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Why I stopped playing.



  • NiburuNiburu BerlinPosts: 384Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Fendel84M
    Ya I wasn't too impressed after a first run through. No individuality among classes just different builds. Combat is kinda clunky. 

    No individuality among classes ? Are you joking ?


    Did you saw the passive grid+gem system ?


    This is the ultimate freedome that mpdern games lack lol



    No, WoW players these days

  • NiburuNiburu BerlinPosts: 384Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by azzamasin  Not a huge fan of the long run back times to get to boss fights either. 

    You know, thats why they have portal scrolls in the game, use them lol



    Also, fire resistance maybe ?

  • atuerstaratuerstar melbournePosts: 234Member
    Originally posted by azzamasin
    Originally posted by boxsnd
    The combat is clunky as hell. ALL skills root you into place for way longer than they should. I like the skill system (the gems, leveling up, passive skill tree) but the skills themselves make playing not fun. If only the skills felt as good as D2/D3 it would be a great ARPG.

    Melee was pretty horrible in the game.  constantly running around my targets when I'mtrying to click to attack them got super annoying.  Not a huge fan of the long run back times to get to boss fights either.  I think the game is tuned a bit to hard because I died 3 straight times to the boss that showers you in falling firestorm and I havnt played since then.


    Trusting Neverwinter to be my ARPG of the future.  Good thing it actually plays like an MMO as well.

    Hold shift - you dont run anywhere. Or change keybinds as mentioned above.


    Died 3 times to a crappy level 3 boss in a game with 100 levels? I used my health pot once - it was that easy - with melee. Same with ranged. If you quit the entire game over such an easy boss to beat I dont think you are going to last long in Neverwinter no matter how much money you spend.

  • BladestromBladestrom edinburghPosts: 5,001Member Uncommon
    Wow 10 minute Zerg instance's training for the win.

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  • kjempffkjempff AarhusPosts: 1,197Member Uncommon

    If you guys havent noticed what he means by rooting you in place, you should try other arpg's and pay closer attention. The moving in range before using a skill is annoying yeah, I have reported this before in closed beta, and the answer was "working as intended" - This is a general reply to valid issues regarding gameplay, and personally I think they should adjust their know-best attitude a little.

    They do all the right things, that Diablo3 failed to deliver, but there are still serious flaws in gameplay mechanics that can be fixed relatively easy, they just don't seem to have the will to do it. Open beta is very inbalanced compared to closed beta, and it is not as fun to try new builds out as it was, partly due to the difficulty increase. Difficulty is strangely also why I keep playing, and I keep forgiving all the stupid things PoE has, but that wont last if I don't start seeing fixes. The PoE-preachers are already conviced and won't give constructive critisism, and if they keep on only listening to those (cough whaling), I doubt they can survive.. atleast not as a serious contenter to other popular arpgs - Which they really have the potential to become .. potential.


    [edit] Arwell the diff killed my fun, third char I abandon in the 50ies, because it does not have either dps or survivability to solo anything. It was all fine and fun in closed beta, so I might be back but for now I wasted enough hours on this hoping the fun would begin when I could handle stuff .. it never came to that point. When you team up with people, stuff become possible again, and I guess that is a quality, I just don't want to bother with current ffa loot system and sometimes you just want to kill stuff alone free to drop in and out at any time.


    First summoner (which I loved in closed beta, and ran maps with) became useless in open beta, abandoned at lvl 50.

    Then I tried kripps wand build, but lacking both dps (quality siphon, lmp, attackspeed, lifeleech, uhm forgot the last) and survivability with eldritch (1400hp) - one shot gets past skellie wall = dead wander. Abandoned at lvl 57.

    Last I did a dual ice spear totem build, which worked pretty well through cruel. In Merciless, I started having to hold down skellie button constantly because one or two arrow or or fireball would just kill me on the spot (75% resists, 1100hp/800es) and only way to avoid that and not have your totems cleared is to maintain a wall of skellies till stuff dies. At late 50ies I can't really solo anything but Ledge, atleast not with a positive xp outcome in the long run. As soon as I run on anything that doesn't freeze and run for me, it is not possible to have time to put totems, skellie wall and try to run to surive at the same time.

