach, VAMember Posts: 2

    my favorite pet is the tundra warden some might think he is not good but i think it is amazing





    GO TUNDRA WARDEN!!!!!!!!!

  • voltragonvoltragon SydneyMember Posts: 2

    i like my vigilant dragon pet. it was a drop i got from a pack and i have discovered he is very useful in my battles. it is also useful to hatch with my dad. GO BANDIT THE VIGILANT DRAGON!


  • GrimReaper1224GrimReaper1224 Springfield, OHMember Posts: 1
    Diesel my Hotzilla


  • sapphirekitty96sapphirekitty96 edinburg, TXMember Posts: 1

    sapphire's wrath

  • wilksha1wilksha1 you dont need to know, AZMember Posts: 2

    my fav pet has to be my war oni KOBE!!! plz pick me i want the crowns for my lvl 90 death


  • MOOFUNMOOFUN LITTLE ROCK, ARMember Posts: 1 Uncommon



  • LostEraLostEra Scranton, PAMember Posts: 1
    Piper, my adorable cloud demon. Momma loves you Pip! Thats his nickname cause he gives me  +2% power pips and I liked Great Expectations from english class last year.  It just fits and its kinda weird. Oh well! Good luck to everyone else and to the people who have to read all of these, thank you! Love you, Pip!
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