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Game engine.

EmperorBeldEmperorBeld Michigan City, INMember Posts: 101

I am looking for a game engine.  That can be use for single rpg, and MMOrpg.  That is low in cost, or free.  I have been looking around, but would like some suggestions.  Any suggestion?  I have some progamming experience, but not an issue.  


  • Loke666Loke666 MalmöMember Posts: 19,372 Rare

    Why not use the same as Torchlight, the OGRE open source 3D graphics engine. 

    It is free and is supposed to be easy to use. It might not be Cryoengine 2 but free is good and you have a good example of what you can make of it there.

  • dronfwardronfwar Shitty, DEMember Posts: 316

    There are so many. A quick google would help you out.

    Then you have to compare the features with your needs.


    I suggest

    Unity3D ($1.500) MMO: Battlestar Galatica Online

    UDK (30% royalty fees / free for non commercial) Many AAA Games

    Blender Game Engine (open source)

  • KarahandrasKarahandras Sible HedinghamMember Posts: 1,692 Uncommon

    I would suggest you google and research a few yourself to find the best one for your needs(have been doing this myself out of curiosity).  As a there are quite a few now with variations of 'free'.

    Irrlicht is meant to be easy to get into and free

    The 100% free mmorpg planeshift uses another free engine called crystal space

    If you want a java based one(usually for browser mmo's) you can try unity it has a free version and a payed for version(I think is quite cheap)

    Cryengine3 has a free version is you aren't going to charge for your product

    SWTOR uses the hero engine(mmorpg specific mostly) which has a freeish method.  If i remember correct if you use for an mmo and don't want a flat rate they'll take 30% and host on their servers.

    These are just the ones I can remember atm:)

  • dronfwardronfwar Shitty, DEMember Posts: 316

    I forgot Torque3D, might be worth a try for you.

  • CaldrinCaldrin CwmbranMember Posts: 4,505 Uncommon

    The only option for a free MMORPG engine is The Hero Engine, as its totally free upfront but they take a 30% royalty free. Its a godo engine and if there are lot of you working on it its perfect. Its uses its own scripting language so you will need to learn that as well.


    Unity is another good free engine but the problem with unity is that there is no in built network support for MMO games you would need to use some 3rd part network software like photon or ulink, and these cost money. Also unity is not the most up to date engine, i.e. no in build support for normal maps on terrain textures, no shadows in the free version, and pretty crap water in the free one. They have multicore support in the latest dev build of unity so thats at least a step forward.


    Now for single player games i would highly recommend you get an idie License for Cyengine as its really nice to work with and very powerfull, or the unreal engine (UDK) both are very modern and would work well for a single player game, Again these do not come with network support for MMOs and there is no 3rd party software directly compitible tho im sure if your a good coder you could get somthing to work.





  • EmperorBeldEmperorBeld Michigan City, INMember Posts: 101

    Thanks for all the replies.

  • MetentsoMetentso BarcelonaMember Posts: 1,436 Uncommon

    What about Esenthel engine? It has great reviews, features look great, but don't see any half serious game being developed with it.

  • eye_meye_m Notta Chance, ABMember Posts: 3,317 Uncommon

    interesting. I didn't realize there was free options available for game engines.

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  • dronfwardronfwar Shitty, DEMember Posts: 316

    There is also Valve's Source Engine. It's very nice and people do good stuff with it but you have to contact them.


    And another one: (open source)


    Esenthel Website says Esenthel is the winner in MMORPG development:


  • CereberusCereberus Far AwayMember Posts: 139

    I started a thread in general ideas about this , use the Doom engine ID tech 1 - DOOM rpg exist, easy to run, easy to mod, you can make it action based or large open ended world high quality sprites....if you get the artists, if you can some how make it into an mmo game it would be awesome

  • EmperorBeldEmperorBeld Michigan City, INMember Posts: 101

    What are some good game engines that use 2d graphics?

  • anemoanemo Member Posts: 1,038 Uncommon

    Going 2d is actually a pretty good idea.   The fact of the matter is that for each dimension you add to a project eligable candidates goes down by 10x or more,  this isn't just talking about art directions but other elements like persistant data, multiplayer, and the extent of all your goals.

    This is one that I've seen Eclipse:  


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  • LoktofeitLoktofeit Stone Mountain, GAMember Posts: 14,247 Rare

    Along with Eclipse, you also have VBGore and Xtreme Worlds


    There's also a 2D top-down isometric engine created to scale from singleplayer to MMO -

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  • FA_GiovanniFA_Giovanni Chicago, ILMember Posts: 5

    If you are looking to build & develop a working MMORPG, you will NOT succeed in doing so without paying a little. Free engines can be useable, but are not recomended.


    Keep in mind, when you want to develop an MMO, you need to think about the stuff that actually matters. Such as the servers and data. This can cost about $200, not to mention the upkeep. You need to pay for ALL this if you want to release an MMO.

    Now that I have that part clear, my MMO project (Fantasy Age) is being developed with Hero Engine. It costs $100 a year and you give them 30% of your revenue when your game is released. But you don't really need to worry about the servers and data. They take care of that. 


    So do research before you plan on making an MMO. It'll most likely fail if you don't look at the stuff that matters.

  • drbaltazardrbaltazar drummondville, QCMember Posts: 7,856 Uncommon

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