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DOTA 2 Invite Requests & Offers



  • ShakyMoShakyMo BradfordPosts: 7,207Member
    Just got one of these keys from valve (for being on steam for so Long or something)

    Never played one of these games before its confusing as hell, its a shame they don't have a single player thing to show you the ropes.
  • goldenone360goldenone360 montreal, QCPosts: 1Member

    if anyone still have some invites and would be kind enough to send me one it would be really appreciated.  I'm a big League of Legends fan and would like to try this out.


    Steam ID: Blackbone451

    Email: euro_vc [at] hotmail com


    thank you kind people!

  • jsmith001jsmith001 EdinburghPosts: 1Member
  • ionxeelionxeel WarsawPosts: 304Member Uncommon


    I have 7 copies to give out for free. PM me with your Steam email.

    Ediit: All gone.

  • martieboymartieboy The HaguePosts: 15Member

    have 5 keys to give away, just pm email

    Edit: got a bunch more from steam currently 9 left.

  • ShadoGearShadoGear CorbyPosts: 46Member
    I have some keys to trade, pm me an offer before it's too late
  • ionxeelionxeel WarsawPosts: 304Member Uncommon

    Still got 2 copies to give away for free. PM with Steam email or name.

    Edit: All gone.

  • StarsLullabyStarsLullaby San GermanPosts: 4Member

    Can someone invite me and my hubby to try out DOTA? I can't add anyone on Steam due that I haven't bought yet a game, but I can still receive messages and invite from others. :) Thanks! image

    <p expanded"="">Here's my steam id: and his ID:

  • corpsegankcorpsegank somewherePosts: 38Member
    Giving away 10 keys, PM me with your email. (Or steam username if you want to play some matches together)

  • bruno112bruno112 reghin, KSPosts: 1Member

    vegetamythic -steam account 

    dota 2 key ?:D

  • badnicerbadnicer manilaPosts: 1Member

    i love to play dota but i dont have key or invites, really appreciate your offer .. thanks in advance

    steam id : badnicer

    email       :

  • ThadrisThadris ZagrebPosts: 23Member
    Instead of searching for ppl needing keys. If you need a key, message me here.  I have very few left so first come first serve.. Good luck
  • danieldycok32danieldycok32 NagaPosts: 1Member

    im a big fan of dota 2, but i dont have any key or invite ,so can you please give me an invite key. i would appreciate it very much if you would give me one.....thanks in advance

    Steam id: danieldycok32


  • atticusbcatticusbc Posts: 1,069Member Uncommon
    looking for a key please. message me if you've got one.
  • krisnapogikrisnapogi singaporePosts: 1Member

    steam- krisnapogi



    please give me dota2 key or invite.

  • VolgoreVolgore Posts: 2,210Member Uncommon

    17 x Dota 2 via Steam Gift.

    I'm still looking for a Rift:Storm Legion key, in case someone has one to spare.

  • EnzoBautistaEnzoBautista MerseysidePosts: 29Member

    Returning the favor, I recieved a key from these forums and now I have 5 to give back to the community,


    please private message me, first 5 first served.

  • HexipoxHexipox CopenhagenPosts: 197Member

    I would also very much like a key, if someone has one to offer.

    Please mail me at:

    Thank you so much for your help, much appriciated.

  • VolgoreVolgore Posts: 2,210Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Hexipox

    I would also very much like a key, if someone has one to offer.

    Please mail me at:

    Thank you so much for your help, much appriciated.

    Check your mail :)

  • HexipoxHexipox CopenhagenPosts: 197Member
    Thank you very much, much appriciated! Thanks!
  • PerlmuxxedPerlmuxxed ViennaPosts: 8Member

    dunno if anyone has posted this but yeah...


    It works.

  • 9ineven9ineven Posts: 160Member Uncommon

    For those who wants to give away all their invites, or get one:



    Follow instructions.

    If you get the message "You cannot trade with Dota 2 Dispenser because they are currently trading with someone else." just spam the trade button until it's your turn.

  • papa22papa22 mashhadPosts: 2Member

    pls gift me

    acc steam:


  • Jlo1Jlo1 Boston, MAPosts: 16Member
    Could someone send me a key?  Thank you in advance.  steam acc : jdantel or message me! thanks
  • VolgoreVolgore Posts: 2,210Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Jlo1
    Could someone send me a key?  Thank you in advance.  steam acc : jdantel or message me! thanks

    On Steam it looks like you've already got is your request still up to date?

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