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How is Cryptic determining the value of these packs?

FantasyGManFantasyGMan Rome, NYPosts: 2Member

I'm trying to figure out how they could come up with a value of $549 and $149 for the hero and guardian packs respectively.  The description of the items, especially in the hero pack don't seem to offer the value they cost ($199.99 and $59.99).  I'm not being critical, I really want to understand what it is in the packs you'd end up separately paying that much for...



  • syntax42syntax42 USAPosts: 1,374Member Uncommon

    You answered your own question.  They value the items as separate then tell you it is worth that much.  This is nothing new in the world of marketing.


    We probably won't know the pricing on individual items until the game is released for the public to browse the "item shop".  

  • FantasyGManFantasyGMan Rome, NYPosts: 2Member

    What do you do with the astral diamonds?  What does having vip access to the Moon Mask Tavern do for you?




  • RoinRoin Baltimore, MDPosts: 3,260Member Uncommon

    Just my thoughts on it. Probably calculated on the cost of the items.  As I suspect they will all at one point or another, if not already.  Be available in the cash shop. Probably reskinned as a different color for certain things (like the mount). As not to piss off the Founder pack buyers, too much.

    Also the other side of that might be lottery boxes are the "big thing" with alot of F2P games. So if they were using them. Which I have no idea of. As they haven't stated much on the cash shop for the game. If certain items like say the mount came in one of these lottery box. The price could based on the idea of you have a "x" in "y" chance of getting the mount, based on "z"  amount of lottery boxes.  Which equals "insert amount" towards the total cost of Founders pack.

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