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What a damn shame...



  • ArnoagnsArnoagns highland, INPosts: 100Member
    Darkfall:Unholy Wars is simply for the hardcore PvPer with low reasoning skills and way too much trust. Because why would anyone else support AV?
  • jdlamson75jdlamson75 Jacksonville, FLPosts: 998Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Arnoagns
    Darkfall:Unholy Wars is simply for the hardcore PvPer with low reasoning skills and way too much trust. Because why would anyone else support AV?

    Agreed on the "why would anyone support AV" thing.  They took a fixable game, told us Darkfall 2010 was going to fix what was broken, and a couple of years later we get generic looking toons and classes with nine skills, none of which are used ecept to run away really fast.


    I have two accounts I won't be using; thankfully, I only paid the first month sub fee for them.  What a damn shame indeed.

  • AnnwynAnnwyn Montreal, QCPosts: 2,798Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by jdlamson75
    They took a fixable game, told us Darkfall 2010 was going to fix what was broken,

    Pretty depressing when I think about DarkFall 2010. We're already in 2013 and nothing has been released yet. Although I did enjoy playing DarkFall for nearly 2 years,  it just reminds me everytime that maybe that money might have been better spent elsewhere. Aventurine don't deserve the level of support they've had from their players, not with how they're treating their customers.

    Sadly when the mentality of the community can be summed up into "It's the only game like this on the market" when it comes to defending DarkFall and Aventurine, there's really not much room for reasoning.


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  • itchmonitchmon west islip, NYPosts: 1,787Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Wighty
    Man I REALLY want to enjoy this game... It has such a great skill system and so many awesome sandbox elements that I am really interested in. I figured with it's releaunch it would be a fresh start and I can sink my teeth into the game on a level playing field. Holy crap though... This has got to be the most toxic community in any MMO... Global chat is nothing more than a 4chan chat room with elitist epeening all over the place. I ventured out of the new safe area to beat on some higher level mobs and people are just out there lying in wait to prey on you.. I am still in total new player gear and while still a full loot game I had nothing to gain on me... this was just griefing at it's worst. I get it, wah wah ... QQ, L2play and all the other cliches that forum warriors and anons will spout.   ****There is zero civility and no consequence for your actions...  This game seems like it was designed for basement sociopaths, or at least that is who's flocking to it.****  (emphasis mine)

    i wanted to highlight a portion of your OP, which overall i agree with.


    the basement sociopaths you speak of are indeed there as they are in every game (of course lets also not forget that a person can be a super chap in real life and still be a douche in game, but thats for a different discussion).  the problem, to me of course, isnt that the game on a systemic level seems to attract them.  the thing is that the devs have nothing in place to punish them for being dicks.


    while many of the answers to your post that resemble 'the players will eventually police themselves" are at least partly on point i would argue that, to really grow a community, there should be sanctions in place against griefing (NOT PVP but griefing in particular) so that ganking newbs and griefing them, while still technically possible, is harshly punished and rare.


    AKA the "Darkfall needs CONCORD" argument.  there, i said it.  sry... and i dont mean the two person folk parody group from auckland either.


    i know, i know, the suggestion above flies in the face of some (but not all!) of DF's audience.... there are those who would rather have nothing to stand in the path of their desires to make Aventurine lose money by decreasing retention rate.  how dare Aventurine make more money, they might claim, if it impinges on my desire to be a jerk.


    oh, that's not what they say?  that's a shame because that's what they do.  they are such huge fans of the game that they actively try to make it lose money.  with friends like these, amirite?


    the safe zones around newb areas are a step in the right direction and you know what?  in reality a completely safe adventuring zone might actually be going too far.  but that doesnt mean that 99% of the game area should be a pvp arena with no NPC law enforcement either. 

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  • MaelkorMaelkor Friendswood, TXPosts: 459Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by avalon1000
    The heart of man is evil. This game just allows people to be what they really are.

    If this were true then the game would be a mega hit with millions upon millions of subs. Instead its a barely viable niche game with a handfull of active players. This pretty much goes to show that while assholes do exist they make up a pretty small percentage of humanity. The assholes of course wont realise this because the only people willing to hang out with them are other assholes.

  • Crunchy222Crunchy222 new york, ILPosts: 386Member

    This is how early game of Darkfall is and will be.

    People will be itching for easy pvp.


    Your gear is worthless, and extremely easy to replace, and even in the early stages of the game you probably wont lose anything (unless your a dick about getting killed)


    Once people settle down, get into clans, and start warring eachother as the main focus of the game, only noobs and horrible pvpers will be preying on people leaving safe zones in junk gear.


    If your going to play this game, you MUST drop your fear of losing pixles asap.  The quicker you lear how to replace gear, how to stockpile gear bags ready to go, and the faster you learn tactics to avoid getting looted...the sooner you can enjoy the game.


    My tip would be (since they removed gear equip timers) is to exit a safe zone naked, keep  one weapon on you.  Go to the mob spawn and gear up off them, once you get two full sets of gear off the mobs and some gold, run back, bank.  Repeate a few times.  Now you have enough gold to buy new gear and backups.  Go out in worn gear and get gold, bank. 

    This process should repeat itself untill you have several bags containing one set or armor, weapons and utility tools.

    Once you get a few bags, you really could care less if someone ganks you, and then you can feel bad and ridicule them for looting trash.  Granted you dont fight back and accept your death like a coward.  Your only going to get better fighting back.


    And yes...the community right now is beyond terrible.  The old vet community was far more mature, entertaining, and funny...before the new game turned them all into raging lunatics over how it should be made.


    Again, the quicker you lose that conditioned emotial response to gear loss the quicker you start enjoying the game.  Gear is extremely easy to replace, and a major reason you should be exiting the safe zones is to aquire better gear that what you stockpiled off the safe zones..

  • BlindchanceBlindchance WhywouldyouliketoknowPosts: 1,081Member Uncommon

    Nvm the pixels, outside the pvp the game was boring as f...AV is not listening neither understands that pvp alone won't make a good, fun to play MMO. There is the content beyond grindy skill gain, even more grind heavy crafting, pvp heavily depened on the frist too and boring ass pve limited to spawns of mobs to kill over and over again. Conquest doesn't cut it. Anything which could turn into remotely interesting daily activities like villages, trade routes is simply too shallow and simplistics. The game lacks depth in terms of the game mechanics you can play around with and shape the world around you.

    Even its core feature: pvp is flawed because of the gap between a new character and a macroed one and spaztastic combat. Melee mechanics were simply horrible. Skills ? Too much grind, too little variation. Sieges, massive pvp ? The frames per second killed any fun I got from group fights.

    That was DF for me. Boring, grindfest with some fun from the ffa pvp. Even that was taken away from me by the not even level playing field.


    DF:UW hardly addresses any of those issues.

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