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Please Post All TSW Buddy Key Requests Here.



  • ahpooahpoo 4 J T S 1Posts: 1Member

    Hello !

    Could I get a buddy key please ? :) 

  • G0ss3YnG0ss3Yn herePosts: 2Member

    Still need a key here if someone has one for me :)

    I'll sure buy this game after trial if I like it. I just don't want to waste money as I did with Diablo 3 and GW 2 =D

    Thanks ;)




    2 letter is a Zero. g "zero" ss etc..

  • ZahmiraZahmira HamburgPosts: 1Member


    anyone have a buddy key for me ?

    thx :)

  • fatguyallenfatguyallen fdsaPosts: 1Member

    I would also need a buddy key if someone has one spare.



    Thank you

  • Groov3Groov3 ScarboroughPosts: 2Member

    "editted as I bought the game and no longer need a key"



  • OzivoisOzivois Phoenix, AZPosts: 598Member
    I am still looking for a key... :)
  • wardoxywardoxy BrgPosts: 81Member

    Hey guys, another one seeking a buddy key. Wanted to try the game to possibly buy it :)


  • DanitaKusorDanitaKusor AdelaidePosts: 549Member Uncommon
    Edit: All buddy invites have been used up.  If I get any more I'll post here again.

    The Enlightened take things Lightly

  • meftunmeftun ALMELOPosts: 2Member

    Hello, if anyone still has a buddy key, can they pls send it to me for a try out?

    Thanks in advance.

  • kidas52kidas52 Louisville, KYPosts: 26Member
    I would love a buddy key most likely will buy the game after the trial!

    Jona ^_^

  • AurukAuruk Plover, WIPosts: 36Member
    If any left i would like to try the game.  PM me
  • WalterWhiteWalterWhite CardiffPosts: 394Member Uncommon

    I'm seriously considering buying this game and have run the 'Can I Run It' scan which passed the minimal and most of the recommended bar 1 so I would love to try the game out just to make sure.

    So if anyone that has a spare buddy key would be so kind to send one my way, I would be gratefull.


    Thank you :)


  • TadianTadian ColognePosts: 18Member Uncommon

    If someone has a buddy key for me I would be realy happy.

    Would like to try it before I buy it :)

  • aionoraionor BelgradePosts: 1Member

    Would love one to make sure my PC can handel it before buying

  • transcendedtranscended Indianapolis, INPosts: 19Member

    I'm looking for a buddy key please - if anyone could offer it, thank you!  (PM me here)



  • OzivoisOzivois Phoenix, AZPosts: 598Member
    So close to buying the game... need to see it first; anyone have a buddy key please? I will join your guild, heh
  • MdpatsMdpats Peekskill, NYPosts: 176Member

    Seriously considering this game.  Please if anyone has an available buddy key I would love to have it.  Thanks it advance!



  • zaigzaig springboro, OHPosts: 3Member
    Looking at buying this game I just would like to give it a try before I spend money.  If someome can send me a buddy key that would be great, thanks.
  • hiphopreignshiphopreigns San B, CAPosts: 7Member
    I'm here for the same reason as most. I've never got around to trying this game yet since I found out about it in beta but I'd love a shot to see. I was afraid of the cash shop model at first, but no longer will I dwell in the shadows! Let me in!
  • Diem7Diem7 Matawan, NJPosts: 1Member
    Was wondering if anyone still had an extra buddy key so that I could try out the game before dropping the $30 bucks.  Thanks!
  • FallacieFallacie Wynton, AKPosts: 4Member
    I was wondering if anyone had an extra key? I've got a relatively old computer, and I'd love to make sure that the game works before I go out and buy it. From the gameplays and screenshots that I've seen, this game looks absolutely spectacular, and I cannot wait to start playing. My email is, and I would really appreciate it if someone had an extra key that they could send my way. Thank you so much in advance!
  • MdpatsMdpats Peekskill, NYPosts: 176Member
    Originally posted by Mdpats

    Seriously considering this game.  Please if anyone has an available buddy key I would love to have it.  Thanks it advance!




    Still Looking =)

  • MalikoVakariMalikoVakari Rome, GAPosts: 7Member

    If someone were to PM me a buddy key i'd offer to skype with them everynight in a hello kitty onesie and some ugg boots.



    Treestars for the low

  • komarodkomarod JakartaPosts: 2Member

    I have 3 buddy invites, if someone interested just PM me..


    ** EDIT

    sent all my 3 buddy invites

  • OzivoisOzivois Phoenix, AZPosts: 598Member
    Originally posted by komarod

    I have 3 buddy invites, if someone interested just PM me..


    ** EDIT

    sent all my 3 buddy invites

    noooo... anyone else?

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