    I did say I appreciated the difficulty but I guess I just couldn't take it anymore today, a game has to be fun to play not just a chore. Things will change I am sure, but for me the open beta patch with added diff and act3 was not a step up. If you have that build that works and have fun soloing endgame, call me a noob and a quitter and go have your fun hehe.

  • Crunchy222Crunchy222 new york, ILPosts: 386Member
    Originally posted by Niburu
    Originally posted by Fendel84M
    Ya I wasn't too impressed after a first run through. No individuality among classes just different builds. Combat is kinda clunky. 

    No individuality among classes ? Are you joking ?


    Did you saw the passive grid+gem system ?


    This is the ultimate freedome that mpdern games lack lol



    No, WoW players these days


    See this is part of the POE community reputation and whatws driving people out...on top of the bad mechanics.  No need to be rude and insult the guy.

    Hes right too..


    I have"saw" the passive grid+gem system, as you put it.  Ive been through it on multiple character.

    Its not complex.  The choices you make dont change gameplay.  Pretending its super complex because they put every stat boost for ever type of character on one sheet doesnt make it actually complex in function.  Your still taking (what it comes down to) three or four diffrent paths of passive stat boost paths to reach your weapon and defensive minute stat boost areas.  Choosing to get an extra 12 dex or an extra 12 int to get there has no weight in actual game play.

    People gravitate towards 4-5 different builds that are popular right now.  They do this because a lot of the crazy ideas end up not being anything near viable.  Same goes for skill gems, and i should add that there is huge lacking of active skill variety.  Most passives wont make much sense, or wont change gameplay at all if they do make sense. 


    You can trick new players into thinking this game is crazy complex, and it seems that way at first.  Sooner or later they find out how meaningless most of your small % stat boosts in the passive tree towards actual gameplay.  How retarded the handful of major skill nodes are in practicality.  In the end, you sit there with enough passive points to fill out just about every node thats acceptable and relevant to your build anyway...

    What it comes down to is a game with two archer builds, two melee builds and really one mage build with varying twists on it.  The base is the same, your choice on bucking the trend and giving yourself 24 more int over 24 more str to fill it out doesnt really make that big of a difference.


    I think the game will start declining a bit as a majority of these players find out how fun the harder difficulties are, and how all of a sudden your cool and unique build isnt working at all, your stuck, and now the mob desync issues and disconnects become a major fustration as you struggle to progress to the next waypoint just so you dont have to redo that last map that resets on you in 5min.


  • GwapoJoshGwapoJosh Auburn, INPosts: 1,013Member Uncommon
    I'm completely addicted to POE.. It blows D3 out of the water;)

    "You are all going to poop yourselves." BillMurphy

    "Laugh and the world laughs with you. Weep and you weep alone."

  • GravebladeGraveblade UKPosts: 439Member Uncommon

    I honestly think anyone saying the combat feels clunky has simply not really played the game much. The performance is actually really good so it can't be that. The game mechanics for the combat at low level, especially with a slow 2h, are quite slow causing you to miss sometimes and that is probably what people are experiencing... This changes once you hit like lvl 20-30 and especially if you are a dex based or str/dex. The thing is with any character it eventually speeds up due to attack speed passives which pretty much everyone, no matter your class, will get if you spec in a weapon.

    I have a 2h sword duelist who uses double strike. I attack stupidly fast... About twice in 1 second due to double strike. Mean you can actually smoothly cut down groups of enemies one by one without missing at all because they can not avoid you as you are so fast.

  • VaporsVapors Fr.Posts: 407Member Uncommon
    It is a hack and slay and not a typical MMORPG, what do you suppose. Instead of comparing it to mmo combat, compare it to diablo 3 or torchlight. BOTH games root you while using skills and yes the combat is very simple since it is called HACK AND SLAY.
  • SwobyJSwobyJ Ottawa, ONPosts: 80Member
    I goddamn LOVE this game.
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