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Wizard101: Pack-a-Palooza Dragon Pack Contest!



  • roberr19roberr19 merced, CAPosts: 1Member
    my favorite pet is hero pig, i mean, have you seen the cool moves he does when he casts a spell? thats just an awesome pet right there :D
  • scarlet446scarlet446 CrewePosts: 1Member
    My favourite pet is Forest Lord - he has some crazy dance moves 
  • jcharltonjcharlton Richmond, VAPosts: 1Member Common

    I Love my JADE HOUND. It is the best and coolest looking pet. Just love the colors. 


  • sealzman2sealzman2 Madison, WIPosts: 1Member
    My favorite pet by far is the chimera it is the coolest pet i have ever seen in my entire time being a wizard
  • akeem353akeem353 jackson, MSPosts: 1Member
    My Favorite pet is my ravin it a cool death pet how always got my back.
  • west9599west9599 Toano, VAPosts: 1Member


  • blade0345blade0345 Vancouver, BCPosts: 1Member

    Snake in the basket!!!

    Wizard101 name: kyle icblade

    username: blade0345 

    Good Luck to all! Don't be a poor sport if you lose, Its for fun!

  • BasawoodBasawood Renton, WAPosts: 1Member
    I Dont Know Why But I Have Always Liked The Death Pets (Probably Cause I Am Death) But My Favorite Pet Is Just The Regular Bone Dragon :D
  • gnarley1234gnarley1234 witherbee, NYPosts: 1Member
    my favorite pet on wizard 101 is my frontier dragon it gives resist sprite and unicorn
  • 123joseph321123joseph321 edmond, OKPosts: 1Member
    hydra is my favorite pet
  • JoHnNyBbLoOdJoHnNyBbLoOd Columbus, OHPosts: 1Member
    All right, since I would not be able to win anything from here, I'll just try to get something then go on with my loser gamer self. I like the Ninja Pig pet. There, now you guys can just not pick me and choose other random people who already have crowns and membership.  :-(
  • finnkkfinnkk Dayton, OHPosts: 1Member
    My favorite pet would have to be the death leprechaun because every body a;ways comments on him and he looks cool riding on his pot of gold. Thanks MMORPG for doing contests like this they're really fun!
  • jadeblossom26jadeblossom26 Stanford, KYPosts: 1Member
    my favorite pet is the elemental foo-dog.
  • enocm17enocm17 miami gardens, FLPosts: 1Member
    My favorite pet? hmm, it would have to be the brave hound :]
  • Jayce09Jayce09 De Pere, WIPosts: 1Member
    I am A death wizard my wizard101 name is Luke HawkCatcher. My favorite pet is THE SKELETAL DRAGON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • jacobwinterflamejacobwinterflame vernon, CTPosts: 1Member
    My favorite pet is my sea dragon Jake. I love dragons and he clearly has the best talents so why wouldn't he be my favorite pet. He also gives me good boosts and has helped me ever since i bought him.
  • ScurvyChristoScurvyChristo Ancaster, ONPosts: 1Member

    My favourite pet would have to be Kobe my Emberstone tiger. He usually casts a unicorn which really helps me out and rarely casts a balanceblade although it's always when I really need it. I love Emberstone tigers, I have 3 of them in my inventory! I love these competitions too. Thanks!


  • cactusflintheadcactusflinthead Grapevine, TXPosts: 7Member
    My favorite pet is the silliest pet in the spiral, the sea dragon. One big triangular tooth, flippers, sort of a pale green and big googly eyes. When I first saw them on test I thought to myself, "There is no way I will be walking around with that goofy looking critter."  One dropped from Astraeus on one of many farming runs and at the time I decided that since I didn't have any other pets to work at the time I might as well see what it had for talents. That was many hatchings and many battles ago. For all the gold I have spent on pet hatching, all the drops, free ones from gifts and three school pets Chelsea, the silly lizard, is still my best and favorite pet.
  • cindy217cindy217 Hammonton, NJPosts: 1Member


  • pantyspantys mckeesport, PAPosts: 3Member

    I think that they are all equally specal and Kingsisle has a verry good game designer who makes good games

  • vicjoltvicjolt garden grove, CAPosts: 1Member
  • mg84mg84 Sandusky, OHPosts: 1Member Common

    My favorite pet is probably one of the most underrated pets in the game, but the one that holds the most meaning for me, and that pet is the Piggle. The reason the Piggle is my favorite pet is because it's the first pet I had ever had in Wizard 101. I remember fighting the Kracken down in Triton Ave for a while to collect enough gold to get him in the colors that I wanted - bright green with a purple belly. I adventured with Lord Cookie for a long time so he was kind of like my little sidekick. This of course, was back before the pet update and pets were only really decorations, but I built so many memories in the game with him that I ended up keeping him and still have him to this day, believe it or not. I've never leveled the pet or re-hatched him; he is the complete original and hangs out in my Death house keeping it safe for me. The Piggle is also my favorite because it's the universal symbol for pets everywhere in Wizard 101 and I'm a HUGE pet collector (I have two and a half houses dedicated to them) so whenever I'm fighting a boss over and over for a pet and see that little Piggle symbol finally popup on the left side of my game screen, I get ridiculously happy.

  • 2001pie2001pie polly, CTPosts: 1Member

    My Favorite Wizard101 Pet:

    My favorite Wizard101 pet is the Ice Salamander. I like the Ice Salamander because he is so cute! I like the way he runs and how his hat bounces up and down. My Salamander's name is Peanut. I really don't know if Peanut is a boy or a girl, so i just call it an it. That is my Favorite pet for the Pack-a-Palooza contest. I really hope to win this contest! 

  • valkoor81valkoor81 kerby, ORPosts: 1Member
    sea dragon
  • Max9521Max9521 Redmond, WAPosts: 1Member
    My Favorite pet is Nutcracker! with defy proof fairy spritely and unicorn that is the best pet ever!!! i hope i am third place for the crowns xD
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