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Class recommendation? (Mystic, Priest or Archer)



  • GoldenArrowGoldenArrow Posts: 1,185Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by eHug
    Originally posted by GoldenArrow
    Other way around. Priest changes were really minor in this patch and mystic got boosted forward. This is because they improved mystic's healing & longer range on auras so basically they improved mystic's damage boost while at it. The patches in KR have lately been about buffing priest because it has fell really unpopular noob class over there. And the latest changes in KR involving energy stars buff have definately brought Priest back to Mystics level. Current situation @ NA/EU after this patch is that Mystic is a clear winner which the next big patch might turnaround again. This said Priest is still better for Pugs while Mystic shines with premade.

    Could you link those patch notes? All I remember reading is that they remove the chance to instantly reuse teleport jaunts, the only thing that often saved a mystics ass when the terribad self heal failed... again. That doesn't sound like a major boost to me.


    • Arun's Vitae cooldown is now 8 seconds
    • Arun's Tears cooldown is now 8 seconds
    • Sonorous Dreams cooldown is now 30 seconds
    • Curse of Confusion cooldown is now 60 seconds
    • Mire cooldown is now 30 seconds and duration is now 8 seconds
    • Curse of Exhaustion duration is now 8 seconds
    • Curse of Confusion PVP fear effect now ends if target is attacked
    • Titanic Favor is now 400 MP
    • Arun's Cleansing Touch is now 400 MP
    • Arun's Tears is now 250 MP
    • Sonorous Dreams is now 250 MP
    • Curse of Confusion is now 625 MP
    • Curse of Exhaustion is now 700 MP
    • Mire is now 625 MP
    • Warding Totem is now 600 MP
    • Aura of the Merciless, Aura of the Swift, Aura of the Unyielding and Aura of the Tenacious effect range is increased to 30m
    • Arun's Vitae and Arun's Tears skill casting speed is increased by about 25%
    • Restoring time of Arun's Vitae decreases to 5 seconds
    • Total amount of restoration of Arun's Vitae increases about 30%
    This was on the NA patch, it's still uncertain whether EU got them aswell but the patch _should_ be the same.
    The restoring time decrease refers to the orb healing faster now than it used to.
  • eHugeHug HamburgPosts: 253Member Uncommon

    Thanks, Arrow. Just checked the list and tried to compile a list of the main changes:

    - Orb Healing should be same or less (larger CD, shorter healing effect, 30% better healing power of orbs, heal power still not scaling with gear so they still gonna be useless for anything the removing debuffs

    - CC got partly better, partly worse if you look at at CDs

    - That aura range got increased slightly will only help in very few situations. But yeah, this is a small buff for chaotics pugs in BG.

    - Curse of Confusion got nerfed, it can't be used offensivly anymore since damage on the target breaks it

    - Mystics (along with priests) cleansing abilities have been nerfed, several debuffs can't be removed by healers anymore.

    The priest on the other hand seems to have gotten boosted once more, lullabye lasts longer and the self defense buff now protects vs all movement effects.

    To me it looks like mystic got nerfed once more while priest got boosted. Do I oversee something?

    Eat more fish!

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